tumblr hates this photoset


the dramatic conclusion to our autumn romance!

(in my defense, it’s still Halloween in Hawaii orz)

part i || part ii || part iii || part iv

me and Lyra (@adrastia) were just chatting about headcanons as usual and she brought this idea up and i just HAD to do it coz drunk lunyx is adorable and she gave me such wonderful ideas for it and i just aaaaah I love you Lyra for this. 

Anyways, I didn’t have time to color it . Getting busier at the office.T_T

For the new readers, here’s the other incident where luna was drunk.


iasip meme : 1/5 : recurring characters
   >   The Waitress

How do you still not know what my name is!

Aesthetic for a Fresh parasite who wishes to see his radical homie, Error, again, requested by Anonymous. 

I hate what Tumblr has done with photosets so I’m kinda forced to do it in one image instead which is kinda annoying and I’m worried about a lot of our aesthetics becoming blocked to people because of this new safe search (which has blocked a bunch of our stuff from minors when it’s perfectly SFW). Aaaa sorry for the rambles, I get carried away, anyway, I hope this is okay!!

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