tumblr hated the coloring i'm so done

Would the fandom please stop being jerks about Magnus being white? His family are the Chase’s, who are white and blonde, and the Pantheon is Scandinavian, which, oh my gods, is white??? Who the fuck would have guessed? And guess what fucking else? You guys get a badass Hijabi character who I am really excited before, and we haven’t had one of them yet in the Rick Universe, so this is really freaking good, but all of you won’t keep your tits calm because Magnus is white.

White doesn’t mean evil. Fuck you, Fandom. I am so done. Two of the main characters of five are of color, and one of them is a God so he doesn’t even count. So please, stop hating on Magnus because of the color of his skin. Sound familiar? I can’t believe Tumblr has stooped so low as to hate people because of the color of their skin, no matter what color it is.

anonymous asked:

so I noticed that all of your animals that you've showed us on tumblr have been black and white/grayscale. has this been intentional or just a happy coincidence?

Hmmm I don’t think they are though? I recently posted a pic of some animals I did for my illustrations for school modules, and those are in color.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that MOST of my work is done in black and white. And that is because…