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I genuinely don’t care about you anymore, I can’t fathom a thought of you that doesn’t piss me off. I don’t cry anymore, congratulations. You have permanently lost the one person who has ever loved you.
Just a thought.

I’m one of those people in the star wars fandom who is a ‘multi-shipper’.(I’m pretty much a multi-shipper for every other fandom as well). I’m a multi-shipper because I simply enjoy exploring different relationships between different characters. I’m trash so I pretty much ship everything- poe/finn, finn/rey, poe/rey, rey/phasma, phasma/hux, hux/kylo—- and even the problematic ship rey/kylo. As a person who supports multiple relationships I don’t really have a pairing I hate (which is surprising for most people).

It has come to my attention that ‘reylo’ shippers have been experiencing a lot of hate recently and unfortunately I had the displeasure of accidently stumbling across a anti-reylo blog while liking one of the user’s funny posts.

As I read the negative comments and posts about ‘reylo’, I didn’t feel angry or upset just disappointed. As a sixteen year old I’ve been using tumblr for slightly over a year now and I’ve never seen so much hate over something as petty as a pairing. It was very disheartening for me as a person who sees tumblr as a place where I can escape and be myself and be happy.

I believe in something called respect. People aren’t going to like everything they see or hear, that’s fine- that’s human, but encouraging hate and attacking people because they like something different isn’t right. People all have different reasons why they support one thing and don’t support another and we have to respect that and respect eachother. We can’t just insult a whole group of people because they like a certain relationship or pairing; that’s just horrible.

We can easily avoid certain things we don’t want to see on tumblr by blocking certain tags. If people don’t like reylo, for example, they can do this. (I know it’s difficult but it’s worth a shot and if some stuff you don’t like leaks out just scroll past it)

If people don’t like a certain pairing in a particular fandom they can just block the tags. Why waste your energy, time and creativity on making a blog dedicated to hate. What do people actually gain from that?

I’m not here to come up with reasons why reylo is OK to ship or whatever, hundreds of users have done it countless times and unfortunately it has had no effect. I’m just here to share my opinion on what I believe is right.

Let’s not turn tumblr into a place where people endorse hate. Tumblr is an awesome site where people can go to bask in their weirdness, find people who are just as strange and nerdy as them and have a laugh and just be bloody happy. There’s no other site like it so why ruin it?

tumblr keeps doing this thing where whenever i play a video, pause it, scroll and play another one both of them start playing and i have to scroll ALL the way up, find the vid in the mess of posts, and pause it again in order for it to stop it’s getting really annoying.. i just wanted to watch the pigeon vine.. the one that’s like ooh here she comes.. but it wasn’t meant to be because that vine of that guy and his taco started playing at the exact same time and it WOULDN’T STOP.. 

i think one of the things i love most about tumblr is that everyone starts off faceless, you get to know people by their sense of humour and their thoughts and opinions and how they treat others and THEN, once you become close or you get to know someone, you get to see what they look like when they post a picture of themself idk i just really like the concept of getting to know someone without the physical aspect, there is no gender or race or pretty or ugly, just people’s personality

Pisces North Node people are always trying to figure out where they “belong”: where their slot is, what their job is, how they fit in with everyone else. This pressing urge is based on an inner feeling that they have no value apart from their job or duty; and the idea of not being defined is terrifying for them.

What they are looking for (the ultimate security) is where they “fit” within themselves. Until they recognize this, they spend time and energy in a futile search, because in this incarnation they are not scheduled to fit in a tangible position.

—  Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller
Tumblr Feelings - GIF Edition

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How I feel when I’m messaging someone every day trying to start a friendship:

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