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An important PSA for antis:

Being a minor doesn’t exclude you from consequences. Being a minor doesn’t excuse you being abusive or harassing people. Being a minor doesn’t excuse you suicide baiting. Being a minor doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or won’t be picked up for your shitty behaviour online. Being a minor doesn’t mean you can harass adults online with no form of consequence.

Stop trying to use the fact you’re a minor as a get out of jail free card or as a way to play the victim. It doesn’t work that way. Being a minor doesn’t mean you don’t have to face up to the consequences of your actions. You will still be picked up on things you do and people have every right to pick you up on these things. Being a minor does not make you untouchable when you do something unacceptable. If you’re old enough to talk shit on the internet you’re old enough to face the consequences of doing so.

keith: I’m comin’ home

me: He’s out there looking for his brother and when he can’t find him he tells Coran he’s ‘coming home.’ He’s coming HOME! Keith has been abandoned/left behind by so many people, he must be so used to being burned yet he still. Chooses. To refer to the Castle as HOME. He chooses to put his faith in people yet again, he TRUSTS his teammates to stay with him, he’s sticking his flag in the ground and making a stand and he is coming HOME.

Don’t love me unless forever comes with it.
—  E.M.//8 words #92
Things on tumblr that need to stop:
  • Callout culture and mob mentality
  • The idea that everything is activism; it isn’t
  • Acting as though it’s the responsibility of other people to create a perfect online environment for you; it’s your own responsibility, nobody else’s
  • Normalizing the filter bubble
  • Romanticizing and trivializing mental illness 
  • Anti-shipping movements 
  • Acting as though being a minor/ trauma survivor/ someone with a mental illness is an excuse for being a shitty person 
  • The idea that taking interest in something in fiction means you support it/ condone it in reality
  • Shaming people for their coping strategies
  • Warping the meaning of words such as pedophilia for your own agenda
  • The idea that tumblr is only for minors
  • Trivializing racism/ homophobia/ transphobia in regards to things like shipping
  • The idea that exploring dark/ bad/ ‘problematic’ themes in fictional environments is automatically a bad thing
  • The idea that fans have some kind of unspoken right in regards to what happens in canon; you don’t
  • General entitlement
  • Suicide baiting
  • American ethnocentrism
  • The idea that interpretation = fact
  • The idea that fanon and canon always have to be connected
  • ‘Fandom moms’
  • The idea that if someone used to support something bad, they should always be judged by that and don’t have the ability to change and educate themselves 
  • Draco: I wasn't even that drunk last night.
  • Harry: You were flirting with me...
  • Draco: You're my boyfriend.
  • Harry: You asked me if I was single and when I told you I wasn't you started crying.
  • Draco: ... Yeah that sounds like me.
You are beautiful, not necessarily by looks
But by the way you speak and think
By the way you act with love instead of hate
And how you chose to love others
It’s beautiful, you are beautiful

“The Archeron Sisters”

This might be one of my new favorite things I’ve ever made! So glad to finally finish it lol.

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Realizing how alone you are is one of the worst feelings.

A message to someone I love