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But I guess I was never much of a writer (insp.)

Gay Ships IRL part 2

I should probably mention that i live on an army base which means everything is SUPER close to each other. That also means that there is only one shopping place and the chances of seeing someone from school there is very high. So i went out christmas shopping and i stopped by Starbucks (i decided to unleash my inner white girl, and you will never believe who i saw, MY TWO GAY LITTLE DORKS WERE JUST SITTING THERE ON THE COUCH SIPPING HOT CHOCOLATE, LAUGHING , AND BLUSHING LIKE CRAZY! The nerd (his name is Jackson)  saw me and waved while blushing like crazy, and the punk (his name is Conner) was smiling his ass off WHILE LOOKING AT JACKSON and it was so fucking cute and gay. They went back to talking with each other AND THEIR FACES WERE SO FUCKING CLOSE THAT IT LOOKED LIKE THEY WERE ABOUT TO KISS BUT AT THAT MOMENT JACKSON PULLED AWAY AND HE WAS BLUSHING LIKE CRAZY AND ASDFGHJKL!!! KISS ALREADY WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE GAY FOR EACH OTHER!!!

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Has Conservative Christian Tumblr found you yet? Right-hand-path/anotherpointlessargument and bransrath go outside even less than redbloodedamerica lmao

they know of me and hate me, but I don’t bother interacting with them. arguing with christian conservatives WILL kill you

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Honestly everyone in the Harrison Osterfield tags are going crazy and its so funny. I pray for all of you fic writers. The tags are fucking hilarious. Everyone in the Harrison tags:

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Can we please get past the bullshit of sending hate about faceclaims, writing style, or who someone writes with? If you don’t like something about that person or their choices, then don’t write with them. 

Tumblr has this magical thing called a follow/unfollow button. If you found it easily enough to follow a person, you can just as easily find it to unfollow them.

Can we please stop this useless spreading of hate because it’s doing way more harm than it will ever do good. No one is going to suddenly drop their muses, or their threads, or change their writing style just because someone is bigoted enough to think they should just because they’ve sat behind a the anonymous button to say so.


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I have found my happy place. Your blog. It's your blog. I didn't know romance novels could also be fangirled over on Tumblr and it has made my night!

I’m so happy you found me, then! I love hearing that my blog makes other people happy, and I especially love when it leads other people to the romance community here on tumblr! You’ll have to do some romance novel fangirling of your own now!! Tag it “#romance novels” and we’ll be sure to see it! 

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Hey do you have any advice or tips for an anxious person who wants to help out and start an anti blog? You seem to know what you're doing and plus you're really cool.

First off…i’m not really all that cool. I’m just a nerd with a really strong sense of justice. However, I can share a bit of wisdom!!


When you make an anti blog, keep these things in mind: you are on a mission. There are actual child molesters and criminals on this site, and they don’t deserve accolades for their disgusting actions. Pick a character you’re either kin with or love a lot…or both.

Bookmark the Tumblr terms of service. This will save you A LOT OF TIME. It’s a common argument among kinksters that minors shouldn’t be here…but Tumblr is a 13+ website. Secondly, putting kink in unrelated tags is spamming, another violation of the TOS. 

In the event pedophilia is discovered, and definitive evidence has been found, reporting to Tumblr won’t be enough. In that case, you can submit a tip to the FBI here


When you make your argument, make sure it’s well backed. An orgasm can be powerful in shifting one’s views and thoughts, and cgl is no exception. Kinksters get off on their partner when they are age regressed, and this presents a large red flag. Their brains associate child like behavior with sexual gratification, and this presents a real danger to ACTUAL CHILDREN. This is one of the main goals of the anti-dd/lg movement. Many antis have fallen victim to child sexual abuse, and many topics in dd/lg mimic that of real abuse. We’re wanting to stop the disheartening spread of simulated CSA.

Tag patrol

In a sense, tag patrol is the front line between antis and kinksters. Kinksters will put their stuff in safe for work tags, and antis serve to catch these. Warning: Even with safe search on, the type of content you may encounter may be very NSFW or triggering. If you feel you are not ready to do tag patrol, you can still reblog informational posts and other anti related content. There is no rush. 

Littles may make their rebuttal, and they often reply back with nasty comments. You may correct them, but don’t expect them to listen. IN THE EVENT AN UNDERAGE LITTLE IS FOUND…be gentle. Many of them have been roped into cgl, unaware that regression can be accomplished without falling into the scam that is dd/lg. Let them know you are not there to attack, but simply to educate and make sure they’re safe. 

Anon hate

If you enable anon, you will eventually receive hate. This is normal, and I strongly advise you to take their comments with a grain of salt the size of Texas. However, you can have fun by fucking with them. If you are afraid of receiving hurtful comments, anon can be disabled at any time.


Sometimes, communicating with kinksters and pedos is a lost cause. You are permitted to block them. There’s no shame in that. Trust me, it’s for the best most of the time.

And that’s about it!! Happy kinkshaming!!

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I just found out my supervisor has a tumblr :x You think he follows lewd/kink blogs? :3 Lmao should we raid his anon box??

Haha hit up his ask find out his kinks


ncis la + ao3 tags

Neal Caffrey | Full body shots

Bold what applies to you: WTNV edition

Long-ish survey for welcome to night vale fans. spoilers for ep.49b are marked as such. have fun!

In general:

  • You have been listening to the podcast right from the start.
  • You have fallen asleep while listening to wtnv.
  • You listen to the podcast in bed most of the time.
  • You have found wtnv through tumblr.
  • A friend has introduced you to wtnv.
  • You would support a wtnv tv show.

Live shows:

  • You have been to a live show.
  • You have been to the second anniversary live show.
  • You are going to attend a live show later this year.
  • You desperately want to attend a live show but don’t have the money.
  • You desperately want to attend a live show but live too far away.
  • You have received an autograph from or taken a picture with our lovely cast.


  • One of your favourite weathers is “Waiting for the bus”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “This too shall pass”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “Jerusalem”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “These and more than these”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “Peanuts”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “Call off your ghost”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “I made a promise to the moon”.
  • You like every weather.
  • You have skipped weathers before (do not do that. no.don’t.trust me.)

Night Vale:

  • You like Night Vale better than Desert Bluffs.
  • You support Hiram McDaniels in the mayoral election.
  • You support The Faceless Old Woman in the mayoral election.
  • You think Pamela Winchell shouldn’t have stepped down as mayor.
  • [Spoilers ep.49b] You think Dana Cardinal is going be a good mayor.
  • You think Tamika Flynn would have made a good mayor.
  • You think that the Man in the Tan Jacket is up to something.
  • You ship Cecilos.
  • Your favourite character is Khoshekh.
  • Your favourite running gag is “huddle with us”.
  • Your favourite running gag is “john peters, you know, the farmer”.
  • Sometimes storylines that remained unresolved haunt you.
  • Your favourite part of the podcast are the sponsor words.

Desert Bluffs:

  • You like Desert Bluffs better than Night Vale.
  • You like the entire Strex Corp story arch and its message.
  • You would like to learn more about what has happened to Desert Bluffs.
  • The unravelling of all things and the smiling god make you feel concerned (joke intended).
  • Kevin is your favourite character.
  • You think that Desert Bluffs is somehow connected to Night Vale’s past or future.


  • Cecil’s voice is able to make you shiver.
  • You think his voice acting improved much since the first episodes.
  • You enjoy Dylan Marron as Carlos.
  • You enjoy Jeffrey Cranor as Carlos.
  • You are Joseph Fink, creator of Welcome to Night Vale.
  • You follow Joseph, Jeffrey, Cecil, Dylan and the others on twitter/instagram.
  • You think Hal Lublin’s voice is perfect for Steve Carlsberg.
  • You have known a member of the cast before you started listening to the podcast.
  • You know one of the members of the cast personally.
  • You like Jasika Nicole’s voice.
  • Meg Bashwiner (“proverb lady”) is cool.
  • You really enjoy Disparition’s music.

Fan stuff:

  • You have drawn fanart.
  • You wish you could draw fanart.
  • You have written fic.
  • You read fic regularly.
  • You publish meta or theories on tumblr.
  • You have taken part in one of the shirt design contests.
  • You have cosplayed somebody from Night Vale.
  • You have created something fanart-related in any form (fashion, crafts, etc.)
  • You have an rp blog.
  • You own a campaign poster for one of the two mayoral candidates.
  • You own something from the online store.
  • Wtnv is quite popular where you live.
  • You know at least one person (irl) who listenes to wtnv as well.
  • You have donated to the show.
  • You have received a “special audio thank you from Cecil himself”.
  • You have a headcanon for most characters.


  • The scariest epiode is “The woman from Italy”.
  • The scariest episode is “Faceless Old Woman”.
  • The scariest episode is “Company Picnic”.
  • The scariest episode is “Cassette”.
  • The episode you find scariest was one not listed here.
  • You find none of the episodes frightening.
  • You have listened to “Condos”.
  • You have listened to “The Debate”.
  • You like “One year later” (one year anniversary) better than “Old oak doors” (two year anniversary).
  • You like live recordings better than normal episodes.

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