tumblr has a hotel

tumblr has honestly become such a shit place to be a tokio hotel fan bc everyone left or posts about kpop and it’s sad bc we used to be more people during their break and like i miss the community feeling we had and being excited about everything and now it’s just drought and the tag is so empty and that is so sad

Dan’s Livestream // 8.4.15

His bed isn’t made but it is “good enough people”

Cinnamon Grahams with Almond Milk is what he had for breakfast

He met Anahita at VidCon, she was very nice

He likes Drag Me Down

Isn’t sure if his livestream is a show

“One Direction is so famous. So Illuminati”

“We’re the peasants on the other side of the clouds”

Tried to say Louis is having a baby, came out Larry

US tour dates will be out soon

Killed mosquito

In the gaming video he thinks he killed the moth, it just really disappeared

“Fuck, mosquitos”

“Uploaded a new video yesterday people, are you not up to date?”

“I have so many things I need to angerly express”

Spoiled his video about spoilers by describing it

Someone has Dan being twerked on as their Facebook picture

Stalks peoples blogs to see if he should follow them on Tumblr

Phil played the Circle of Life on BBC radio one yesterday 

“I’m literally the worst person in the entire world”

Wanted to play a song by Kins but they were too small for Radio 1 to play, he is “that much of a hipster”

TABINOF is being released sooner than he is emotionally comfortable with

Only wants a dog “if it’s a sheeb”

“I love dogs because they make you so happy”

Cat has two french bulldogs and he was dying 

“Pugs. Rub them in my face.”

VidCon was his favorite YouTube event ever 

“I met some people I’ve never met before”

Was on a panel that was supposed to be about comedy had four minutes of conversation and the rest was chaos, they played everyone’s first videos 

“Is this a panel or an intervention?”

GloZell caught twerking on him. It was a thing.

The meet up was his favorite part of the week

“We’re watching each other progressively die.”

Talked about Chris Evans fanfiction

Forgot to defrost his food for dinner and had to facebook message Phil to go defrost it

“Howdy folks” -Phil

Phil spoiled the Lion King and told a joke about Mufasa on Radio 1

Awkward VidCon moment, he touched a butt.

Did YouTubers react in LA 

Doesn’t like seeing gaming trailers before they make their videos

Grace almost saw Dan in his underwear

Didn’t go to Ihop in the US  but did eat his body weight in kale

Woman in a box of their hotel lobby as an art installation 

“I look like trash. I feel like trash. I am trash”

Saw two people having sex on the balcony from the pool 

“I feel like that wasn’t pg-13″

Likes to think he would crowd source his dog’s name 

He want to sleep at 4 am because he was playing Pokemon showdown

DanIsNotOnPokemon is his username

“In 5 years you will regret everything you posted on Tumblr”

Thinks Oscar’s Hotel is the best thing PJ has ever made

Phil smashing his phone was kinda funny, in a bad way

Best way to watch Unfriended is on your laptop, by yourself in bed

Didn’t want to join Vessel because YouTube is so important because everyone can get it at the same time

Prefers hardcover books because it feels like a library 

Thinks books are a beautiful possession to have 

TABINOF should be consumed as a hardcover 

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is his favorite album

The blue selfies are from the radio studio because there are blue lights 

True Detective is an incredible 10/10 show 

Food Wars is a great anime to watch 

Doesn’t think he could pull off a mankini

Probably will be more attracted to people with dark circles under their eyes because they are probably up on Tumblr all night too

“I’m holding you back from achieving things in your life” (because his livestream went over in time)


*Gabby is still in California having fun so I’m doing this for her again because I am a good person. Also because she is bringing me a gift from DisneyLand*