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you know those “bad art” blogs, that go around hating on art they deem “trash”?

well i really, really do not like them. so i started this blog

you can submit art (whether it be yours or someone else’s) and i’ll try and offer ways to improve or just general positivity!  the world is fucked up, why cant i throw some joy in here.

check out the about page for more! 

i look forward to seeing your masterpieces! 

Here’s the dorky toony animation I made today in the stream! :,D Took about 6-ish hours from start to finish if I caught the time right

Really fun getting to work with these guys again. Also the reason I wound uP getting the urge to make this is cause I’m playing a bit of TTR again, so if you see a purple Sandy rabbit or a black Snappy cat, feel free to say hi! <3

Hope everyone is having a lovely time.

Here’s Maya from Borderlands in my fav outfit to kick start the year on a positive tone!

“If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow.”

Happy New Year, it’s gonna be a great one!!

Thank you very much to @katvonsat for commissioning me!
(Tumblr plez get ur shit together, let me tag ppl properly)

Nick Valentine Wishing you A Happy Birthday @angelface5vs4  

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My commission infos can be found [here]