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I love them all but fighter audio is my favorite!

QWQ thank you!!! 

I think that’s 8 votes for Fighter AU. 

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So this is what I’ll focus on for an update for this weekend!! Thank you everyone for your support for all of my AUs, for your kind words, everything! It keeps me motivated and this is why I’m still writing!!!

Fear not - Drug AU will get an update, I’m thinking sometime this week, I have the next update planned out, just have to sit and get it written!

16: “wow i never knew bride/groom had such a hot sibling” 

Harry doesn’t like weddings, purely because they’re a reminder of just how alone and single he is, but this one might not be so bad because there’s an attractive blonde standing by the chapel doors and Harry’s caught his eye four, five times in the past three minutes. He looks good, sharp suit and a skinny tie, tousled hair that Harry kind of wants to bury his fingers in.

Harry’s just about to build up his courage to go walk over when there’s a touch at his elbow and, it looks like he won’t have to hype himself up anymore because the blonde is there, standing right next to him.

“Hey,” the corner of his mouth tilts up. “I’m Niall. I’m from the groom’s side.” He cocks his head gently to the side, drags his eyes up and down Harry’s body like he’s sizing him up. It feels scalding. “And you?”

Harry has to swallow over his tongue and he smiles but it feels beyond awkward. He’s a bit out of practice with the flirting game, but he’ll catch up, hopefully. “I’m Harry, on the bride’s side.”

“The bride?” Niall says, smirking like something’s funny. “I didn’t see you at the rehearsal dinner.” And, oh god, what if Niall was looking at him, not because he was trying to flirt with him but, instead, he was trying to figure out if Harry even belongs here, like he thinks Harry’s crashing the wedding or something. That is nearly too embarrassing to even come back from.

“I’m not that close to the wedding party.” Harry rushes to explain, because he’s not. The bride was a girl he’d met during college, had a couple of classes with, and he’d been shocked to get an invitation to her wedding but he wasn’t mean enough to turn it down. “She’s a friend, kind of.”

“Kind of?” Niall laughs, crosses his arms, but it looks like he’s just getting comfortable. “So you’re all alone here, then?”

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[ #rikuweek ] day three // favorite happy scene

                 ↳ Why are you having a tea party?

This was honestly just a fun moment. Sora’s just ecstatic that Riku’s safe while Riku, having just woken up, is completely confused on what’s going on. But, Riku knows his best friend. He knows never to question him because sometimes, Sora just doesn’t make sense. And that’s okay. He wouldn’t have it any other way.