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Urban Outfitters Uses A Curvy Model To Sell A Size It Doesn't Carry
One step forward, one step back.


I think I saw a size 14 at Urban once. Maybe. I could have dreamed it.

But also…Urban Outfitters has long been confirmed as a lazy front for an organization of super-villains…………so I don’t know why people are surprised………….

Future dog walk!

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Please Don't

You stand
I sit
trying to hold back tears.
Need to be
but I can’t

I know
you want to
let me go
let me fall to my death
and I shouldn’t be so
begging on my
hands and
trying to make you
but I can’t.
I need you to
I need you to
hold me
tight and
never let me

Nothing is going to be
There will be
and pain
and tears
and confusion
but I will go through
all of that
if it means I get to
understand you better
and if it’ll mean that everything will be okay in the
long run.
I will go through
every angry
and painfully tearing
if it means
I get to be with you.

You want my
tall brick walls
You got it.
I will tell you
whatever you want to know.
If it means I can hold
your hand
a little longer
and hug you
a little tighter
because you
put a spell on me.

I like you.
I want you.
I want to be with you.
I want you to be with me.
I want you around me.
I want you near me.
I want you on me.
I want to have
Chinese food or
breakfast for dinner
as we watch Scrubs together
in our underwear.
I want to travel the
world with you.
I want to walk around pretty city
lights at night
with you.
I want to stare into random space
with you.
I want to look into your
eyes as you look into mine
with you.
I want to have telepathic conversations
with you.
I want to do
and everything
with you.

So please
I’m begging
on my knees
as I type these words
don’t let me go.
I don’t know how
to break this
spell that you casted on me.

Reckless Endangerment - Chapter 2

Story rated M, Teen this chapter. 

Read it all on ao3!


December 23, 2016


Rose slammed the heel of her hand against the wheel, cursing again before she lay her forehead against it in a slump of defeat.

Fabulous. This was absolutely fucking fabulous. Just what she needed.

She took a deep breath, puffing out her cheeks as she exhaled slowly, closing her eyes and counting to herself, gathering her thoughts and her strength. After four deep breaths and a count of forty, she raised her head.

Right. Time to make a plan.

Step one - find out what the hell was wrong.

She opened the door to the car and leaned forward to pull the lever that released the bonnet, then stepped out into the chilled air. She raised the bonnet and propped it, putting her hands on her hips to survey the engine. Nothing seemed broken or out of place, but she was forced to acknowledge that she wouldn’t really be able to recognize if something was wrong. She needed Mickey for that sort of thing.

Mickey, who was in Oxford until Boxing Day, spending the holidays with Martha.

Fucking fabulous.

Seeing nothing amiss, Rose walked back around to the driver’s seat and flopped into it with a muttered prayer. She’d done nothing but look at the engine of the car, certainly nothing that would make a difference when she tried to crank it. That didn’t stop her from hoping, however, and she prayed through clenched teeth as she put her foot on the brake and turned the key.


The car made a scraping, groaning sound, but didn’t catch.

Rose let her chin sink to her chest, took a breath, then raised her head and tried again. More of the same groaning and scraping, then silence.

She swore, spitting out the most foul words she knew.


Rose jumped, and the shock brought her from being slumped in her seat to standing beside the car before she could blink. Once there, she took in the sight of Ian Docherty, Queen’s Counsel, senior law partner at Stewart, Docherty, and Smith, the prestigious law firm where she worked, and the man she’d been nursing a crush on since she started working there nearly a year ago.

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Teens, young people, and more have been hanging around common areas playing Pokémon Go and community associations and homeowners aren’t too happy about it.  Full pager for Common Ground Magazine.  Drawing pokémon for $ is a dream come true.

Happy birthday @lucidiux! So glad I got this in on time… I actually ended up doing most of it today during my anime club party >_> … Well, really hope today was a good day for you!! And I sure hope you’re in love with the starshipping babies still – they were fun to draw.