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Aries: “Send me a nude”
Taurus: “come FUCK me right now”
Gemini: “Want to come over and watch a movie”
Cancer: “Hey come cuddle”
Leo: *Drops an unexpected nude in your dms
Virgo: *Doesn’t know what that is
Libra: “I want to fuck the shit out of you right now”
Scorpio: *doesn’t need to sext cuz they already fucked you good.
Sagittarius: “babe FaceTime me I wanna see it all”
Capricorn: “Come choke me”
Aquarius: “Come give me head”
Pisces: “I want to bend you over and fuck you slow”

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What was your vampire diaries otp?

*16-year-old me comes bursting into the clearing*



These fuckers!

Oh, I was happy and dandy, completely fine watching The Vampire Diaries as a sort of guilty pleasure. It wasn’t the best show around, I didn’t really follow the storylines, found Stefan a bit boring, Elena dull, Damon your average ‘vampire bad boy’, but I really stayed watching it for the minor characters, like Bonnie, Jeremy, Matt, Tyler and Caroline because I felt like they were really kind of the flesh of the show. Their dynamics were the meat of it, and that’s what kept me tuning in.

Then Caroline Forbes got turned into a vampire. This bright, peppy character suddenly had a power she never expected to have. A strength I never expected the stereotypical cheerleader in this sort of show to have. It changed everything.

The Vampire Diaries basically became the Caroline Forbes Show, for me. I wanted more of this sunshine with this unlimited life and power.

And then Klaus Mikaelson rolled up. Your standard vampire villain, with a tragic backstory of shitty dad being shitty, and a bloodthirsty need to take over the world via the conversion of numerous mortals into vampire/werewolf hybrids.

So, those are the two pieces on the chessboard. The white queen, Caroline Forbes, socialite vampire grappling with the organisation of prom and her own immortality. The black king, Klaus Mikaelson, British-accented vampire villain with a penchant for witty one-liners and slowly making his way up the list of favourite characters. Destined, pretty much, never to meet until the end of the game.

Then the show kicked things up a notch, some hybrid stuff happened in badly lit scenes, and Caroline ended up, on her birthday, slowly dying in her bed from a bite given to her by her boyfriend. Klaus shows up. Laying out the red carpet of faux concern: “oh my gosh Caroline got bit by Tyler, a hybrid??? Sired to me??? What an amazing coincidence!!! Now invite me in, there’s a good girl, toodle pip”. Obviously part of some bigger plan that’ll come into play. Sherriff lets him in.

So here’s the black king standing in the doorway of the white queen’s bedroom. There lies the white queen pale and sickly, dying, with ironic ‘Happy Birthday!’ cards arranged artfully on a bedside table. The king is in a position of power; this is acknowledged as soon as he walks in the door, as it always tends to be when Klaus Mikaelson walks into a room but hey, let’s focus here. 

Some standard 'you’re the Big Bad, I’m the friend of the Holy Good why the fuck are you here’ dialogue is exchanged. Klaus Mikaelson, the sage old king, mentions that he likes birthdays; that Caroline, the newly appointed queen, as a vampire, is duty-bound to celebrate the now non-existent commitment she has to human conventions.

“You’re free,” the old king breathes.

“No…” replies the new queen. She flicks her eyes up and meets the old king with a stare as deep as his. “I’m dying.”

A-ha! The playing field is equal. The moves have shrunk. They shrink further still as the king admits he still holds the ace – her life. He could indeed, let her die. At this moment, I expected some corny claptrap about how her death wouldn’t affect the grand scheme of things, how she was never to be a part of his plan—

“I thought about it myself.” Hello? What’s going on here? “Once or twice.”

The old king leans closer to the new queen, young and green in her reign, and tells her that there is a whole world out there, and suddenly, immortality pales in comparison to the promises of music, and art, “genuine beauty”. Immortality ain’t beautiful. The world is.

She can have it all, “a thousand more birthdays”. If the new queen just asks. She can reign everywhere, anywhere she wishes for as long as she wants. Human conventions be damned.

Textually, it’s obviously a power play. Klaus is gaining an alliance from Sherriff Forbes, and a debt from Caroline Forbes, which he will no doubt call on. Caroline surrenders, admits that she doesn’t want to die after all.

But what’s she saying yes to? She’s saying yes to all those birthdays, the art, the music, the promise of genuine beauty.

So drink up, whispers the king. The queen drinks, she sleeps, and she wakes to find a bracelet of astonishing, genuine, beauty contained in a black velvet box with a neat white bow and a scrawled note. “From Klaus”.

Then, nine episodes later, at a 1920s themed dance, the old king makes his intentions very clear to the new queen. It’s clear she knows the debt that hangs over her head, the connection that haunts Tyler, so she acquiesces to his request for one dance. “I don’t bite,” he says silkily. There’s the old 'Big Bad/loyal to Holy Good friend’ dialogue exchange, as before. Then, a reiteration of his promise of the whole world, worded differently, but still there. The old king speaks of waiting for 100 years for her to accept his offer, his promises, as if to do so is easier than breathing. Oh, the new queen side-eyes him, but the pieces shift, the game changes and she’s looking at him in a whole new way. He looks at her with a depth not found in the eyes of a small town boy. She breaks it with a scoff, and there’s your standard 'Big Bad is pissed off’ dialogue from Klaus before he storms off. And, quite crucially, she looks back.

Anyone who has watched any period drama ever knows the importance of looking back.

And just one single episode later, Caroline Forbes is running down a corridor, your standard horror film shot. She is alone, scared, frightened. She is caught by Klaus Mikaelson, her saviour not ten episodes ago, who has twice offered her the world and all its beauty. Not its glories, not its triumphs. Its beauty. 

He promises to save her friend and brushes his fingers over her hair as if it’s already second nature to him to treat her this kindly, this intimately. (Do not get me started on how he cradles her when she drinks his blood, do not.) He tells her, fiercely, to get home and stay safe.

“Do you understand me?” barks he.

“Thank you,” she says. She looks at him like she still cannot work him out, and is afraid because of it. But the thanks is as easy as breathing.

For reasons that are known as ‘I cannot put up with this shit writing for a moment longer’, I give up on the show come season 3 finale. I watch clips of their scenes on YouTube, scrabble for any desperate hope that the potential I saw and shipped and loved is still there. It falls down, down the drain and I personally like to pretend anything past season 3 doesn’t exist.

So now, here I am. 22 years old with 16 years old me screeching the dying screech of a frustrated fangirl whenever she sees a gifset of Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes together on her Tumblr dashboard because you had a queen with power yet to be unlocked and a king willing to give her that power in exchange for being allowed to worship her as he always wanted to, and because of some shit to do with hybrids, it all went tits up.

But those fuckers called Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes? They have a portion of my heart (the right ventricle, to be specific) that continues to beat for the queen and king that almost ruled together. #foreverbitter

Goon Update 2.

It’s been 14 days since I’ve cum. I’ve never gone for longer than 14 days.

My cock feels absolutely bliss with every touch it gets. My balls are as always, huge and heavy. They don’t even ache anymore, they just feel good and warm and tingly.

I start getting hard every 5 minutes. I have to control myself or I WILL get rock hard and I can’t hide that shit in public. Work is sweet torture. Tumblr messages keep me crazy horny throughout the day, I don’t give myself a break, I love it.

I’ve been pretty busy this weekend and I haven’t had the chance to have a long goon session for a few days. I am ACHING to goon. I have to be up for work in around ¾ hours. I am tired, I do not have the energy to begin gooning right now, yet I am desperate in every sense to play and fondle and tease and torment myself further.

I can’t keep my hand off out of my pants. I’m here on my bed, smoking weed and playing with my dick while I’m telling myself I don’t have the energy to goon. Maybe I am gooning right now and I’m just so far lost I can’t even tell.

Every stroke is an intense pleasurable wave throughout my entire body. My hairs stand up, My legs and arms get fuzzy, my eyes get heavy and my mind gets numb. It sends my body into ecstasy.

I don’t even know when I should cum. I thought over 14 days was bad, but I’ve been told differently on here. I don’t want to cum, this feels to fucking good. I love edging and gooning and teasing myself and just..


I am so.. horny.

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my ex commit suicide back in august of 2016. we dated from 2012-2013 and haven't spoken since 2014. i have never felt so heavy and so down.

I’m sorry. You know that it’s not your fault right? 

A year ago I tried to help someone here on tumblr to get better but then suddenly she stopped talking to me. A few weeks later her brother told me through her account that she killed herself. He thanked me for trying to help her but still I felt like shit. I couldn’t save her. Sometimes even giving your best isn’t enough. Sometimes you can’t change their mind. 

It won’t be easy for you now but it will get better. He will always be a part of your life and like this you keep him alive. 

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favorite tumblr blogs right now?

Good question! Okay, there’s quite a few.

For blogs similar to mine: supersciolisuperEXISTENTIAL_DISCOMFORT, day-glow-odyssey and pinkcollapse are some of my favorites. I could go on for a while.

For any other blogs: penguins-are-always-dressed-wellitsrvben, modempunk, beepleaertimehornbeckyouth-machine (they don’t upload anymore, but they’re amazing), skrillexangelicboylester (good friend of mine, like the art and shit idk she made me put her on here) etc etc.

I could list a ton more, but hopefully that gives you some-what of an idea! <3

Why do I feel this way?

I should probably not feel so burned out right now, but I do.

The days are long on this rotation, sure. But the environment isn’t toxic, the residents are perfectly nice, and the attending is also pleasant. They teach without pimping us or making us feel stupid. I am learning a ton. It’s a third year’s dream.

I think it’s the heaviness of pediatric oncology that has really gotten to me. I think it’s the cumulative effect of the 3 busiest rotations in a row with only a weekend off here and there. Knowing that winter break is so close. It’s missing my family. It’s knowing that I shouldn’t even be complaining about this because the residents have it so much worse. It’s the subjectivity of third year grading and evaluations. It’s the useless busy work we’re made to do. It’s turning down seeing my friends (whom I haven’t seen in weeks) to study because I still don’t even know how to study for clinical shelf exams. It’s coming home after a 14 hour day on 4 hours of sleep knowing that I have to push through some UWorld questions. It’s being angry with myself for not doing all the things I set out to do during third year. It’s loathing Sunday nights more than anything else. It’s knowing all the ways to fight burn out and maintain mental health during medical school, but paradoxically not having the mental energy to do these things.

This post is depressing, whiney/complainy/woe is me, but I created this tumblr in an effort to give people a real picture of what medical school is like. This is what it currently feels like for me. I don’t regret going to medical school. I don’t want to leave medical school. I know that this is only a temporary feeling. It’s just that right now… in this very moment…I feel it. 

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Hi! Any tips on how to talk to your parents about being open about your sexuality? My parents won't let me be openly bi on social media bc they fear ppl will think i am a lesbian and hate me. It hurts me, bc i want to be able to be honest. My mom doesn't even realisie the reason im scared every time she jokes about getting a Tumblr acc is bc this is the last safe place where my parents aren't following me & i can be open about my sexuality in my posts 💔

bfsafhslfkslgag god I kinda wanna kick your parents’ asses right now.

If you want to be open about your sexuality on social media you should do it! If anyone gives you shit for being bi then it’s your parents’ job to defend you and support you. Why are they making life harder for you by forbidding you to express your sexuality in the way you want to?!?!?!?

Not to mention that parents following their kids on tumblr or other safe spaces are totally invading your privacy. You need this place. God, I am really getting angry over this!

I hardly know what advice to give you because I don’t know how your parents would react if you just opened up about your bisexuality on social media. If they play the “we don’t want you to get hate”-card just tell them to let that be your own problem since they apparently don’t want to put any effort into ACTUALLY protecting their kid of queerphobia.

EDIT: Like… do they honestly think they are being accepting/supportive if they tell you to keep it a secret? DO THEY REALLY THINK THIS IS ACCEPTANCE??? aaaaahhhhhhhrgh!!!!!


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HEAVENS BE PRAISED Xun You is confirmed to be a playable character just now and is almost certainly going to be the next new character to be announced (alongside Lu Lingqi and Xiahou Yuan. They mentioned other characters coming soon but I'm sure you're not interested)

HOLY SHIT YOU’RE RIGHT!!!! http://gematsu.com/2017/08/dynasty-warriors-9-adds-xun

He’s more handsome than Xun Yu…

GIVES ME A CHANCE TO LINK THIS! https://daolunofshiji.tumblr.com/post/162507728976/a-case-for-xun-you-dynasty-warriors-9

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Thank you so much for that post about ddadds and DA, like, I loved Krem but almost every line you can say about him (especially to Bull) makes your character look like such a bigot. And I'm really tired of the discourse about ddadds because people keep saying it's made for straight people or it's homophobic and I hate it.

I haven’t talked to Krem since my second playthrough because having to go through all those shitty ass transphobic dialogue options makes me grind my teeth so hard it gives me migraines.

Tumblr doesn’t deserve shit. I am furious right now.

Professor Crowley

My tumblr didn’t want to let me edit my old Prof Crowley Masterpost, so here’s a new one. Even though that sucks cause the other one had 63 notes and if someone goes back to that well shit

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“Meet the Professor”
“Catching up” (Smut)
Solving problems” (Smut)
“Surprise” (Smut)
“Distancing.. or not” (Smut)
“Giving explanations”
“A second chance”
Consequences“ (Smut)
Giving Comfort“ (Smut)
A wrong way of teaching
The right Professor
Emergency“ (Smut)
I’ll stay with you
Family” (Smut)
Christmas at hers
Christmas at…home” (Smut)
A new life” (End for now)


Valentine’s Day (Smut)

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If you guy knew how much candy I eat you would weep for my teeth. I’m going to lose my teeth when I’m 40 years old and I don’t give a shit. Gummies, toffee, lollipops, almost anything that is surgery and has a fruit flavor GIVE IT TO ME 

Also between me and my group of friends that haven’t ventured into the realm of tumblr would say I have an unhealthy addicted to Dead by Daylight right now. Mainly cause they have to listen to me bitch in our teamspeak as I solo que. But they’re absolutely right and I’m still trying to find a game that I can replace this addiction with.


Top 5 (Edit: 10) Ships You’ll Go Down With To The Bitter End!

Tagged by the lovely @gruvia-lolu-nalu-jerza!! SO TERRIBLY SORRY! I didn’t get any notifications for this (T-T) I was scrolling through my activity feed when I saw this! FORGIVE ME! *hugs and cries anime style*


YOSH! So this is not in order cause I love them all so much (maybe the first ship a bit TOO much….ANYWAYS)!!! Don’t bash me if you don’t like any of these ships!

Sorry if I have more then one or two gifs XD

1. Ichigo Kurosaki X Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

CAN YOU TELL HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM?! I AM OBSESSED *tries to stay calm* be still heart, be still…

I shipped them (before I even knew the term “otp”) when episode 1 first came out! They just…belong together. Like, I could type a 10 page essay on why they are perfect together; however, I will not do that. They understand each other. They care for each other (a bit TOO much on Ichigo’s part lol although Rukia is getting there). They are literally the KING and QUEEN; DEATHBERRY; WHITE MOON/BLACK SUN. But, the most important thing about this ship is the way the look at each other - at least to me it is. That eye smex tho 


2. Hitsugaya Toushiro X Karin Kurosaki (Bleach)

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Now, I know you guys are probably like “WTF is wrong with you, steph?!” or “Why the hell do you ship them? They never meet in the manga!!” BUT!!! They had TWO episodes that mainly focused on them! I don’t care if they’re filler! Kubo could’ve made those two episodes about other things, like Ichigo and the gang or what goes on in Soul Society other than fighting or even Kannoji! *coughs* anyways…

I think they’re amazing together! They have great chemistry. Plus, I love it when Toushiro protects her from danger! (^3^) I’m just weird like that lol Just look at the HItsuKarin tags and see why I love them!

3. Okita Sougo X Kagura Yato (Gintama)

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Honestly, you have to read the manga/watch the anime to understand why this ship is so so SO cute and obvious! You can even read some of the tumblr users posts about their moments!

4. Natsu Dragneel X Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

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OH.MY.GOD  THIS FREAKING SHIP GIVES ME SO MANY FEELS I CAN’T STAND IT BUT I LOVE IT XD They’re SO meant to be and it’s obvious with the moments they had together!! I can’t explain these feelings lo it’s an emotional roller coaster ridel! They just need to kiss and make babies right now!!!!

5. Gray Fullbuster x Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)

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HNNNNNNNG this ship is AH-MAY-ZING! (yes I know how to spell lol) I just love the development between these two. The reason why I chose gifs of mostly Gray is because of his development in the ship (if that makes sense….? Idk if does but whatever) 


6. Hinata Shoyo X Yachi Hitsuoka (Haikyuu!!)

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THIS ADORABLE SHIP!!! I will seriously go to the ends of the earth with this ship! 

7. Kuroo Tetsurou X Kenma Kozume (Haikyuu!!)

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OMG WHO WOULDN’T SHIP THESE TWO!?! Like holy shit man! You can easily tell Kuroo cares about him A LOOOT (same goes with Kenma but it’s more obvious with Kuroo maybe it’s just me).

8. Haru Nanase X Rin Matsuoka (Free!!)

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I swear they seriously need to make out or more cause they way the look at each other…*whistles* But, seriously watch the anime if you haven’t in order to understand what I am talking about XD

9. Sora X Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

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Shipped these two since Kingdom Hearts I came out lol hardcore shipper for these two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Namine x Roxas

love love love love love these two!!! I hope we see more interaction from them in KH3!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had so much fun with this!

I tag: @nalutbh, @hinayachi, @seekerkeaton, @ichiruki-is-life, @ichiruki4eva, @oikawa-the-grand-king, @celestialwizardoffairytail, @kagehinaass, @blog-peppermint, @bleachallmysoul, @rukia-kuchiki-divided, @ichiruki-nee

You don’t have to do it!!! :D It’s optional

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Hey Dirk! Can I help with making some sweets? And can you show me a few tips on decorating? Everyone pretty much dislikes me cause I love Betty Crocker and love to bake, like I live to bake. But it doesn't matter what they say, right? (This is an A+ blog that I will now follow for as long as I have a Tumblr. Art is also A+++)

“ I admire how ya don’t give two shits about what others say. “

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You know sometimes I feel like those scifi movies, the apocalyptic ones, where I am the only person on the planet and I have no one to talk to. I have all this shit I have to keep inside and I wanna scream, I would give anything to hug someone right now...

!!! Hey friend im sorry it feels like this, you can talk to me any time :0 i suck at replying if its on tumblr but i try to message back on insta and snapchat??? Just know that ur not alone and people care about you ♡♡

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does it ever worry you that someone from your real life (or worse, an abuser) might find your tumblr and identify you? that's where I'm stuck right now. I love the freedom of having an anonymous blog but when it comes to writing about trauma and the details, I'm always afraid it will be found by the wrong people.

Nah not really. Spent a lot of time in my teens and early twenties policing myself 24/7, pretending like I was Okay when I was the opposite. After all that I just… idk, don’t give a shit if anyone knows anymore. These things happened to me, they affected me in these ways, and that’s just a part of my story. 

As for abusers, fuck them. Fuck them and anything they may or may not think about you.

There are ways to fortify your anonymity on the internet if that’s something you want to do some research on. Goes without saying, but keeping yourself safe is paramount. If you can, I think learning how to express what you’ve been through and how it has affected you can be incredibly powerful. There’s also something to be said about figuring out what you’re comfortable sharing and what feels like too much, which is invaluable when it comes to establishing healthy boundaries around discussing your past trauma in any capacity.