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I’ve found myself wondering “Where are the trans people of color?” a million times.

In my life, I’m often the only person of color in a room of trans people. I’ve noticed it is harder to find pictures and reviews of products (like packers) in the non-white skin tones. I see fewer pictures of POC post-surgery, and fewer people of color documenting their changes on HRT. Selfies of trans people, binary or non-binary, tend to skew towards the white and AFAB side. Hopefully, this blog can provide a sense of community and inclusion for all trans people of color. 

This blog is a place where we can answer that question. Where are the trans people of color? We’re right here! We’re talking about how our day went, about our families, about coming out, about our pets, about our transitions, about our ups and downs. We are here. We exist. This is a new blog for TPOC (trans people of color) to submit selfies of themselves! Anyone and everyone is allowed to follow us, all support is welcome, but only TPOC can send selfies. 

Please reblog and spread the word!

‘Gamer Room’ 🎮🌸

I finally finished this! I hope you like it. Her room is a mess but It’s full of little details of some of my favorite games and consoles.

Soon available as a print in my Storenvy.

Credo che sia questo a farmi paura: la casualità di tutto. Persone che per te potrebbero essere importanti, ti passano accanto e se ne vanno. E tu fai altrettanto. Come si fa a saperlo?
—  Un giorno questo dolore ti sarà utile
What depression is really like:

•caring about your grades but not enough to do anything about them

•thinking about suicide more than graduating

•considering suicide whenever any problem arises


•no motivation

•no energy

•walking is so hard

•sometimes even talking is too much work because you’re so god damn tired

•laying in bed for hours because you’re too tired to move

•feeling nothing but sometimes everything

•knowing you’re not alone but still feeling alone

•that constant mindset of, “Who cares? I wont be around much longer anyways.”

•wishing to be left alone, while also wishing for people to stay

•never believing you’re good enough

•always putting yourself down

•never planning to far ahead in time

•fake smiles, fake laughs

•long showers because that’s you’re little moment of escape

Longs term effects of emotional abuse:

• a distrust in your perceptions

• a tendency to be fearful or on guard

• self-consciousness or fear of how you are coming across

• an inability to be spontaneous

• a distrust of people and in future relationships

• anger that bursts out unexpectedly

• sensitivity to anyone trying to control you

• the feeling of anxiety when someone lets you decide

• withdrawal from social interactions

• unexplainable feelings of shame/guilt

• unusual weight gain/loss

• changes in appetite

• unexplained anxiety or depression states

• self destructive behavior

• isolation from friends/family

• substance abuse