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Question. And feel free to answer in tags. When you talked about info about houses. What did you mean? I had one person who told me info about a house, but it was all stuff that actually wasn't any like proof of and could easily have been mistaken and they just took it that way (if that makes sense). And I have talked to others who have said there isn't any proof like that (like addresses and things). So just curious or wondered if you could expand?

Hey anon. I’ll use an example to clarify. I haven’t looked at any of this since it happened, so I don’t recall who did what and it would take me a while to find those links again. Okay? Okay.

A tabloid within the last twelve months wrote that Harry had sold a house for a substantial loss. The tab I believe wrote what neighborhood generally it was in (like, West Hollywood, might have mentioned some neighbors), but that’s it. Bloggers on here, however, felt at ease discussing the process of purchase and potential selling of that house, through a trust, connected to other private individuals (as I recall, Jeff Azoff and a lawyer). They also made it pretty clear that they (and I do mean plural, not singular gender neutral), knew a more precise location of that house. Fast forward a little while later, and another tabloid announces that Harry has purchased a new house, listing the neighborhood. But bloggers on here provided pictures culled from google and real estate listings to show us all what the new house looked like and where it was located (I believe because someone had posted a pic of Harry on Instagram and the fans wanted to know if he was in Louis’s public house, the new house, or a friend’s house). All of that picture-gathering requires knowledge of those addresses. Those addresses are not publicly available through non-stalking channels, otherwise you can be sure the tabs wouldn’t have a problem publishing them.

This process could be repeated with the rental house – how many times have people speculated about things changing because it was or was not listed for rent online? How do you think they got to the rental listing? What about that mansion Yolanda blogged about? She didn’t list the address. Yet bloggers on here were happy to tell you that they had already known about it and did indeed have the address.

And these are just the most blatant examples, anon.

let the bodies hit the floor

let the bodies hit the floor

let the bodies hit the floor

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Hey guys sorry I’ve been offline for so long! My moms been sick and I’ve been working three jobs to support two households. I’m going through a lot and I’ve gained some weight but I feel good about these selfies and I’m back to blogging. Thanks for all the support!