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How'd you get started on Tumblr, in terms of gaining a following? I know that sounds a little shallow of me, but what's the point of posting online if no one appreciates it, you know? Anyway, I've been on Instagram for a couple years and I'm just not getting much response, so I'm thinking of trying Tumblr. Advice?

I mostly just began posting and figuring things out, which was inconvenient and confusing but very informative.  I’ve got a few pieces of advice I’d give to myself if I was starting out on tumblr again, hopefully they’ll be helpful for you as well:

listen I just want people who ship eremin to ship eremin WITH me

I can’t take this near constant stream of ereri, it’s like being pissed on by a stranger who thinks I’m the guy they’ve been messaging on tinder but totally did not communicate their location properly.

Please less piss.

If you post eremin, like eremin, support eremin, or think ARMIN IS IMPORTANT TO EREN, i.e. you have basic reading comprehension skills, please do something to this post.

I may follow you.

let the bodies hit the floor

let the bodies hit the floor

let the bodies hit the floor

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Social Media: The Outsiders


  • He prefers Twitter tbh.
  • Pony is always breaking the silence in the house and laughing out loud at the tweets he’s reading.
  • Soda and Steve are always running to him to see what the tweet was so they can laugh too.
  • He occasionally goes on snapchat, but when he does his story is always a picture of the sunset.


  • Soda is more of a tumblr kind of guy.
  • He’s secretly a nerd and he follows blogs that post memes and movies/tv shows he loves.
  • He spends most of his time on his phone.
  • He interacts a lot on tumblr so he gains a good amount of followers.


  • Steve also likes tumblr.
  • Sodapop and him are mutuals on it.
  • They’re always sending funny videos to each other.
  • Steve is the type of guy to find a meme on the internet and crack a joke about it in real life.
  • He always brings up memes and goes up to someone in the gang and he’s like “look that’s you”.


  • Uses too much emojis.
  • He texts Soda and Ponyboy when they’re looking at memes like.
  • “The only thing you need to be doing that ends with ing is cleaning not memeing”.
  • He sends Soda and Ponyboy supportive memes.
  • “You meme so much to me”.


  • This! Boy! Loves! Snapchat! And! Vine!
  • He’s always taking photos as a way to relax.
  • He’s always taking pictures of everyone and they’re amazing.
  • He’s always taking selfies with Ponyboy and Dally.
  • Ponyboy is always texting him.
  • The memes between these two oh my lord it’s too much even for me.
  • Johnny is always referencing to memes he saw on the internet in real life.
  • Whenever the gang is out Johnny is always making them laugh because of it.
  • Johnny is pretty popular on vine.
  • 4 of his vines have gone viral.
  • He’s always inviting others to be in his vines.


  • He’s probably the ultimate memester in the gang.
  • He loves going on all type of social media.
  • “Hey Two-Bit did you see the meme abo-”.
  • He already knows about it and cracks a smile.
  • The gang has a groupchat and Two-Bit is the one who makes most inside jokes.


  • He doesn’t use Twitter/Tumblr much.
  • Dally is more of a texter.
  • But he regularly texts Johnny
  • Sometimes he takes pictures of Ponyboy when he least expects it and he has the flash on.
  • So all you see is Ponyboy’s face as he gets hit with the brightness of Dally’s flash.

The Groupchat:

  • Two-Bit made the groupchat originally.
  • So when the boys couldn’t hang out all at once they could still communicate and have fun.
  • Two-Bit’s icon is a picture of himself in his Mickey Mouse shirt making the funniest face he can think of.
  • Darry has a nice picture of his kid brothers as his icon.
  • Sodapop’s icon is a kermit meme.
  • Steve’s icon is a picture of Ponyboy with “smartass” written above him.
  • Dally’s icon is one of said pictures of Ponyboy getting hit with the flash of his camera.
  • There’s so many inside jokes in the gang.
reblog if you love any of these tv shows
  • vampire diaries
  • the originals
  • the secret circle
  • teen wolf
  • pretty little liars
  • supergirl
  • the flash
  • arrow
  • legends of tomorrow
  • scorpion
  • eye candy
  • gilmore girls
  • stranger things

ps i’ll check out your tumblr and you might gain a new follower x

Using IIFYM to Get Fat... with Science

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