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#Gainspo, Weight &  The 200+ Club

In The Beginning

I’ve gotten quite a few messages and requests while I’ve been away and some have been regarding gainspo and general weight gain. My tumblr has always combined and crossed a couple of “-spo” topics including thickspo, gainspo, liftspo and to a smaller degree fitspo (but not the weightloss-centric aspects of that “spo.”)

A lot of my original followers and many present day followers were gainspo folks just looking to increase their weight and do so mainly through caloric surplus. Lifting wasn’t a focus for them but later became a pathway to achieve their goals quicker and in a healthier way.

You know from past posts that I’ve never advocated what I call “straight weight gain” since simply sitting around eating extra calories and using antihistamines to increase your appetite can be disastrous down the road for many. Diabetes and other issues later in life can be a dead end literally if bad health habits are picked up in younger years.

Having said that, I know where anyone is coming from when they’re underweight and looking to gain. I was severely underweight myself for most of my life.  My weight issue was a mixture of early psychological pressures from family, a metabolism so fast it defied imagination and stress over deaths and abandonment. I’m convinced being essentially malnourished weakened my immune system and caused my numerous health issues including asthma, chronic athlete’s foot, headaches, and other ailments. Once I reached a “proper” weight so to speak I was never sick again.

Besides that, there were of course self-confidence issues involved and reaching a healthy size changed my life in numerous ways.

All About The Numbers

Usually, gainspo folks are all about the numbers.

And I definitely sympathize with anyone looking to gain weight but again always advocate doing it through adding as much lean mass as possible rather than simply adding excess bodyfat. Lifting remains the healthiest and most assured way to add pounds though.

Anyone who has attempted to gain weight knows the gains can at times come slow or seemingly not at all. That may be why an obsession with numbers sets in sooner or later. Seeing your progress manifest through something assuring as numbers has a feedback loop.

You want to see those numbers continue to change.

Most gainspo followers have goals usually in weight brackets (like 110 lbs., 120 lbs., 130 lbs., 140 lbs., etc.) they’re trying to reach. I’ve recently talked with some who reach their goals and continue to increase their weight though since they enjoy the results and push for bigger goals so to speak.  Followers who are taller, larger women in particular have told me they tend to often hit a goal around 150 lbs.-170 lbs. but continue on after seeing results.

I’m speculating that there may be a sort of liberating weight threshold for some women they reach. When they push past those numbers but discover they’re not only still healthy but satisfied with their body image, they’re realizing how much society enforces smaller numbers in weight/dress sizes and the space itself women occupy within that society.

I’d like to hear back from anyone who followed this sort of path where you hit a goal then continued on into much higher numbers after seeing the results.

What was your original goal and what’s your new goal?

The 200+ Club

In the past I’ve posted some info from women like Anowah Adjah and Jen Marie who are women with a body weight that usually tends to hover around 200 lbs. or more. Adjah is known for her “200+ Club” posts on Instagram highlighting her 5′10″ 200 lbs. frame as well as other women of similar sizes.

Like the numbers stated above, 200 lbs. is a number that’s often regarded as taboo for women. Men are sometimes regarded as less masculine if they’re below 200 lbs. It’s a number that if exceeded (or not exceeded) would have met with stares and whispers at one point.

With Adjah’s 200+ Club she’s showing that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being 200+. For her and others, it’s a sort of rebellion against a world that tried to keep these women smaller than what they were destined to be.

In regards to that, I’ve talked with a number of tumblr followers lately who also had a goal of 200+ lbs. So, apparently it’s more common than I thought.

If you’re aiming for the 200+ Club, I’d like to hear from you.

So, having said all of this, I’d like to hear from more gainspo followers.

  • What are your goals in regards to weight and fitness?
  • How are you approaching/accomplishing your goals?
  • How much lifting is involved in your journey?
  • What’s the physique you’re eventually aiming for?
  • Are you aiming for 200+ lbs.?

I plan on posting content once again and would like to add more gainspo content because as we all know, the goal remains enabling a worldwide army of  supremely confident, stupendously strong and thunderously THICK women.

Yelling Into The Void

I guess I haven’t been back here steadily because I don’t feel like I belong anymore. On my own blog, I don’t belong.

I’m happy people have made friends with each other. Friends they’ve made plans to reach out to and visit. Friends they spend late nights with. But in all of this, one of my hopes was that I’d be one of those kids who made friends with the other kids.

It shouldn’t be super surprising to me since I’ve always been this way. Even when my Tumblr was gaining insane followers, people didn’t really talk to me. People still don’t. So I guess one of the reasons I hesitate to really be back is that there aren’t people excited to have me back. There aren’t people waiting for my fics. No one liked my last Bucky fic and fewer liked my last Chaos chapter.

I changed my name, legally, officially. I’m Alix Olivia Deschain now. It means a lot to me. But my writing is what defines me, and part of what inspired that name there. So I guess I’m just hurt. And echoing this into the void of people who aren’t listening. I’m not mad, and trying not to be emo (and failing) but I’m sorry.

If you are waiting for fics, or if you have missed them… let me know? Tell me somehow? It’d mean the world.

Otherwise I’m not sure what I’m writing for anymore.

anonymous asked:

How'd you get started on Tumblr, in terms of gaining a following? I know that sounds a little shallow of me, but what's the point of posting online if no one appreciates it, you know? Anyway, I've been on Instagram for a couple years and I'm just not getting much response, so I'm thinking of trying Tumblr. Advice?

I mostly just began posting and figuring things out, which was inconvenient and confusing but very informative.  I’ve got a few pieces of advice I’d give to myself if I was starting out on tumblr again, hopefully they’ll be helpful for you as well:

Sam Winchester gains a little insight
  • Sam: Dean, I was just thinking...
  • Dean: About?
  • Sam: Every girl that I've had relations with, it hasn't ended well
  • Dean: Yeah they're all dead
  • Sam:
  • Dean:
  • Sam:
  • Dean: You thinking what I'm thinking?
  • Sam:
  • Sam:
  • Sam: YEAH! Time to fuck Lucifer
  • Dean: Wait no that's not-!