tumblr gag

Tumblr in 2018
  • Vegan discourse
  • The normalization of fart kinks
  • One of the sandsverse members will post straight up porn and will take it down after a brief amount of time
  • The s that everyone used to draw in school is revived as a meme
  • Someone on anti SJ hentai tumblr will hire a funnyman real money to derail posts of people they dont like
  • A terf kills a squirrel for notes
  • “I wanna fuck the dinos from Jurassic World 2”
  • a Tumblr April Fools gag fucks up and every icon is a screaming monkey for a month.

There’s a lot of hate in my inbox rn because of that post where I said I was tired of doing emotional labor for thin girls but anyway guess who is walking their first carpet and meeting amazing people to accept their first mainstream Social Media Award tonight?

I’ve got my feet soaking and a face mask on so I glo tonight. Unbothered.


A legitimate issue I’ve run into, I assure you. The mustache is, like, 70% of Coran! Or something.

Yes, those are gag glasses with a nose and mustache in case it’s not obvious. Shiro is totally right in chastising me here.

There’s another version without the gag glasses if anyone wants to see it.

Also Tumblr won’t let my use the space bar on my keyboard for some reason?  Or the enter button actually. Delete works fine. (I’m typing this up in word.) Anyone else have this problem?