tumblr fucked this up

I dunno what I’m doing still.

I’m pretty sure I have a long term comic project lined up but I’m gonna work on some one off short comics before then. Probably this weekend? One is about food, another is about anxiety and shit. 

Doing all sorts of stupid shit but I figured if I started uploading all my painting crap I will be a little braver? Maybe experiments will be less scary? Someone explain to me why there is such a huge fucking lag typing up shit on Tumblr on this particular computer of mine? 

going through and blocking bots and porn blogs from my followers. if tumblr fucks up and someone ends up accidentally blocked who isnt one of those, lemme know >>

anonymous asked:

Are we actually allowed to talk with you via direct messages, so not questions but the other message thing?

sure!! i might ?? take a while to reply, though (and i apologise) because i cAN BE answering a lot of asks at once and tumblr messager is Fucked Up and I am also a human disaster that sometimes forgets how to reply dpfgjpgjp

Why are so many history blogs nazi fangirls?
And why is tumblr suggesting them to me?

Why is calling Hitler sexy appropriate on tumblr but lesbians aren’t? What the fuck is up with you, Internet?