tumblr friendship chain!

Urgent Question for my Tumblr Friends

I just got the opportunity of a lifetime to intern with Penguin Group, yes, the publishing house. I got an editorial internship with their science-fiction/fantasy imprint. It starts this February. 

I want to take it, but I live in Boston and I have no way to live in NYC on my own for only 10 weeks. That’s how long the internship lasts.

I need to get back to them TOMORROW with a yes or a no.

And I want it to be yes.

Do you, my lovely friends, know anyone who would be willing to house me for 10 weeks (Feb. 4-April 10)? I can even pay a modicum amount of compensation or rent if you have a room or a couch or anything.

I’m actually very tidy and quiet and I’ll be busy most days (or at least part time anyway) I’ll chip in with food and such. I’m super friendly and you’d have my undying gratitude.

Could you signal boost this to your followers, if you don’t know of anyone personally I could perhaps stay with?

I’m on a rushed timeline here so I am not entirely optimistic I can really do this, but I want to say that I tried all the same.

Thanks so much!