tumblr friends :)

i want a close internet friendship with like three people all around the world that will last and we would tag each other to do challenges, make a group chat, hang out on webcams, complain about time zones, tell stories online, and imagine how it will be the best day of our lives when we all will meet one day.

Let’s be friends

I need more tumblr friends I can fangirl with

(edit: sorry for slow replies I’ll try and message as fast as I am I wasn’t expecting to get this many messages and now my tumblr is freezing up)

(edit 2: if y'all wanna be friends you might have to hit me up first because all these notifications are confusing me)

(edit 3 seriously don’t be shy hit me up, wasn’t expecting 300 notes and I have no idea who I have and haven’t messaged but my notifications are going crazy right now!)

(Edit 4: sup still getting notes on this but I get a lot of notifications so if you wanna follow me that’s awesome and then just message me first so I can see you)

About me:

I’m gay af

Love talking about hot women

Watch a lot of gay tv shows

Love travelling

Love culture

Love film and art

Love music

So y'all just like this and I’ll hit you up or hmu yourself

I’m not expecting many notes but still worth a shot

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I need gay Tumblr friends!

I’m a 17 y/o cis female lesbian. I’ve had Tumblr forever and I rarely ever talk to people on here. I have very few LGBTQ+ friends irl, and most of the ones I do have can be very annoying but I stick with them cuz they’re all I got. I’m a major fangirl who watches a shit ton of shows just for the lesbians in them, but I have no one to fangirl with or something. Anyways, I’m down to talk with anyone but if nobody wants to, that’s cool too.


I really need someone here who’ll listen my problems and I’ll listen his/her. We’ll be talking for hours about everything. We’ll be motivating each other for different things (in general study (I have a studyblr)). So if you ready to talk with me please message me! It’ll be really pleasure for me. In waiting for your message, my future friend

love y'all💕

Reblog and mention your most important people on Tumblr

I have been tagged by so many people and it seriously makes me cry to know that you consider me important to you. I didn’t want to answer to the already existing post because you deserve a fresh new one my loves.

Thank you @panic-angel3314 @kingslayers-angel @kaitlynwwefan  @monsteramongmen-tamer @therealfivefeetoffuckingfury @athoughtfulmindwrites @panda-girl1999 @baronesscorbin @anglophilestymie @cupcakesweetness I love you all.

I’m tagging a couple more people that are close to my heart:

@helluvawriter @b-n-a-o @vipervenomisgoodforyou @devitts-girl @sabrina-blyton @nickysmum1909 @wrestlingnoob 

And I have probably forgot to mention so many of you.