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I wrote you a love song
and now I meditate
on the thought of you.
Feeling my heart glow
in alignment with yours
overlapping energies
overlapping souls
It is not your name I pray to but your colours
your frequency
your current of electricity
or whatever this is.
I’m trying to lucid dream.
Because maybe,
when I get there,
in the world where nothing has consequences
I can tell you that I love you.
I can tell you how I feel,
unreeling myself
like the story you never bothered to read.
I communicate my love to you in another dimension.
Redirect my poems so that you might overhear them
start to feel them
start to realise
what this love
really feels like.

In her body, I see
my body. She whispers
words into sand: a skeleton
ransacked like a broken city.
I, myself, have been
a broken city,
skin crawling with
an invader, a looter.

I feel her in me.
Her veil skims my shoulders,
her hand on the small of my back;
she crumbles the wailing
within my lungs.
In her tomb, I hope
she feels me too -
her sister in the
open sores of our
shared femininity, burning
with a candle’s flame of
silent secrets.

They can come for our
bodies, conquer our cities,
kill our siblings. But we
will still lay, weightless, in
the shadows - birthing every
noisy dawn.


A tulip trapped in a pot of dirt
Lovely petals that hide her hurt
She’s overgrown
She hates this place
“Fuck this pot! I need space!”

They try to stop her
They say please
“Quiet now
Can’t you see?
I’m going out
I’m doing me
Do not beg
Do not plea
This is freedom
Can’t you agree?”

She heard tale
Of a field so vast
Where flowers live
With bright green grass
She uproots
She leaves her pot
Time to give
Life a shot

no known antidote


‘of course not…’,
said she -
upon her realization
after the dreaded intimation
made it perfectly clear

of my forbidden perspective
of that rear,

that i’d no longer be welcome here

not just today
but on any revolve
of the first, second or third hand
of the digital clock on the wall,

another nth degree anachronism on the stand.

affection’s alienation
is the deadliest of sins
in any dosage

& there happens to be

no known antidote
available without a prescription
sold locally.
6/17 - lebuc - no known antidote


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Thank you so much Seda, for your kindness and friendship.

i’ve been drinking since noon
and i’ve been high all day.
maybe if i pour more chemicals in my body,
i won’t remember my name.

maybe i won’t remember anything
and i’ll be thankful for that.
reverse a few months in the past
and forget who i am.

i mean, listen, we all change
and sadly we have to cope,
but some of us don’t know how
so we drink or cut or smoke.

or we find vices within ourselves
that we promised not to do.
but rules were meant to be broken, right?
sadly, that’s true.