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agentnavi  asked:

Do people realize that the comments other people make on a post aren't the reblogger's? Yikes...

I suppose if you don’t explain your every thought very explicitly then people are free to fill in the blanks for you, declare you a bad person, then go on the attack. It’s so annoying when people try to hide their basic bitchery behind a movement. Like, you know and I know that feminism didn’t motivate that ask. Sasha hate and trying to play gotcha did. smh

These baby fauxminists kill me. Always snottily throwing around the term when it suits them but probably can’t list one fact about Gloria Steinem or Betty Friedan or Angela Davis or bell hooks. Sit down!

anonymous asked:

Sasha!! You like Frankie Grande?!? Do you know about the horrible comments he made in the BB house? How he made a rape joke about one of the women in the house, telling 2 of the guys to take both her virginities at the same time? How he said lesbians choose to be lesbians later in life? How he wanted to treat one of the women like the help & how he threatened to punch her in the face? How he said he forgot his ID once at a club & he made the bouncer google him? I could go on. He's an ass.

You sent me this why? Because I reblogged a pic of him and tagged it ‘#you betta work bitch’ because his body is banging? 

This is why people grow to hate tumblr.

I bet I could produce many “receipts” which make you look like “an ass” too. Humans are fallible and everybody fucks up. Nobody is “on” 100% of the time. All of us have been politically incorrect before we knew any better. All of us have been obnoxious. All of us are 3 dimensional human beings, not good guy/bad guy archetypes. 

How about you calm down, maybe? I was just oogling the man’s body ffs.