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so last week I was walking downtown and a girl leaned out her car window and yelled “YOU LOOK LIKE A PRINCESS” and today a girl walked past me on the sidewalk and said “I love your socks” (they have birds on them) and I suggest we replace all cat-calling with girls complimenting each other on the street because honestly I have never felt more pretty or into girls in my goddamn life

if you are “uncomfortable” with gay couples, you are homophobic. 

if you call things “gay” as an insult, you are homophobic. 

if two people of the same gender kiss, and you say “ew”, but you wouldn’t do that if they were the opposite gender, you are homophobic. 

because no matter how many times you say “not that there’s anything wrong with that”, you are still repulsed by homosexuality, and that is the definition of homophobia.