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I set about the path, stopped in my tracks, and without withdrawing my fixed gaze, said to my dog, “I’m about to lose my shit.”

Following up to my birthday(today) with a weekend climbing in Arkansas, choosing to take the long way back by visiting one of my favorite buildings in America, Thorncrown Chapel near Eureka Springs. On the path to the chapel is this, their small and spectacular administrative building. Though I visited the chapel in my youth, I had no recollection of this small office and had never seen pictures of it. None the less, it is no less spectacular than the world-standard chapel and worship hall it shares the property with, with a breathlessly outstretched cantilevered frame roof, echoing the jutting slate & sandstone rocks it shares the hillsides with. Thorncrown’s architecture is the epitome of architecture’s ideal relationship with its environment, existing to live in accord with its specific place, while refracting and informing of natural beauty without decorating or distracting from it- but any pictorial exploration of Thorncrown, however inherently dazzling, would be incomplete without inclusion of this tiny, exquisite office buried in the hill.

Secluded yet inviting, organically humble yet astonishingly unique, there is so much to be learned from it. If, as Goethe said, architecture is frozen music, what have we to listen? Drop the needle and let spin the world around Thorncrown office.

Want to know something funny?

The real reason that I made my tumblr-theme like this (text-heavy posts [text, quote, link, chat] on the left and media [photo, video, audio] on the right) is that I used to post SO MUCH in the way of music and unexplained photos that this place became a noticeboard…which is all well and good I suppose, but the human element is really important to me; and this is MY blog after all :P

So, because I obsess over these things far more than I should, I knew that scrolling to the bottom of the page and having one column MUCH longer than the other would really piss me off- so it forces me to write/post more on the left to balance it out. Sometimes the left overtakes the right and I have to post a song or a video. Tumblr seems to be my way of keeping culturally balanced.

Who knew?!