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Rhett and Link Laughing (and being happy) // Best Day of My Life - American Authors

Here is my edit for one of my contest winners, @one-true-houselight !! Hope you like it!! :)

(sorry these have taken so long… my life has gotten pretty busy lately, the others will be done very soon) 

sp00ks  asked:

imagine being a werewolf, but instead of turning into an anthropomorphic wolf, you turn into gibby. the full moon shines down upon you. your body starts changing its form. you feel an inescapable nerve to rip off your shirt. you climb on top of a great mountain, and as you glance across the starry night sky, you let out your mighty roar; "GIBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY"

and so it fucking begins

this year’s love - part one

time canary week roommates AU

The party has spilled outside but it’s not so intensely packed out here. There’s a movement of air that makes it easier to breathe, cooler too in the night breeze. The odd burst of laughter amongst the chatter blends with the steady beat and thrum of bass as the music escapes through the open windows.

She almost doesn’t see him.

But it’s the sing-song sound of “trick or treat!” and children’s laughter that draws her attention. And somehow, despite it all, it makes sense that this is where she’d find him.

He’s crouching down beside the kids, handing out the goodie bags chock full of sweets to rot their teeth, and it’s not that which freezes her in place mid-stride. Nor is it his tweed jacket and bow tie – and yes, it may have been a little low effort for a costume, but it’s more than she could have hoped for, and she’s not one to talk either (blood-stained nurse’s outfit isn’t exactly pushing any boundaries) – no, what it is, is the smile on his face. Kind and patient, and a glimpse of what he’d been. A father.

The kids wave their goodbyes, and Rip’s smile falls as they turn away, disappearing down the sidewalk. A deep breath in and out follows, as if that small upturn of his lips, the minuscule attempt at joviality and light-heartedness, had been enough to exhaust him.

And all of a sudden, Sara feels guilty.

A tidal wave hitting her as she pushes down the lump in her throat. Too much, too soon. She’d forced too much, too soon.

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