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lance: we should have like…a team voltron sleepover.

pidge: but we see each other all the time? and sleep in the same place? what’s the use of a sleepover?

lance: pidge…we can play truth or dare. you know what that means. 

pidge: [quietly] we can finally dare keith to show us his cryptid conspiracy blog. shit. we need to have a team voltron sleepover. 

Important PSA

Alright lads buckle up because I have something important to say. I’ve been wanting to say this for a while, actually, but I’ve been uhhhhh terrified because y’all are fuckin’ wild here on tumblr dot fuck and I can feel the pitchforks and flames approaching already ha 

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i’ve seen 10,000 posts condemning weirdos wanting to fuck a clown yet i have not seen anyone call out the creeps sexualizing a bunch of children and shipping them together, apparently clown fucking is more extreme than pedophilia on tumblr dot com

let me reboot scooby doo please jus t listen to me ....
  • The gang is all like early twenties? So like lots of struggling economically and trying really hard to figure out what they’re doing with their lives.
  • Shaggy being like super poor and working at a restaurant waiting… it’s like a weird trashy local pizza place with awful screeching animatronics that barely work. He loves junky and fine food equally and has fun coming up with Pizzas of the Day. His desert pizza recipe was added to the permanent menu and this is his proudest achievement. He scrapes together the cash for culinary classes, renting bad movies, and keeping him and his best pal safe and comfortable. He makes sure they aren’t on the streets in his car and knows that Daph, Fred, and Vel have couches and pull out beds that he doesn’t think they ever use. 
  • Velma and Daphne just kinda fell into journalism together. Daphne is an intern hoping to get a full time anchor position and Velma is a super talented writer, video editor, motion graphic artist, etc. She’s also pretty good at speaking and Daphne is trying to convince her to go on screen a little more. They recently started a podcast to pursue their love of the paranormal. Daphne is honestly having trouble finding regular school and job emails in her inbox bc of all the messages they get. Velma is starting a book constantly. She works very hard on all of them but they just kind of disappear after awhile, curse that ADHD business. But dang can she write up good notes for their podcasts, think on her feet, and do pretty much anything that can be done in one all-nighter. She is also a little gay for Daphne (secret: Daphne is pretty gay too) 
  • Fred is a political science student that has absolutely no idea what he’s doing. His dad was in politics and his dad and his dad and …. like every guy dude related to him. Fred wants to get his hands right into the thick of things and help people. He feels like politics are messy and big and he can’t do anything to help anyone. He has a completed major dropout form for poli sci in his bag at all times and never puts it in the professor’s inbox. As for what he’s supposed to do with his life, he’s stuck between life coach and stage magician, if you ask him. If he’s being honest, he doesn’t really know.
  • The mystery machine’s existence is mostly confined to doodles in Fred’s margins during world politics. they use the car velma and daphne use to move their personal equipment to shoots as its the biggest. Fred pitched the van design as a joke and the gang loved it. The stenciled flowers on the car have been there just long enough for the paint to start chipping. 
  • And they’re all just drifting and picking out holes in their schedules to go explore and solve mysteries and it’s a lot of remote work, a lot of looking at video and emailing, but on summers and spring breaks, they all come together and help folks and it feels right. It feels like something they’re supposed to do.
  • job interviewer: what is one of your strengths?
  • me: i can turn my sadness into a relatable post for validation on tumblr dot com
  • interviewer: and one weakness?
  • me: i spend all of my time looking for validation on tumblr dot com

rationally i know that every piece of information about episode 8 goes through intense screening and there’s like 0 chance disney would release any marketing material that involves finn wearing jedi robes because that’s the kind of thing they would want to surprise everyone with when the movie comes out but i don’t even care finn is a jedi everyone thanks for confirming it starwars dot tumblr dot com

I’m really proud of the people who are like “school’s getting busy so I’m taking a hiatus see you guys later :)” I could have 14 hours of homework with 6 tests tomorrow and still be sweating it out on tumblr dot com