tumblr does not understand that this is a rhetorical question

philoquence  asked:

congrats on 600!!!!! have a weird joke thing i saw on tumblr ages ago.... what do u get if you mix a joke with a rhetorical question?!!!!

Thank youuuuu<3  (ummm I don’t understand the joke what do I do? Okay just pretend and laugh nobody will notice)  😂 😂 😂 😂 😂hahahahaha lol

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i try to be nice and just post some personal photos of a fairly rare book i own, photos that are clearly marked as personal - and then of course somebody has to go and remove the credits and caption because it doesn’t match their “whatever blog aesthetic.” I almost never post messages like this, but i just don’t get it. First, it takes time to take halfway decent photographs, so it’s just rude. Second, I don’t understand the need or desire to remove all context from someone else’s photos or art and stick them on your blog. Third, and possibly the most baffling, nearly every blog theme has a “Hide Captions” Option. So, then why? Do people not realize this or does their own ego simply prevent them from caring?
That’s a rhetorical question. We know the answer.