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Make Your Own Besom

You’ll Need:

  • A four foot stick ~1 inch in diameter
  • Ball of twine
  • Scissors
  • Straw, twigs, or herbs for the bristles
  1. Allow dry straw to soak overnight in warm, lightly salted water
  2. Remove the straws from the water and allow them to dry to the touch
  3. Lay out the length of your stick, and line up your straw
  4. Starting about three inches from the bottom, lay the straws facing backward along the stick
  5. Securely bind the straw to the stick with twine
  6. Continue adding as many layers of straw as necessary to reach desired fullness
  7. When the straw is secured, pull the straws down over the twine so that they face the right direction, covering your initial ties
  8. Tie off the folded straws again, a few inches below the original tie
  9. Leave the besom overnight to dry
  10. Paint and decorate the dry besom as desired
  11. Dedicate your finished besom in your Circle as you would any other ritual tool

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when ache arrives
put it on paper
it is here to hurt your heart
use it to save your art — yesterday i was the moon (page # 101) by noor unnahar

tutorial for this entry is live on my channel


It’s time for another #tutorialtuesday!! Today I’m gonna give a quick cosplay hack on making gems for costumes. So if you’re not interested in casting resin or want to save a bit of money and a lot of time, this method is super easy and quick!

1️⃣. Find clear plastic Christmas balls online in the size you need! You can buy packs for cheap on Amazon. Just make sure they’re the kind that split in half.

2️⃣. Break off the little piece meant for hanging the ornament on the tree. Now is the time where you can cut the ornament smaller if you need to. I had to do that for the necklace gem on my Dark Magician Girl because I wasn’t going to buy a whole other pack in a smaller size just for one gem! Now paint the undersides of the ornaments with acrylic paint (don’t paint the front, it’ll lose the gem effect!)

3️⃣. Decorate the gems however you need to. My gems required foam backing and trim. Then add to your costume!

Good luck! ✨💕

datboinobodywants  asked:

How do you draw a male's body with simple shapes?

The thing about drawing both male and female bodies is that they come in a huge variation of shapes and sizes. And, as most of my followers know, I don’t exactly draw the 90′s superhero type of men — in fact, a lot of my male characters get misgendered a lot. I know there is a typical look that I tend to go by, but always remember that there’s no limits to it. This is just one way of many that you can draw a man.

  • This is how it looks when I draw their bodies in shapes quickly. It’s messy and it might not be very clear, but they key is exaggerating forms and putting emphasis on certain shapes.  I break a lot of “rules” when drawing men, by drawing longer legs and small feet for example, but I don’t see why it’d matter. Take note that this isn’t a realism tutorial, either. Notice how I put more emphasis on his shoulders and torso, creating something of a V shape. I added a quick typical feminine figure of mine as a comparison, where there’s much more emphasis on her hips and legs. Don’t be afraid to break any of these rules though! Make legs shorter if you want, make the shoulders smaller, hips thicker, use the body type to the right, honestly, there’s nothing wrong with any of them. Again, this is just one of many ways, so don’t limit yourself.
  • I decided to draw out the shapes more specifically so that you could see what shapes I used. As you can see, there’s a lot of shapes used here. The arms and legs being teardrop-shaped has been explained in a previous tutorial here. Again, don’t feel afraid to alter any of these shapes; it’s simply how I tend to do it.
  • I should mention that fat play an important part in terms of body shapes. While this isn’t exactly the best example (I should practice more) it shows that fat is much harder to define as shapes, therefor I suggest you do the shapes first, and then add the fat on top of them by drawing them as soft lines around the shapes. Men typically gets most fat gathered around their stomach, but again, this is not a must. Think of it as sculpting with clay; you have a base that you then can build up to your own liking. Muscles are very similar, but a little more defined, and I think both fat and muscle should have their own tutorials entirely.
  • And his is a sketch I based on the shapes I created. I didn’t go by it exactly how it was drawn, as you should only use them as guides and not as exact rulers. I almost always end up altering the arms and leg as I go, because it makes the pose look less stiff.

Hope that helped! You can see more of my tutorials here

anonymous asked:

I draw a lot of people with four arms and I'm not a great artist so I was wondering how you'd do that sort of thing and make it make sense, anatomy-wise

This is one of the most interesting requests I’ve ever gotten, so thank you for that!

Before I start, let me state the obvious;

Technically, there is no ‘anatomically correct’ when it comes to people with four arms - since it is not possible for humans to have it the way we represent it in art. But! That doesn’t mean there are ways to make it look anatomically believable. And this is what I will try to do.

1. We’ll start of with a simple picture of a bare back with stretched arms - as it is here you will place the four extra arms. (If you meant to only have one pair of extra arms, don’t worry, this tutorial would still be the same. As would it be with six extra arms as well.) The first tip I will give you is to draw the ‘normal’ arms first! Have them ready before you you draw the extras.

Now, let’s study how the ‘anatomy’ should work…

2. Notice how the ‘motion’ fo the back is. Those orange arrows show what direction the extra arms should be facing. This way, it’ll look more natural. Note that the shoulders, shoulder-blades and hip area are off limits to extra arms. If you place them here, it will look incredibly unnatural.

3. The best idea is to place the arms as close as possible in a similar ‘pattern’. This example shows the best areas for four extra arms. Now, if you only want two, I recommend you place them under the shoulder-blades. If it’s six, place the extras between the shoulder blades. If it’s eight, place the extras on the lower back. This way it will be the most believable. Realistically, of course, this wouldn’t work - but there are ways to trick your eyes.

4. Add the arms and… bam! There you have it; arms on the back. If you need help on how to draw arms, here’s a tutorial I’ve made on them.

5. Do some practices. My tip is is to draw each arm differently; make sure they’re all in motion. Of course, realistically, the arms would get tired after a while - but let’s not over-think it, shall we? It’s very important to draw each arm differently as it will say a lot about the character and give more life to them. If you simply copy/paste identical arms you’ll notice how much more stiff and artificial it will look. I’ll show Usui as an example;

Here you can see the arms have been copy/pasted. It doesn’t really look natural, does it? In this case this is a good thing; for Usui is not human and we can tell by the arms alone that it looks unnatural. So - both methods can be used. Just be careful with how you use them.

6. One thing you can never forget, however, is the silhouette. Make sure it all looks visually appealing as one shape, or else it will look like a confusing mess. One way to check this is to zoom out or to fill it all in black to see how it looks as a bundle.

7. Be aware of a mess when you draw several arms. It will look terribly confusing at first, but give it a chance. I suggest you be as messy as you possibly can and think of the silhouette first, then the anatomy. Don’t worry about how cleans it looks, because…

8. It will be OK in the end. <3 If you draw traditionally, make sure to sketch your arm with a gentle grip. If digitally, remember; there’s always another layer.

And that’s what I have to say about that! Hope it helped.


How to: DIY Makeup Room

what you will need:
• area or room
• all of your makeup/beauty products
• vanity
•ikea vanity cart (optional)
•mirrors (optional)
• etc.

1st: you need to find a open space where you can fit a vanity or a desk

2nd: you can either buy a vanity or you can build one (vanities at ikea arent that expensive)

3rd: once you build/buy a vanity, set it up in your open space

4th: decorate the space the way you want to

5th: if you bought mirrors, you can make a diy mirror wall (shown in the last picture)

6th: you can buy an ikea vanity caddy (shown above) if you have less space to save space

7th: buy or make some makeup organizers so your space is organized

8th: keep decorating it the way you want & make sure to have fun!

make sure to show me your DIY vanity using the #wonderwhorevanityroom


This week’s tutorial will show you how to make Lucoa’s horns from the super popular anime #MissKobayashisDragonMaid!! This is becoming a really popular cosplay so I hope this helps some of you!

You will need: 2 packs of Model Magic (or any light clay), wire, a snapback, a thick plastic headband, brown and black acrylic paint, gesso, newspaper, mod podge, painters tape, sand paper, hot glue, foam, and a snapback hat.

1️⃣ Using any light clay of your choice (I used Model Magic), roll out and shape two horns out with the appropriate thickness. Give them a day or so to dry.

2️⃣ See any cracks in the clay? No worries! Wrap both of your horns in painters tape to begin the smoothing process. This will also help your clay feel sturdier.

3️⃣ To further smooth over the tape layer and make your horns even sturdier, paper pache both of them with 2 layers of newspaper. Then coat the horns with 3-5 layers of gesso and sand smooth.

4️⃣ Paint your horns with acrylics and don’t forget the little black stripes! I did this free hand but you could tape off the horns to make it easier.

5️⃣ Insert a long wire into each horn. You might have to cut into your horns a little bit at the bottom, but the clay should still be soft enough underneath to poke the wires through them. You can also seal the horns with mod podge at this point.

6️⃣ Then take a thick plastic headband and wrap the wire tightly around it, hot gluing in place. You’ll also hot glue your horns to the headband at the base.

7️⃣ For added comfort, glue a piece of foam underneath the headband. You can also glue a piece on top to cover all the wires, but nobody will see it.

8️⃣ Grab your appropriately colored snapback and measure out where your horns need to stick out. Then cut holes just large enough to slip your horns through on each side of the hat. You can slightly hot glue the edges of each hole and hem the edges a little to prevent fraying before slipping the horns through.

And you’re done! You could probably also make these out of styrofoam, Worbla, etc, but this was my method! Good luck! ✨

DIY Galaxy In A Jar

Hey lovelies, I got a lot of positive feedback from my last tutorial: DIY bubbly lava lamp and I wanted to make another one. Here goes! 
Materials needed: 

  • Mason jar
  • Acrylic paints (in the colors you want in your galaxy) (I used four colors) 
  • Cotton
  • Silver glitter
  • Holo stars (optional but recommended) 
  • Containers (to mix paint, one for each color paint you have)
  • Mixing stick 
  • Water 


  1. Add some paint to your water - one color per container. If you want to make a pastel galaxy, don’t add too much. 
  2. Mix the water and the paint. If you think the color isn’t bright enough, add more paint. 
  3. Take your cotton and fill the bottom part of the mason jar. I find it easier if I unravel the cotton before padding it into the bottom of the jar. Pad the cotton into the jar based on how many colors you’re using. For example, if you’re using four colors, divide the jar into fourths. 
  4. Add the glitter & stars around the cotton, evenly dispersing it. 
  5. Choose one container of your paint & water and pour it into the jar slowly. Do this little by little, and if you think you have too much water, add more cotton. 
  6. Repeat this process with the other colors after adding cotton to separate the layers. 
  7. Once the jar is full, top off the top layer with cotton. 
  8. Use a wood stick to move around the glitter and holo stars a bit, or press down on the cotton to merge the colors. 
  9. Voila! You’re done! 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial; I’ll do more once I get more requests! 


How to: fix any powder makeup


what you’ll need:
• rubbing alcohol
• a eyeliner brush (or any pencil-like object)
• a spoon
• plastic wrap

1st: pick up the broken pieces and put it back into the compact/container

2nd: wrap plastic wrap around the compact (only wrap it around once)

3rd: using the tip of the eyeliner brush (the opposite side of the brush), cautiously smash the rest of the peices

4th: take off the plastic wrap

5th: take off the plastic wrap & let it soak in

6th: now take your spoon and smooth down the makeup

7th: grab the eyeliner brush again and smooth out the edges (the rim) of the compact/container using the brush side

8th: let it dry & you’ll be done!