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I am going on a little journey soon, so I made two books for the journey: one to write in (with more squared paper and only a few other paper) and the other for making art (with a lot of different papers) ….

 I did a lot of books the last months and there was no reason to make new ones, but I couldn´t resist to make new ones for the journey!. I love book binding! It´s so much fun to think about which book you want to have and then make it and hold it in your hand with the wonderful feeling  that you have made it by yourself!


DIY Back To School Tumblr Notebooks



Back to school: DIY notebooks

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

So school is very close! Have you got everything you need for the upcoming school year? But maybe you want to spice up your supplies a little bit so they don’t look boring? Well this DIY will help you to make your notebooks look personalized and unique! Just get your creative self and let’s have fun!!

What you will need:

  • printed pictures from Tumblr or WeHeartIt
  • scissors
  • x-acto knife
  • notebooks
  • glue
  • paper (plain sheets and scrapbook)
  • decorations


  1. Put on some music so this will get you inot the mood. Try this playlist, you may like it!
  2. Print the pictures you want to be on your notebooks. I found a lot on WeHeartIt. Just search for “girly”, “light luxury”, “fresh&modern”, “indie”, “quotes” or whatever you want. And you can also find some on Tumblr or on your blogs

      3.  Cut out all the pictures using your scissors and x-acto knife.

      4.  Now take some time to lay out all the pictures. be creative and don’t worry that it may not look ‘perfect’. It will be awesome anyways.

      5. If you have a colourful notebook you might like to glue a plain sheet of paper on your notebook cover first. But if it looks okay then just skip this step.

      6. Now glue all the pictures as you want!

      7.  You may add some decorations but it’s optional

      8.  Yay! You’re done! Look how gorgeous your notebooks are! Omg people will envy you haha!

So that’s how my notebooks turned out (front and back view)

If you try to recreate this DIY, please, make sure to submit or tweet me a picture! I really would love to see what you did!!

Hope you liked it! Have a wonderful day!


Elisabeth xx