tumblr destroys the quality of gifs

I’ll become what you like this is what you’ve wanted right?

Sacrifice all I know I will teach myself to let go

Copy that, copycat

Idk why I did this but it didn’t take long so I did. Thought this might be a good song for our insecure Canadian boy. 

Separate images:

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“If I don’t make it out of here, I want you to lead Voltron”

hello everyone!!!! I finally got to making my follow forever n i know tumblr destroyed the quality of my gif but i tried 💛 

So heres so sappy stuff. I remade this blog about two weeks ago to get a fresh start and I can’t even believe that i already hit 500 and how at home I feel with everyone,,,,still really surprised all of mutuals followed back so quickly and I’ve made so many good ass friends….y’all make my heart bust a million nuts and i appreciate everyone who follows me on here and interacts with me and what not,,,,,i appreciate every single message n reply i get,,,,i just lov all of u okay 💛

im gonna put all of my fave blogs n stuff under the cut….here’s to hoping all the tags work ok ily

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