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I literally can’t stop thinking about my Barcelona adventure coming up! I’m going on a summer law school at the University of Barcelona and I’m beyond excited for that!!! I’m waiting on an approval for another summer school as well so let’s pray I get in for that one too. (So I get to spend even more time in Barcelona) I can’t wait! 🙏🏼

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10/05 I took some days off because of some unfortunate circumstances this weekend. I needed that break. And last couple of days I spent time with my best friends. I feel much better now and I’m ready to study my 🍑 off for finals!

31/07/2017 Hey guys!
I’m studying Human Rights and I actually love this topic so I can’t believe I failed this class before. I must admit I procrastinated studying this course a lot so I probably failed because I didn’t study enough. I had this exam in January and I know I studied like 6-7 days in total for this course. I never studied it during the semester. So it’s kinda logic I failed this exam. But I’m motivated and I love this topic so I will pass this exam in August. For sure!!

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30/09 Hey guys!
Summer is over and it’s the beginning of a brand new semester of law school for me.
My first and only class of this week started on Tuesday. Today’s Saturday and I’m still in summer mode BUT I have a huge deadline tonight.
So I’m gonna work extra hard because I didn’t work that much this week. (And I regret it now)


08/07/2017 Wow, I worked so hard today. Although I wonder if this is still healthy. 

I didn’t take a picture because I was so busy, so I took this later on. I managed to summarize 73 pages of serious and difficult content. At 1.30 am (yes, I mean in the morning) I typed my last word and my summary of human rights was DONE! I was extremely happy and exhausted. 

I am proud for pushing through, getting it done

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A little sneak peak of my bedroom guys! I’ve worked on my bedroom last couple of days. I’m redecorating and moving the furniture. It already looks stunning! Can’t wait to share it 🌵🌸