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Oh my my, YES PLEASE do it!! Write multichapter fic! I really need it! Let me know if you decide to write it, and thanks in advance if you do! You're great!

I’LL DO IT LOVE! Tomorrow is Eid so I’ll be busy the next few days, but after that? I’M WRITING THAT YOUSANA FIX. I’m giving Yousef the time he deserved……and I’ll post it here on tumblr too dear! And if you want me to tag you when I eventually write it (and if you don’t feel shy then later you can come off anon and I’ll tag you!)

Someone let me out of the Echo Chamber

Oh boy. As someone who’s received actual panicked messages about my recent reblogs and am watching the Bill Potts tag go up in ridiculously large flames, I feel I need to post about this.

The Tumblr echo chamber’s decided to blast out that Bill’s dead because as usual everyone’s hankering for more reasons to hate Moffat 

Some undoubtedly without actually seeing the original episode where she is in fact, not dead

When in fact she’s just hit an unfortunate problem, which it is shown she is actively trying to fight against, which may be difficult to reverse but far from impossible and, given Moffat’s track record on Doctor Who, will likely be reversed because that’s exactly what happened to Amy, Rory, Clara and even to an extent River

Meanwhile I’m watching everyone’s panic and hatred about it crescendo in real time and I’m just like



We have a week until we find out what the final outcome will be.

If she does end up dead I’ll be just as disappointed as everyone else is, but for now, please, for god’s sake, calm yourselves. You know what Tumblr is like, everyone takes everything out of context all the god damn time and now everyone’s panicking and reigniting the burn Moffat pitchforks a week in advance and before we even know if it’s necessary.

What follows is a personal story that’ll address some of the plot points, so don’t read on if you don’t want to be spoiled.

See, here’s the thing. A couple of friends and I decided to put together an audio Doctor Who project, of which we had already produced one season and decided to get more ambitious with our second. We figured out the plot of WEaT (that’s a weird acronym) was coming for one simple reason - we came up with a very similar idea. A lesbian companion, who due to circumstances, ends up getting converted by Mondasian Cybermen. Seriously, it was uncanny how similar the idea came out. However, as one of the four producers on the project, I raised the immediate flag of the fact that we were dipping our toes dangerously into Bury Your Gays territory. As a result, we rethought the plot a little. It remained the same, but ultimately it was agreed we would reverse the conversion somehow (the conversion reversal method was ultimately left to me and my story.) The plot was, from my perspective, going to be used as a vehicle to explore ideas about strength and communication, and what people truly value.

Basically, Moffat has a track record of reversing his companion ‘deaths.’ Is this scenario uncomfortable? Absolutely. Is there the lingering possibility this may not be reversed? Possibly. I think it’s small, but possibly. However, I have no doubt it will be at least dealt with and acknowledged. However, I for one am worried about the inevitable backlash either result is going to have - because while Tumblr screams for life for our beloved companions who don’t deserve fridging or for buried lesbian tropes, the other side of the fandom screams for consequences that aren’t reversed, deaths that aren’t undone. 

Basically, either way, this is going to be a shitfest. But we won’t know the outcome until next week. So calm yourselves, and please, stop telling people that Bill’s dead. Because she’s not, and you’re promoting premature Moffat hate that may or may not prove to be founded later, and personally, I have faith that it’ll be unfounded come next week.

Sometimes you just need a little nap ~~~

iceddragon! A sleeping Bulbasaur for you :D

some notes on dear chill heathers or whatever it is

Please, don’t let what happened to Hamilton happen to these musicals, most specifically, Dear Evan Hansen. Like many other people, I was able to see myself in all of the DEH characters. I’ve never seen a more accurate depiction of mental illness and the realities that people with mental illnesses face on a daily basis. DEH has become a voice for so many people, a message to keep pushing for just one more day because there are so many people that care. Don’t let Dear Evan Hansen get lost to people who don’t understand how important these messages are. It breaks my heart to see this happen to a show that has been such a light for me in so many dark places. Dear Evan Hansen helped me realize that there are other people who feel the way I do, and that I am not alone. And I don’t want to be forced to abandon this piece of art just because the “cringey” side of tumblr decided to ruin it. So please, learn from superwholock. Don’t let this happen again. 


Recently I found out about this post that mentioned content with external hyperlinks was never shown to other people on Tumblr. Given the low amount of notes in the previous post I made about my Black King cosplay, which had a link to Youtube, I decided to give it a try.

So here I am reposting these, because honestly, I’m very proud of this thing! This was a very, very fun convention with my sister (Night Elf Druid) and her fiance (Rogue). Let’s see if the the lack of a link actually does anything!


Today’s BCAC was to write a song based on a ship that you guys chose in under an hour. You guys chose Lams, and I did succeed, but tumblr decided “Hey, let’s make her wait four hours before she can post the video!”

Anyway, bitterness aside, here’s a short and sad song about Laurens and Hamilton entitled “Alone”. Enjoy!

What is the 34 Hour Language Challenge?

The well known language learning site, Duolingo, claims that an hour on Duolingo is equal to one semester of a language course at a university. I had to test this theory! So, I came up with the idea for a 34 hour language challenge, which I will document on the blog 34hourchallenge.blogspot.com. 

If you would like to do a 34 language challenge as well, here are the rules.

1. Pick a language you are not familiar with, but are interested in learning.

2. Spend at least one hour a day studying the language on Duolingo until you’ve reached 34 hours.

3. Take a placement test in the language.

4. Let me know how your challenge went. I’ll add you to the “34 Hour Challenge” honor roll.

My mom is a huge fan of Memrise. So she decided that we should take this challenge to the next level. She is going to spend 34 hours learning a language on Memrise. We are both going to take a placement test at the end of the 34 hours. So, if you want to choose Memrise over Duolingo, that works too.

For the Memrise challenge, the rules are the same as for the Duolingo challenge.

You can comment here if you want to be added to the “34 hour challenge” challenger’s list for Duolingo or Memrise. Just let me know which one!  I can add your blog name, your Duolingo/Memrise username. Or both!

After you’ve completed the challenge, you can be added to the Honor Roll.

If you decide to blog about the challenge, please link me back to your blog so I can check it out as well!

On Tumblr simply reblog this post or reply with a note saying you accept the challenge. Don’t forget to let us know how it went!

Witchcraft Blogs?

Hello (again) tumblr!

My name is Anja and I am, for all intents and purposes, a witch.

When I was seven years old I was able to influence the local weather very faintly by using what I realise now to be the full force of my mental will. My family are not witches, nor do they believe in magic.

When I was seventeen I discovered that I had a knack for putting will and energy into things. To alter enough but never too much, that the earth called for me to harness nature in a practice that would allow me to become closer to my Mother, the earth herself. She would call to me through the dirt and the wind, but only then was I finally able to listen. I became a witch and, like many fledgling witches, began down the path of practising witchcraft. Over two years I gathered information, I began an extensive garden and collected stones from the riverbed. I compiled a grimoire and found myself with more candles than I knew what do with.

But despite all of that - all the shiny new tools and sweet-smelling herbs - it felt superficial. I grew away from my Mother and my spells became centred on myself. After a surmounting of pressure I broke; I set the herbs alight and threw the stones back into the river. I disposed of tens of pages of carefully-crafted notes because I believed that I wasn’t a good witch.

Now I am almost twenty and in my period of introspection I’ve realised a few things. The earth called for me, nagged at my heels, and the Craft was never far from my mind. Recently I’ve begun to ache for this way of life, and so I decided that I’d step foot into the tumblr community of witchcraft again.

So, witches of tumblr, I ask you this: like/reblog this post and let me check out your blog! Any and all veins of the craft are welcome.

I typically don’t upload two images in one day but I’ll make an exception this time ‘cause I really like how this one came out. Finally a look of all of the youngsters that’s on the road trip with the Mane 6. This one is a direct follow-up to the previous one:


After lunch the gang decides to do a bit of shopping around before hitting the road again. But before they fully leave the diner, the CMC and Spike ask Pinkie Pie to take a picture of them with the caricatured statue of the legendary Hollywood actress, Marealyn Monroan. Instead of the usual photo though, the kids decide to get… creative. They’re superstars! Definitely a keeper. c:

Got a short written snippet for the image? Just let me know! C:

Other than that, I hope you guys enjoy the image! ^.^

🌛Moon Alchemy’s Grateful As All Get Out Giveaway! 🌜 

 I cannot begin to transcribe into words the amount of gratitude I feel for all of my followers! Every message of kindness, every like and every reblog remind me of how beautiful and unique each and every one of you are. So, as a small way of showing my appreciation, I’ve decided to host a giveaway! 

 Please read all of the rules below carefully!

  • MUST FOLLOW ME of course lol. 
  • You MUST be 18 years or older to enter, and willing to share your shipping address.
  • US residents only, sorry. 
  • DO NOT tag as a giveaway, it messes up the tags and makes Tumblr wonky. 

How to enter:

  1. Like AND reblog this post. (No post limit but please no giveaway blogs or spamming!)
  2. Favorite my Etsy shop for an extra entry! Send your user name to me on here please! If you already liked my shop, just favorite an item or two an let me know!
  3. Send me an ask and tell me three non-physical things you feel grateful for!

Winner will be drawn from a hat on the Spring Equinox! (March 20, 2017)

What you can win:

(1) 1 ML vial of dried rosemary

(1) Quartz point

(1) 1 ML vial of dried lavender 

(1) Glitter Moon Pendant 

(1) Pair of Moon Talisman Earrings

(1) Cute succulent tea light!


A 36-year-old female and a scholar, I’ve never been a video game person. DA2 fanarts a fellow tumblr user kept posting made me check YouTube for vids. Somehow I came upon DA-inspired songs by Miracle of Sound and after listening to “Age of the Dragon” I immediately decided to give DA2 a try. Now, half a year later, I beat it three times, not counting Origins (once, but I can’t wait to do it again) and Inquisition (needed computer modification, but finally a Trevelyan! :). I love them all so much!

Hello to the 30+ players and DA fans with Ph.D. or similar - let me know you’re here, too!)


Dear anon,

I was going to ignore your message, but let’ be honest I have no reason to lie about losing weight, if you go on my tumblr you can find my before and after (just face btw).

Also if you don’t believe me I don’t understand why you say I’m ashamed of who I was. You made me think a lot about it, so I decided to post this to show you I really don’t care how I used to look, I’m actually proud of the old me. Btw It’s a before and during, because I’m still working on my body and I know one day I will get where i want to be.

I don’t know if you can see the change, but I actually feel like a different person.

P.S. Same phone, Different body.

hi everyone! i decided to do this for the first time! i thought it might be fun so here we go!!


mbf me
reblog this post!
♡ ends june 26
♡ i’ll pick 1 winner + 1 runner up! 

august flynn award best url
nina zenik awardbest icon
hades awardbest desktop theme
niklas malikov awardbest mobile theme
dasiy calloway awardbest posts
rose calloway awardnewcomer award (must have under 750 followers)*
lily calloway awardbest writing**
ryke meadows awardbest edits**
connor cobalt awardbest art**
loren hale awardnicest blogger***
percy jackson awardpersonal favourite

* - send me a screenshot of your follower count to verify
** - put your creations tag in the tags of this post
*** - send me an ask nominating a blogger <3

♡ a follow from me + my eternal love
♡ 1 edit/gifs request per winner/runner up
♡ 2 promos for winners, 1 for runner ups
♡ a spot on my updates tab for a month!

hey guys, today is day 1 of mental health month and i decided to take part in @postitforward’s proposal ( https://postitforward.tumblr.com/post/160191092899/hey-tumblr-today-is-may-1-the-first-day-of )! for every week there will be some kind of challenge to spread love and let people know they are not alone.
as week 1 is about self love, here’s a selfie and a little list of things i like about me:
1. my hair
2. my curves (this one was hard to love)
3. my smile
4. my music/movie taste haha
5. my life

ideas for kickthepj week?

a bunch of people seemed to be excited about this so we’re gonna make it a thing! before this thing happens though I want to hear everyone’s ideas, so if you’re interested, read on!

what is this thing?

kickthepj week is basically a week where everyone posts a bunch of gifs, edits, fanmixes, fics, art, fanvids, and/or anything pj!


because it feels like there’s a lack of kickthepj content on tumblr and I think this would be a great way to fix that by creating a huge explosion of new pj stuff.


I’m thinking june 12th through june 18th but that’s subject to change. if you can think of a better time then let me know!


during whatever week we decide, use the tag #ktpjweek2017 and post the stuff you make and we’ll all reblog it!

what do you want to see?

this should be a community thing, so if you have any suggestions let me know! I’ll make an official announcement post with a banner and everything once we get all the details sorted out.

some things we could make:

  • a gif request list
  • a masterlist for all the fics, fanmixes, fanvids, etc.
  • a big masterlist of a bunch of pj blogs for everyone to follow

if you have ideas for anything we could add or suggestions on how to run this thing, let me know! I'm excited to plan this out! :)

also @kickkthephan suggested having a group chat for everyone so if you have any ideas on how to make that work hmu

users & urls

gente eu tava aqui parada pensando no que fazer pro tumblr e como eu já postei muitas bios eu decidi fazer users e urls para tumblr e twitter!!1 vou deixar todos liberados mas por favor me avisem aqui ou no @selnagsmez se usar se não eu denuncio vcs em +15 contas ate meu dedo cair :-)

guys, I was here wondering what to do for tumblr and as I’ve posted many bios I decided to make users and urls for tumblr and twitter!!!1 i’ll let all released but please let me know here or @selnagsmez if u use, if u not say for me i’ll denounce you in +15 accounts until my finger fall :-)

urls for tumblr of icons/packs

  1. twikittynopsd
  2. twrgrunge
  3. twhypsds
  4. trwitter
  5. trwitternopsd
  6. stuffsnopsds
  7. twilayoutzs
  8. twrpackzs
  9. twmodernpsd
  10. twicanpsd
  11. twitforya
  12. scripticons
  13. weirdsicons
  14. lokcscreen (((bonus!1!

urls for tumblr of photoshop

  1. tmblresources
  2. grungersources
  3. photshops
  4. editzshop
  5. rwesources
  6. coffesources
  7. blacksresources

urls for personal tumblr

  1. handswritteen
  2. coffeewithoutcaffeine
  3. rewtriten
  4. moo-nlighxt
  5. tumbrls
  6. psychogirls
  7. suspensdead
  8. nruance
  9. cluelezs
  10. cmouflage
  11. mosnarchy
  12. kisngdom
  13. ecrletic
  14. kingzdom

users for twitter ((random

  1. pinkgirlbae
  2. hyspnotic
  3. cigasrette
  4. isntindies
  5. hispsterz
  6. babegisrl
  7. darknwess
  8. desprwessive
  9. clrueless
  10. meangarls
  11. tosxisc
  12. aesthwetics
  13. crosmic

justin bieber users

  1. jrustinbiwber
  2. prurposwe
  3. kridsrauhI
  4. cromspany
  5. hreatbreakers

one direction users

  1. onsdirwection
  2. strockholm
  3. lrouistowlinson
  4. kittyonedbae
  5. isntdirection

demi lovato users

  1. consfidwent
  2. kisngdomcome ou kisngdom 
  3. dsmetriaIovato (o L é um i maiusculo) 
  4. demibstidol
  5. darklovatogirl

5h users

  1. laurwnjrauegui
  2. crynormanibae
  3. wsorthit
  4. resflewction
  5. fifhtarmony

5sos users

  1. lrukehemmings
  2. unsplugged
  3. kittymclifford
  4. darkashiton
  5. calumhwhy

little mix users

  1. jadwethilrwall
  2. twiedwards
  3. gretwseird
  4. isntleighanne
  5. jewsynelsn

old magcon users

  1. shwnmsndes
  2. isntmagcon
  3. nahsgriewr
  4. caIisbraska (o L é um i maiusculo)
  5. tayslorcraniff

users selena gomez here

users ariana grande here

Tumblr 101

It’s been brought to my attention that certain people really have no idea how Tumblr reblogs work which means I was accused of writing a post that I did not write. So let me explain it for those who are confused..

Anyone who follows me or anyone at all who has a Tumblr blog (who is not blocked) can reblog my posts and say whatever they want. I have zero control over it. They can call me a fat ugly bitch if they want and it’ll stay on their blog and in the notes of the original post unless they decide to delete it themselves. I cannot delete other people’s posts. I cannot edit them. It’s not like Facebook where you have some control over who comments on your stuff. 

I don’t agree with everything that is written in response to my posts but I have zero control over what’s actually being said. Normally if I agree with someone’s reply and I see it on my dash I’ll reblog it. If I haven’t reblogged it then I either didn’t see it (I don’t have time to go back through all of my posts, obviously), I disagree with it or I may agree with it but it’s written in a way that makes me uncomfortable and I don’t want to deal with the drama.

So please, do not hold me responsible for things that may be controversial that are written by other people. Just because it’s in response to something I’ve said it doesn’t mean I agree with it. I’m tired of being the scapegoat and being blamed for things that have nothing to do with me. I’m tired of people saying I’m the “Queen of the shippers” so therefore I’m capable of controlling everyone. I’m tired of people acting like I have some secret agenda and I’m scheming behind the scenes and telling people what to do and say. I’m responsible for myself. I’m responsible for my words and my actions. No one else’s. 

GIF for flash class’ final assignment! loop theme was sleep, I decided to use my sister’s pets Olive (dog) and Raisin (cat) for the subject matter. Olive is a persistent love machine where Raisin tries her best to tolerate Olive’s affections :-)

PS: Idk if the gif is working, im not sure what the size limit is for those :-/

EDIT: I posted the larger gif file and a smaller sized gif to see if either will work! I hope it does!!! Let me know if it doesn’t :-)

Fic Recs Masterlist

*Updated 12/16/2016*

This is for all those who are a thirsty hoe for Bucky Barnes and/or Sebastian Stan like myself. I’ve tried to compile my favorite authors into one place. Please let me know if you think I’m missing someone cause I honestly can always use more to read.

Thank you so very much to all of you who write and choose to share your amazing talents with us! 

Happy Reading!

Note: Tumblr decided that if there were too many links in your post, it would just make all of them not work. In order to fix that problem, I’ve broken this out into three separate posts with this being the overall masterlist.

Smut Free Fic Recs

Some Smut Fic Recs

Smutty Smut Fic Recs

McHanzine FAQ!

Hello everyone!
Me and @kichisu​ have received alot of questions regarding the McHanzo fanzine. So I decided to make a FAQ post! Hopefully these answers any question you have in mind. I will update this on the go!

* Do you ship internationally?
Yes, We ship worldwide!

* When is the next batch coming?
We are not sure, between end of March and beginning of April. We will let you know beforehand through our Tumblr and/or Twitter!

* For the next batch, is there a possibility to put one book away for me?
No, unfortunately we cannot do that. Once it’s available for sale, it’s first come first serve. If you cannot purchase at that time, I suggest asking a friend who could purchase one for you.

* Will there be a PDF version?
Sorry, at the moment a PDF version of the zine is not planned.

* Why can’t I order right now?
It’s sold out!

*Are you going to sell the fanzine at cons?
Yes we will! The fanzines will be available at:
J-popcon, Copenhagen (April 21-23)
Stockholm International Comic Festival, Stockholm (May 20-21)

For more future updates regarding Mchanzine, you can follow me and kichisu on twitter:
Monkan: https://twitter.com/Monkiponk
Kichisu: https://twitter.com/Kichisu

If you have any other questions you can leave as a reply here, or send me or @kichisu​ an ask!