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A Note

You’re allowed to refuse friendships.

There’s not much debate (on tumblr, at least) about the fact that you can say “no” when someone asks for a romantic or sexual relationship with you. that’s a boundary you’re allowed to set. Even out in The Real World, most people will acknowledge that it is reasonable to deny a request for a non-platonic relationship with someone you aren’t interested in.

But people will lose their damn minds if somebody asks to be your friend and you say “no.”

So I’m here telling you: You don’t have to be friends with anyone. It doesn’t matter if they were nice to you. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have any other friends. It doesn’t matter if you were nice to them. You’re allowed to say no. Your time, your attention, your space and energy are yours to do with as you please, and you don’t owe them to anybody.

You don’t have to be friends with someone just because they asked. You’re allowed to say no.

🎶"It won’t cost much! JUST YOUR VOICE!“🎶

I just had to doodle something to match @lordjazor‘s snippet of Poor Unfortunate Souls

“Being in the snow with my lover like this immerses me in a special feeling. I like it.”

Has this been done yet?

that wasn’t the only shitty reply on those bookmarks but it was the most irritatingly smug. why the hell are people so condescending about being like “WELL ACTUALLY JK INTENDED-” like, buddy? i know. I’ve read the books a dozen times over just like everyone else has. I know jk rowling is racist and homophobic, u don’t have to tell me like it’s Hidden Knowledge only u gleaned from the books. trust me; i know, we all know, i’m just electing to ignore it bc i’m trying to pretend this world is a better place than it actually is, so go away

Hachidraws >>> Kurageclear

been debating on doing this for a while now n_n it’s been my twitter URL for a few years and I’ve been meaning to make them match, so now they do!


Anyone remember those FNAF traditional dumps I did? I finally finished digitizing the main four…after like, two years of being under construction in my folder. But hey, at least they’re finally done!

Y’know, finally. I swear university takes away all my time from digital art.

  • Jay: *Phone starts ringing*
  • Kai: *Looks at who is calling* You still call your dad "daddy"?
  • Jay: *picks up phone and locks eyes with Kai*
  • Jay: Hey Nya, what's up?
  • Kai: *Chokes on drink*

arvoskey replied to your post:

“I like your head canon for Demo. So based upon your head canon you put…”:

Sniper is 30 (it’s canon, it’s told in the comic where Sniper’s biological parents appear)


The ominous way this is shot suggests to me that “getting their wish” 40 years ago was the destruction of their civilization, not just taking it underwater. So they built the habitat 50 years ago, and it was flooded a decade after that, when Sniper was a baby.

Also, look at the guy.

He’s supposed to be 30? (Or, more accurately, in his mid-20s at the “start” of the game.) I don’t buy that. Dude is 40.

You don’t have to agree! It’s just what makes the most sense to me.