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Akatsuki Halloween Week 2017

Day Three;; Unknown - Secret||Radiation

“BAM! Now you’re dead”

Just war kids being kids. I always liked the Ame Trio’s “war gear” and wanted to see more of it before they became ninjas.

Yahiko had his friends scale a freakin’ mountain just on a chance to be trained by a Sannin. I love what a Leader he is and how reckless he is at the same time. 

I had to work early so this was just a bit of a place holder.

I’ll pretend Nagato fading into the background is a stylistic choice and not him being eaten by the other layers and not being able to figure out how to fix it…. yeah that was totally intentional.

Day two

Day One




100% ♡

Happy Birthday Mob ! !

Shance Fluff Week Day 1 - Black/Blue 

And of course I’m, slightly, late. But slightly. So it’s a win ♥. 

(It’s been months since I want to try to do a “week”, but I always miss the firsts days. SOB. But not this time around, yay!)


I recently read Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat and I fell in love with watching Damen and Laurent fall in love… ;o;

I’m quite choked with tenderness for you, my love, it makes me a bit pathetic to love you so much
—  Simone de Beauvoir, Letters to Sartre