tumblr crushed

I love Kakashi so much & I’m actually super angry about how much I love him.

anonymous asked:

your tumblr crushes!

*blushes* oh damn anon 

I’ve a lot I mean I’ve a crush on lots of tumblrs for different reasons 

Right okay well ones I can think of are











okay that’s just a few but I mean include all the hp roleplayers/writers/edit makers and coliver writers and every one of my mutuals and followers and that’s basically my tumblr crushes. 

send me sleepover asks! 

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Do any of you have any blog/tumblr crushes? Like other admins or writers from other blogs that you would like to date or even just say hi to? Just curious :')

I have quite a few favs whom I’d love to say hi to, yes! Such as teyagi, baeseoul, jiminniemouse and some others who I’ve reccomended in my fic recs page and am also a huge fan of their writing C:

-Admin Smuttyfairy