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Anybody else notice that the Tumblr craze has seriously died down? When I first joined, people were always posting about how they were addicted to Tumblr, Tumblr was their life, they spent hours on Tumblr, etc. Now it seems like people don’t get hooked on it like they used to? Which isn’t a bad thing, but it seems like Tumblr has become just another social media site. I think the peak was in 2010.

City Pop: The Internet’s Lost Genre

by E. Schoop

In the internet age, we have all become crate diggers and plunderers of the abstract. One of the great things about the vast information we have at our disposal is not just its spread through communities, but how it takes on a life of its own. Online movements like net art or vaporwave may not have always conduced extraordinary work, yet it has brought about knowledge to pieces and genres many had not known before. By extension of the hypnagogic craze that Tumblr, 4chan, and Reddit have all spurred on, city pop has re-surged in popularity and rightfully so.

But let’s not give curation all the credit for city pop’s acclaim. To be frank, the genre has been ripe for a reawakening and the sequence of sampling connections linking Tatsuro Yamashita to today’s youth was an easy outlet. Despite anime’s huge presence here in the West, we collectively haven’t given Japanese music a chance, yet culturally there is a wide attraction to their media and style of creation. Hence, city pop enters as a perfect conduit. The rateyourmusic generation synthesizes as whole with this avenue, a type of music so focused on hybridizing jazz, funk, and pop that it’s easy to love whether or not you ever found smooth jazz far too kitschy.

Take Toshiki Kadomatsu for example. This is a composer that not only writes virtuosic melodies, but links the rhythm with a pictorial quality on the level of a Steely Dan or Bob Dylan. However, in his case, city pop was intrinsically linked with the prosperity of 80s japan. When one sees the neon lights and tropical locales everpresent on album covers, it belies the prospect of a serene, capitalist utopia that Japan modeled itself as. He makes you believe you’re on a beautiful Okinawa beach and not Ohio in February. It’s euphoria only an excessively funky Japanese man can provide, and doubly impressive being an all-instrumental album too.

City pop is also a genre that can pride itself on having a strong sense of gender equality. Some of the best artists who crafted this style were female, including Junko Ohashi, Momoko Kikuchi, and Noriko Miyamoto. One could argue that female singers were merely used as an object to draw in the male idol audience, but this reductive idea doesn’t acknowledge the presence these women commanded as Japan’s top artists of the 80s. Check out this clip of Momoko Kikuchi and watch how she only needs her ethereal voice in order to put on a classic performance, neglecting to move around as if showmanship can hold her back. It’s a moment of the sublime, city pop as true transcendence, and it beats through a shy girl’s heart.

We’re always wishing for a better place or a better time. To share experiences with ones we hold dear, and make meaningful memories. City pop makes these dreams a reality, at least insofar as providing a musical gateway to personal satisfaction.

me, watching everyone scream over Dream Daddy knowing that, like every other tumblr craze, in about a week it’ll be called out for having something problematic in it and people will have “don’t follow if you support Dream Daddy” in their BYFs:

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So Know Your Meme says you basically started the bredlik craze on tumblr and I just want you to know that I am honored to follow this blog. XD

I know I’m real hecked up about that fact

It is??? surreal??  It’s not like I wrote the poem but the fact that I laughed and said “I need to share this” is what somehow sparked this….thing? 

It’s like when someone you knew in high school becomes incredibly famous and you feel like you gotta say “I went to high school with them I knew them irl” even though that doesnt tie you with their accomplishments at all but you need it to be known you were there…

So...my friends and I started something on Facebook 8D



Because srsly. Those faces. @lilith5th @11daysofhell


Some doodles of my Saints Row OC, Jimmy.

Funny thing is that he was created purely because of a joke! I’d recreated Johnny in Saints Row IV, then my best friend was like OMG it’s a twin! So that’s where the idea came from. We went off the idea of him having almost an opposite personality to Johnny, he’s bashful and loves snuggling into his blanket.

I then showed this idea to @kotor-mstr and we came up with headcannons for him, making him into his own character!

Screenshots of Jimmy https://the-crazed-saint.tumblr.com/post/165583705723/some-screenshots-of-my-oc-jimmy-in-saints-row

one of those things i’ve meant to draw forever but when i actually do i realise how goddamn stupid it is. but here it is anyway. reipunzel

i was gonna do extra tangled redraws but my screencaps were in such awkward aspect ratio that it wasn’t any good….. but i did do one really messy one in like ten minutes anyway


I think that Episode ads are… Like they are… Because of one of two things:
1.) They think that the general populous of Tumblr is sex-crazed/starved and drama-addicted rather than interested in whether they’re gonna make this ship or that ship canon.
2.) They’re trying to make people so morbidly interested that they have no choice but to play it to work out what the shit it is.

My money’s on number 2.

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Since you started this ask business, how about Crown?

Lol! I honestly didn’t think it would get this popular. Welp! I guess I can say I’ve gotten the entire fandom here on tumblr in an ask craze, but anyways.

Crown- I think I would choose Physical strength.  I’m freaking tiny! I weigh like 95 pounds! I’m the squirrel that looks up to the lion and squeaks “I will fight you!” I can’t fend for myself well. My mental, emotional, and spiritual states are actually really good. I just need help fighting for myself. :3

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Why do you put such harsh filters on her pictures? .. it's very unattractive

if you don’t like our psds, nobody’s forcing you to look at our posts, but we find our posts attractive, as do the 100+ people who reblog them clearly! they’re not harsh; they are colourful, and that is by design, as pale psds have been a craze on tumblr for a couple of years and we want to be original.