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Catchprases masterlist

These catchphrases for ACNL villagers were collected on tumblr, contributors can be found at the bottom of this post. Remember not to capitalise catchphrases or add punctuation marks as the game takes care of this, according to wherever the catchphrase will show up in a sentence. However, do capitalise greetings and use punctuations marks in greetings unless you don’t want any.

Catchphrases for any villager

kweh / kupo / booper / ya know / your majesty / I guess / in America / in bed / ba-bang / nifty / cool beans / hella / pumbloom / *pees* / marmalade / darling / dear / sweetie / sweetheart / honey / love / imagineer / human / robot / friend / jeaaaahhhh / I’m lying / yes? No? / okey dokey / OK / I say / you see / you know / sugarcube / YOLO / TL;DR / orz / *censored* / in-game / …help me / [hiccup] / mean it / not again / why me / shut up / stop that / hmm… / yeah / ugh / you’ll see / dear / partner / bonjour / so funny / so sad / hon hon / no worries / gotcha / you cutie / go away / come here / mind you / same / so what / me, too / my child / golly / stay safe / take care / sniff

Catchphrases for normal villagers

dear / dearie / puddin’ / pumpkin / sweetie / mhm / mittens / sweet tart / honey / darling / heh / tea time / nutmeg / yippy / verily / books / hun / baby / :3 / kiwi / mango / plum / papaya / love / sweetums / love dove / balmy / doodles / breezy / ahaha / cupcake / hehe / nyah / if I may / lovely / my friend / my love / o-okay / flower / oh my / sweetheart / buddy / precious

Catchphrases for peppy villagers

yeah / girl / goof / sunshine / weirdo / for sure / lmao / like, yeah / omg / LOL / girl power / shiny / totally / totes / like OMG / y'know / yay / notice me / :3 / pudding / jeepers / doll / bonbon / zippy / sunny / rosy / hoorah / boosh / cutie pie / yayzies / boop / yo / hooray / my fan / aha / twinkle / sparkle / ta-da / teehee / bestie / [sings] / and like / much wow / wow / aww snap / superduper / sugar / silly / like / hm? / sugarbear

Catchphrases for snooty villagers

wow / peasant / dear / floozy / wild one / posh / darling / hrmp / oh dear / babe / um / hipster / fancy / fancypants / mrrrow / dawling / kisskiss / darling / dearie / sweetie / hey bby / #tweet / #selfie / my pet / dahling / belle / capiche / la-di-da / cheeky / swanky / uppity / ugh / right / honey / fancy / you wish / my pet / quite so / whatever / sweetheart / mon dieu / hmph / ridiculous

Catchphrases for uchi villagers

lil sis / son / pumpkin / sweetie / dude / lovely / sister / friend / aw yeah / maaan / sugar / little sis / mm hm / girls / sis / bro / awesome / dude / hey bby / hun / yeah yeah / yeah right / whatever / junior / dainty / precious / foxy / nifty / nimble / friend / sugar pie / kid / cutie / gotcha / am I right / cuz / dudette / sweetie / twerp / uhh… yea / 10/10 / neh

Catchphrases for cranky villagers

ugh / punk / darn it / lass / sprout / child / ugh… / you kids / urgh / sweet / dagnabbit / durnit / you child / tch / kiddo / who am I? / ech / Billy / ya jerk / get lost / snappish / maroon / huff / tart / crabby / surly / seriously / grumps / kiddo / youngster / boss / NOT / …I guess / MWAHAHAHA / suck it / or else / human / nyeh / hmph / [sigh] / munchkin / buddy / whatever / shut up / my head / sigh / I hate it / you baby

Catchphrases for jock villagers

booya! / dork / goof / speedy / hiyah / woah / crunch / hup-to / coach / teammate / mate / bud / guy / bam / 10k / carbs / champion / frat boy / you’re it / let’s race / T-DOWN / GOAL / football / sportsball / notice me / d00d / dude / brah / bruh / bro / dude man / player / rookie / pro / champ / tiger / lifting / exercise / energize / homie / get wreckt / ten-hut / ba-BOOM / *fistbump* / nerd / yo / rock on / yahoo / c'mon bro / up top / level 100 / brawler / *sweats* / carry me / snot

Catchphrases for lazy villagers

yessir / yawn / snooze / snore / munchie / drowsy / pip / snuffle / hmmm / mhmm / …yawn / I guess / *rumble* / FOOOD / peach / apple pie / tart / yum / yaaawn / biscotti / biscuit / cake time / snack time / let’s eat / milk bone / I’m hungry / *burrrp* / narf / word / mkay / mmm… / …zzz… / drowsy / toddle / truffle / dreamy / or whatnot / cookies / I’m sleepy / hrm? / mm'kaay / sluuuurp / duuuude / never mind / yo / snug / ehh jk / feed me / snoozer

Catchphrases for smug villagers

lol no / zoink / honey / babe / darling / m'lady / mistress / my liege / princess / my queen / my king / friend / dear / haha / fabulous / I say / sure / howla / chicky / hottie / woah dude / call me / notice me / #selfie / hey bby / m'dear / yessir / wise-guy / righteous / alright / cutie / heh heh / romantic / huehuehue / what, what / indeed / guvnor / says I / bien / eheh / my friend / believe it / told ya so / bonjour / starlight / love hurts

Animal themed catchphrases & greetings

Bears: cubby, roar
Birds: chicky, cluck yeah
Cats: me-wow, purr purr
Chickens : chicky, cluck yeah, cluckin’ a
Cows: partner
Cubs: roar
Dogs: growl, woof, bark
Ducks: quackers, duckyeah, quackowsky
Frogs: (greetings: Frogget about it.)
Goats: baah
Hamsters: squeak, squicky
Kangaroos: mate, matey, crikey, blimey, g'day
Koalas: mate, matey, crikey, blimey, g'day, eucalypbro
Mice: squeak, squicky, gouda, cheesy (greetings: Gouda see you!)
Octopi: inkling
Penguins: ice cold, sugar cube
Rabbits: thumps, flop (greetings: What’s up, doc?)
Squirrels: squeak, squicky
Tigers: growler
Wolves: growler

Greetings with fitting catchphrases

Get off my lawn & ugh (for cranky villagers)
Don’t talk to me & goodbye
Good to see you / I was worried!  & I hate it!
Howdy & partner
Got any food? & I’m hungry
Zappity Zap Zap & pachirisu (for Static)
Judge & witness
Honey & sting
Hey there & sugarbear
Sweet meet & sugar cube
Don’t hurt me! & ouch


Dessert/sweets theme
Catchphrases: snickerdoo / chocochip / jellyjam / meowringue (cat) / mooringue (cow) / creamsicle / lebkuchen (wolf; they always struck me as German-ish!) / sconesie / cinnaroll / honeybun / frostings / cuppycake / maraschino
Greetings: Snickerdoodleoo (chicken) / Chocochipper / Sugar'n spice

Alcoholic beverage theme
Catchphrases: mojito / cider / bubbly / bourbonne (specifically I have this for my snooty cat Monique as she seems French to me) / icewine (penguin) / amaretto (squirrel) / duckquiri (duck) / fruitini / baileys / sangria / sherry / kahlua
Greetings: Prost (wolf) / bottoms up / cheers

CONTRIBUTORS – thank you all so much!

katieshmatie, ar-te-mi-s, subliminal-asshole, bluesodacrossing, mayor-merlot, oaktincans, delilah-crossing, lasershield, kakkuja, faylian, kastrokingdoms, smokeyapaloosa, thestaticstalker, alwaysactually, mayorakito, jerseydevilapologist, mayor-brandy, mayorette, possibly-devon, pkmn-trainer-olive, ferotton, amibrazen, ifsbuttsandmeco, peppy-villager​, skye-crossing, pinkpeonii, aisemicr, mayor-jenn, crossingsnivy, elegant-mushroom, dordt-animal-crossing, shoujokay, miss-mismagius, webcomixwastaken… and several anons, thank you too!
Also thanks to rabbityfur who helped clean up the catchphrases.

I took the liberty not to include offensive catchphrases (explicitly sexual ones, ableism, (sexist) slurs, Japanese ones and AAVE). You are of course free to use the latter two if you’re Japanese/black but I didn’t want to support cultural appropriation with this list.

We’ve come about to share three more of our contributors!

Cthulhu Crimson Chains

A pineapple who somehow grew limbs and created a cult. Honestly terrifying.

CC is fandom famous for her fluffy and cute Mafia AU comic, and more recently her dancing series and, of course, the Siren AU born from this zine!

Land Ho! Lucy

Lucy’s fics are well known for their fluff and humor content, and the way she writes genuine emotion in every story. She’s the other half of the wonderful Siren AU!

Voyager Val

Val’s art is bright, joyful, and a pleasure to scroll through! When she draws wide, happy smiles, you can’t help but smile back.

Introducing our first three contributors!

Riptide Ren

Hi! I’m Ren, 29 year old from Italy. I’m a data analyst by day and peddler of fluff and smut fics by night. Literally by night. My sleep schedule is messed up. For the zine, I’m writing an historical navy AU. High seas! Swashbuckling fights! Tight breeches!

Ren has written 17 fantastic Yuri on Ice fics on AO3, and we highly encourage you to give them a read!

  • AO3: Ren (where the good stuff is) (and also the bad)
  • Twitter: alcoholicrevo (where I rant about stuff and retweet cat pics)
  • Tumblr: @alcoholicrevo (where… idk I’m not active any more)

Galleon Gen

Gen’s soft, glow-like effect on her pieces really make you feel like you’re stepping into a dream! Gen will be collaborating with Ren, and we’re excited to see what she does with Ren’s Navy AU.

Castaway Cass Chanel

Here lies Cass Chanel. She decided she wanted to be a professional artist and now wants to become one with the grave but is too stubborn to change professions.

Cass’s watercolor-esque blending of color captured our attention right away!


Happy New Year!

Thank you to our many Tumblr followers and friends for another year of celebrating all things Minneapolis and Hennepin County with the Hennepin County Library. The HCL Tumblr had several contributors this year from across Minneapolis Central Library.

We end the year with some flashy New Years Eve menus from the Minneapolis Athletic Club. These menus and more are available to view in the Special Collections department at Minneapolis Central Library.

(written by contributor Sonya)

I know a lot of people find photography to be a hobby, a peaceful one at that, but for me (and for some others of whom I’ve had the fortunate circumstances to talk to), find photography to be not only a hobby but also a passion. A lifestyle, if you will. A turning point for some. I wanted to write this article, my first article actually, on why photography means so much to me and how it allows me to express myself:

Keep reading

(photographed & written by contributor Maynie)

I lived in Kathmandu, Nepal for four years. When I first moved to Nepal, I knew immediately that it was going to be a big change in my life. As the years progressed, my experience with the country became more intimate. Nepal has provided me with peace. But to be completely honest, this change in my life was a bit out of my comfort zone. The person that I used to be four years ago, was used to the vibrant and chaotic life of Bangkok. Differently, the lifestyle of the people in Nepal was calm and peaceful. Despite this, I decided to push through and made the change for myself. 

Read on to find out more about my life in Nepal:

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I went to a halloween party last night, dressed as my favorite Commodore employee, Bil Herd.

Bil was the lead engineer on the Commodore 128 project, and worked heavily on the Plus/4, C16, C116, and C264.  He also worked on unreleased projects like the C364 and the Commodore LCD.

During his time at Commodore, he was known for carrying a Mach 5 cartridge for whenever he needed to use a C64 & 1541.  In lieu of a Mach 5, I carried the competing Epyx Fastload cartridge.

(written & photographed by contributor Ash)

The way you smile while seeing pictures being painted captured me. People laugh at different things, you always had a special connection with the sky. I’d often ask you why it’s so special. I never really understood your infatuation with it. Even though we both were together you saw something I couldn’t. Days could go by and sunset would come and I couldn’t tell the difference. Yet there you sat with your camera laughing quietly to yourself. I remember you trying to describe what you saw. No matter how hard you tried I could see half of what you saw. It always looked blue during the day and pitch black at night. I couldn’t see the colours in between. Some people have a way with words you had your way with the sky…

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Blank Party is finally here, and our first major project is a comics anthology fanzine all about the wonderful beautiful amazing SNES RPG …


… and we want your submissions!


  • We are looking for comics and illustrations about anything Earthbound-related that you can think of.
  • The zine will be printed at 5.25 x 8.125 inches, in full color and with full bleed! Please make your files 5.5 x 8.375 inches (the extra 1/8 inch will be cut off for bleed), 300 DPI/PPI, and CMYK! You can use this template!
  • You can submit one to four pages! You can do a two-page spread! You can do 2 two-page spreads!!!
  • Earthbound was released with a kid-friendly ESRB rating and we are following that in this project.  When working on your submission, keep that in mind.
  • This anthology will be curated, but all submissions will be posted on a special Earthbound Party Tumblr.


  • Please email your completed .PSDs or .PNGs (or a download link, if your file’s big!) to BlankPartyClub[at]gmail.com with the subject Earthbound Party Submission.  
  • Name your files like this: “artistname_01”, “artistname_02”, etc.
  • The deadline is July 1st!

 - By submitting to Earthbound Party, you are allowing us the right to print your submission in the zine, and to post it on Tumblr. -

All contributors included in the physical zine will receive one hard copy, and those contributors will be able to order extra copies from us at a wholesale price.

So get your pencil eraser and your eraser eraser and send us your stuff! 

(art created by contributing artist Danielle)

My name is Danielle, I’m 16 years old and I’m based a little bit north of Toronto, Ontario. I draw mostly eyes and faces in general because I find it amazing to see a person come to life as I draw them. I feel as though eyes hold a lot of emotions and just a tiny bit of change in them can change the entire mood. I love to paint with acrylics because they have such a large range of colours and there are so many different ways to use them. Art is my passion, and I don’t like to tell the future, but it is what I dream of doing after high school. 

You can see more of my art on my blog or get to know more about me through my instagram @danihelle. 

PHOTO CREDIT | Image created by Danielle (instagram / tumblr)

Blog Post #52: Writing From Generation to Generation

It started off like a movie: I’m sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee out of an old mug, staring out at the busy city streets while I edit an upcoming manuscript. A man behind me interrupts, saying, “I heard you two were writers,” and gives me and my friend his number. He’s the King Poet at City Lights Publishers, and he’s grown up with the Beat Generation, grown up attending poetry conference after poetry conference, publishing across the world, and he wants my number. This is the writer’s version of marketing. This is the writer’s dream. 

Three months ago, I signed up for my university’s mentor program, expected little, and then had my expectations jump through the roof when I found a novelist amongst my school’s alumni. I signed with her immediately. Flash forward a month and I’m sitting in a little Italian restaurant I could never afford, exchanging pieces of writing, discussing upcoming conferences, and the appeal of the Oxford Comma. She’s won a series of poetry awards, is self published when it comes to novels, and most of her friends are publishers. In short, it’s a dream come true. 

My mentor did not offer me a publishing contract, did not, in one meeting, make all my dreams come true, but she has opened doors I didn’t know where possible. She’s seen the world the way I never have, and while she teaches me about networking, introduces me to her friends in the business, and gets me in touch with upcoming conferences, she’s also been gracious enough to allow me the floor in return. I’ve taught her punctuation, point of view rules, book structuring. Together, we’ve begun to make the perfect pair. 

Not every bit of advice is a gem–and that goes for both of us–but it has been a once in a lifetime opportunity to work closely with a writer in this way. It doesn’t have to be through your school; plenty of websites out there (many right here on Tumblr!) have contributors from all over the world and from every age group ready and waiting to help. Beta readers are around the corner, seasoned writers are ready to reach out, and new writers are looking for you to discuss with. Writing help is out there if you only choose to look, and while this “career”–for lack of a better word–may seem like a solo sport at times–and maybe the ‘locking yourself away to write’ part is–the exchange of generations only serves to help. After all, you never know who you’ll meet. 

Writer’s groups have made the world go around for generations. Whether it was gathering at City Lights for the Beats, or running around New York today, writers have a tendency to find each other. Trust me, it helps.