tumblr blogger awards

hello everyone, @pukwdgie​ and i were thinking of joining forces to bring you a small lil tumblr awards! we hope you enjoy hehe~


must be following pctter and pukwdgie
↣ reblog this post (likes don’t count)
ends on the 31st of july
there will be one winner and one - two runner ups


thestral award best url
occamy award best theme
pixie award  best edits *
sphinx award best writing *
dragon award best harry potter
griffin award best mulltifandom 
pheonix award best overall
niffler award  pctter’s personal favourites
demiguise award pukwdgie’s personal favourites

* please put your creations tag in the tags


↣ a follow (from both bloggers if we aren’t already)
↣ an edit (of your choice from both bloggers)
↣ promos (from both bloggers)

runner ups
↣ a follow (from both bloggers if we aren’t already)
↣ an edit (of your choice from both bloggers)

Hello al!! This is my 2k tumblr awards as promised!! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you who follow me and support me, it really means a lot and i can still remember when i hit 100 followers and that only felt like yesterday lol. Make sure to enter these awards, the categories, rules and prizes are bellow!


  • must be following: me
  • reblog this post, likes do not count
  • must enter by 28th February
  • this post must get 80+ notes
  • there will be 1 winner and 2 runner ups in each category :)


  • sirius black award | best url
  • remus lupin award | best theme
  • james potter award | best mobile theme
  • lily evans award | best aesthetic
  • marlene mckinnan award | best edits*
  • hermione granger award | best writing*
  • cho chang award | best art*
  • ron weasley award | best posts
  • luna lovegood award | best newcomer**
  • harry potter award | best harry potter blog
  • newt scamander award | kindest blogger***
  • fred weasley award | best multifandom
  • draco malfoy | best overall
  • regulus black award | personal favourites

!please enter a maximum of 3 categories!


- for winners:

  • a follow from me if not already :)
  • 5 promos (maximum 1 a day)
  • a name aesthetic
  • an archive moodboard
  • a commission for an art piece of your choice (as long as it is in my style). you can see my art here

- for runners up:

  • a follow from me if not already
  • 3 promos (maximum 1 a day)
  • a name aesthetic
  • a character edit of your choice 

*pls write in the tags the name of your edits, art and writing tags

**pls submit a screenshot of your follower count

***send me an ask on who you nominate as the kindest blogger!

Part-of-a-disney-world's awards!

Since my blog excist almost 1 year ( 8th March ) I thought it would be nice to do some awards =D

Categories that you could win in:

Best url

Best icon

Best theme

Best sidebar/header

Best gifs

Nicest blogger

Best overall

At the 3th of March I will pick a selection for each category, and your followers have to vote for you.
You can send me a message saying that you, or someone else, wanna join a specific category.
At the 8th of March I will anounce the winner of each category!

Winners will receive:

  • A follow back (if I’m not already following)
  • A place on my blog as the winner
  • Request anything (except gifs )
  • A new friend
  • Eternal love from me <3


  • only reblogs, likes don’t count
  • Reblog as many times as you like
  • This must reach at least 50 notes
  • Only 80% or more Disney blogs can join

Goodluck and may the odds be ever in your favour.


~ must be following me
~ nominate someone via my ask
~ Reblog (and your followers will see this and maybe nominate you)
~ vote once a day (I will post poll codes soon)
~ nominate off anon (I will not considerate anonymous nominations)


~ best troyler blog
~ best Tyler Oakley blog
~ best troye Sivan blog
~ best URL
~ nicest blogger
~ best edits
~ best YouTube blog
~ best overall otp blog


~a follow from me (if I’m not following you already)
~a promo
~daily cute messages
~your link in my sidebar


Hey guys, thank you so much for getting me to 1k followers, I absolutely adore you all <3 To celebrate, my poll said you guys’d like a tumblr awards, so here we go!


  • mbf me and lauren (judged by both)
  • reblogs only + can like for reference (but won’t count)
  • must reach 50 notes
  • 1 winner and 2 runners up in each category
  • ends on May 3rd, 12am BST
  • winners will be posted ASAP afterwards


  1. best marvel
  2. best sherlock
  3. best tolkein
  4. best multifandom
  5. best theme
  6. best url
  7. nicest blogger


  • Winners: +follow from me and lauren, promos whenever you like (from me) until June 2nd and my eternal love
  • Runners up: +follow from me and lauren, 1 promo whenever you want it (from me) and my eternal love

Good luck <3

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

since i reached 400 followers i’ve decided to do a mini tumblr awards to say thank you to everyone that followed me!

I won’t say (I’m in love) award - for best url
 When you wish upon a star award - for best 95-100% Disney blog
 Its a small world award - for best up'n'coming blog (100 followers or less)
• F
riend like me award - for nicest blogger
 Zip-a-dee-doo-dah award - for best all-rounder 

This is to say thank you to my followers so you must be following me. Please don’t unfollow if you don’t get nominated or don’t win!
• If you would like to be nominated, reblog this post. Likes do not count!!
• If you would like to be nominated for the ‘Its a small world’ award then you must drop me an ask stating that you have 100 followers or less (if i get less that 4 nominations for this award, it will be dropped)
• This post must reach at least 30 notes as otherwise i won’t really have enough people to hold an awards!!
• You can also nominate people for each award by sending me an ask with which award you would like to nominate them for and their url
• I will chose the nominees on the 26th April 21st April!

The winners will get:
• A link on my blog for a month
• A promo every week
• A super lookalike for each of these character types: heroine/hero, princess/prince, smaller character and villain (if you don’t want to submit a picture of yourself i will attempt to do a Disney personality! just let me know)
• An edit type thingy of any animal character they would like to be best buddies with! (a weird one i know but i wanted to do something different!)
• Any other bits and bobs you would like (within reason of course)

I hope everyone enjoys the awards and happy awarding!! aha c:

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Welcome to my Tumblr Awards, fellow bloggers! (there is not actually a reason, i just felt like it!!)


  • must be following this asha
  • please reblog this, likes don’t count as an entry!
  • also be a fandom blog, please!
  • the results will be posted on the 20th of February! 
  • there will be one winner and one runner up (*but if this gets over 100 *FINGERS CROSSED* then it will go up to two runners up!*)


  • the ultron award - best url
  • the impala award - best icon
  • the starfleet award - best theme
  • the alpha award - best sidebar
  • the evenstar award - best posts
  • the thane award - best overall
  • the umbrella corp. award - best multifandom
  • the arkenstone award - best tolkien
  • the star award - best marvel
  • the samulet award - best supernatural
  • the dalish award - best new blogger (*to win this you must submit me a screenshot of your follower count - which must be beneath 900!*)
  • the bucky barnes award - my favourite 

winners will get:

  • a follow from me
  • a promo when the results are posted
  • unlimited promos/blograte/advice/whatever you want!
  • a spot in my updates tab for a month!

runners up will get:

  • a follow from me
  • a promo when the results are posted
  • a spot in my awards page
  • three promos/blogrates 
  • unlimited advice and

Thats all, fellow bloggers, please join, message me with any queries and have a wonderful day!!

24hr mini tumblr awards
  • follow moi
  • rebloggie this post to enter until 8pm GMT on saturday 21st nov. (likes will not count as an entry)
  • check out @cappedfandoms if you’re looking for awesome icons?
  • prizes: +f, promo, icon request, my eternal love ^___^


best url * best icon * best theme * best creations * best posts * best overall * sweetest blogger *