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I opened myself to you only to pour every ounce of my soul into you. and now that you’ve left i’m so bitter.. i’m bitter towards everyone and it’s making me hate you, because you made me this way. I’m done with being content with not having you, because im not content at all. I need you and you dont need me at all. I keep tearing myself apart and texting you only for you to not reply and I just need to be me again, i need all the parts of me that i gave to you back, because you left me with nothing. 

eromidnight asked:

OMG! Someone who's Halloween addicted just like me! I'm staying here! XXX from Siberia with Love

Halloween dance party on my blog. Yes

P.s. I LOVE hearing from followers across the world, eromidnight!

Show me your soul
Let me inside.
I want to know
What makes you
Who you are.
Tell me of your past
So maybe then I’ll understand
Why you feel the weight of worlds
Upon your shoulders.
Tell me of your fears
So maybe then I’ll understand
What you are so afraid to lose.
—  •••

My Current Tsum Tsum Collection

Its slowly growing!! Currently working on completing my winnie the pooh and alice in wonderland set! Im looking at getting the nightmare before christmas and little mermaid ones next!!! not many off my silver collectors pin!!