tumblr birthday party

We’re ready to PARTY!  Hope we are not too late.  It was well worth the long journey from Port Phillip Bay in Australia to celebrate with out good friend Algy for his 5th Tumblr birthday. Congratulations!!

Of course you are not too late! The party will continue for many hours yet :)

Thank you so much for making the extraordinarily long trip from Australia - Algy loves pelicans, and is thrilled to welcome this lovely group to his party. He sends all the pelicans, and his dear friend @woodsong, lots of very fluffy hugs xoxo

The great day has arrived! It is Algy’s 5th Tumblr Birthday.

Algy’s surprisingly fluffy 5th birthday party will start at midday, over on his sideblog @lovefromalgy

It is YOU, Algy’s wonderful Tumblr friends and followers, who have made these five years of Algy’s adventures possible, and YOU who have kept Algy going through good times and bad. Thank you all so very much!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the thousands of almost-invisible followers who Algy does not really know but who see his posts and leave notes from time to time…

And a VERY SPECIAL HUGE THANK YOU to those hundreds of amazing friends and followers who Algy has come to know and love over the past five years - who frequently “like” Algy’s posts, leave kind comments, and send Algy messages. 

Algy loves you all and sends you all lots of surprisingly fluffy birthday hugs, and hopes that you will be able to join in his birthday celebrations xoxo

To take part in Algy’s birthday party on @lovefromalgy, submit one or more images, or post on your own blog and send Algy a link (your own original work, please). If you post on your own blog, please be sure to let Algy know, as the Tumblr notification system for being mentioned on another blog doesn’t work…

And of course come along to @lovefromalgy and enjoy the fun whenever you can. This very special party is likely to run on into the night here in Scotland (GMT).

Submissions can be made at any time from now until the end of the party. Here’s the link to the Submit form again: again:http://lovefromalgy.tumblr.com/submit

To celebrate, Algy is also running a small retrospective of his 5 years of amazing adventures, on his main blog @adventuresofalgy. This was originally planned for just two days, but Algy has now decided to spread it over 5 days - one day for each year :)

.. we wish you a happy birthday and we hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy, friends, and everything you like!
We send you sunny and flowery greetings from Erlangen.

Thank you so much for this gorgeous birthday greeting and sea of flowers, dear Barbara. Algy sends you and all your friends in Erlangen lots of very fluffy hugs xoxoxo

Happy 5th Tumblr Birthday Algy!

Algy has been enjoying a truly amazing 5th birthday on Tumblr… and as Algy’s adventures reach all parts of the world, it isn’t over yet!

Algy sends a huge THANK YOU to all his wonderful friends who have been making this birthday so very special. He hopes you enjoy his sparklers as much as he does :)

Algy’s very special Tumblr birthday party is still continuing on his sideblog @lovefromalgy​, and if you have only just arrived on Tumblr tonight, Algy hopes that you will find time to join in the celebrations and submit your own images to share with all Algy’s wonderful Tumblr friends :)


As you may have heard, it’s Algy’s 5th birthday today…

So some of Algy’s fluffy friends got together and presented him with a bouquet of beautiful pink roses, and a pretty little windmill, as they thought that - given the weather typical in the wild West Highlands of Scotland - it would have plenty of occasion to go round and round :)

Happy 5th Tumblr Birthday Algy!

Algy is holding a very special Tumblr birthday party TODAY on his sideblog @lovefromalgy​.

He has already received lots and lots of wonderful contributions and messages from his amazing Tumblr friends - in fact, he has received so many that the party will be continuing for many hours yet!

So Algy hopes that you will all join in the celebrations and submit your own images to share with all Algy’s Tumblr friends :)


“Happy birthday, little lady”

Little gift for @promiscuous-jalapeno / @saizoswifey. Heard your birth day is today. So I wanted to draw Saizo for you ! Thank you for always being so extra !