Non si sa mai esattamente quanto spazio si occupi nella vita della gente.
—  Francis Scott Fitzgerald
Un pensiero lo puoi anche allontanare, ma un sentimento non lo puoi cancellare.

3 Years in the Life of Tumblr - Blog Anniversary!

I started my tumblr 3 years ago with no greater purpose in mind other than to share a few casual snaps I had. It is also at this time that I picked up my very first DSLR and took up photography as a hobby.

The bottom 5 photos are among the very first things I posted on tumblr, and while my photography has certainly changed and evolved into a more refined art form (see top 5), I can still remember how immensely proud I was of the first 5. 

I have learnt and taught myself so much in what feels like a very short time, the adage of time flies and fun, certainly applies. One thing was certainly obvious from starting to take photographs, and that was practice is king to the development of any photographer. This is probably the most solid piece of advice I stand by. 

Photography is one of those bizarre industries. There are barely any related jobs, everyone seems to be ‘freelance’ and for most, there is very little money in it. I’m sure, however, like many others that faced this dilemma, I went into it with a passion greater than these barriers to entry. If you truly love and passionately live to photograph, you will be successful. 

I have no idea where the next 3 years will take me and now existing as a private limited company, will also bring forth many new challenges (tax returns and figures are not a forte), and many, many more opportunities that I can’t wait to share (but can’t just yet). Maybe a book (Really want to do one and have found a great publisher in the US)

Whether you’ve been with me since the beginning, or have just found and are enjoying the work for the first time, sincerest thanks for joining me on my little creative journey. Hope you stick around for the next three years! 

By Freddie Ardley Photography

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