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Ανάβαση στον Κλωκό 08 by Babis Kavvadias
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Στα αριστερά, πίσω από το Παναχαϊκό όρος, διακρίνεται η θάλασσα του Ιονίου

melanatedconjure  asked:

Hello. I hope everything is going well with you. I hope you don't mind me asking but I wanted to know how Tumblr has influenced you positively in your spiritual practice?

Hello love! 💙💙💙 Of course, you can ask me anything! Let me preface this by saying, this past year was my freshman year of college. (I’m a baby, I know. Lol.) So I was in a really stressful situation, to begin with, not to mention being away from home for the first time and struggling with some anxiety. Also, my faith and spirituality in general really never found its proper groove.

So I came (back, because I didn’t use this Tumblr for a really long time) to Tumblr, mostly because I felt a pull to witchcraft (again) and I was met with scores of lovely, welcoming witches who a) were spoonies like me @thewitchofthenorse (who I tag in a lot of these post, but she’s pretty fucking fantastic) and b) were so freaking awesome and willing to answer all of my baby witch questions @hippydippywitchy @death-witch-envy @thymewitch (to name a few because honestly witchy tumblr is the best.)

Basically, Tumblr helped me meet these amazing people who helped me, directly or not, on my spiritual journey. I’m so spiritually woke now because of the awesome people here on this website. And if you don’t like someone, there’s literally thousands of other people you can talk to from all different walks of life with varying experiences. Plus, there are so many resources for baby witches or baby polytheists. Basically, if you’re looking into a different life style, there’s a community here for it and there are people who will include you.

I hope this was a satisfying answer! Lol. I tend to ramble a bit in these posts, but if you wanna know anything else, please feel free to ask me!