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i have recently hit 6.5k and i will most likely have limited access to the internet in the next month or so, i have decided to use this to a) thank you all for being such wonderful people and for following me for goodness knows what reason and for who knows how long. b) join the bandwagon for tumblr awards.
plus i will be doing some other promos and stuff soon, hopefully i will be able to get that going soon aka before my flight 
[format insp.]

r u l e s

must be following me
⤷ optional: follow my insta // 8tracks // spotify
reblog this post (likes will not count)

i n f o 

ends on the 8th of march
everyone is considered for the general categories
put the optional categories you want to enter in the tags
there will be 3-4 winners depending on the amount of notes this gets
no runner ups

g e n e r a l  (everyone is automatically entered in the following)

minerva mcgonagall - best url
hermione granger - best mobile theme
cedric diggory - best desktop theme
draco malfoy - best harry potter
lee jordan - best multifandom
luna lovegood - best new find
oliver wood - best upcoming blog *
ron weasley - nicest blogger
seamus finnigan - personal favourites

* send me a screenshot of your follower count (must have under 600 followers)

o p t i o n a l (include the award + where i can find your work in the tags!)

harry potter - best original text posts/headcanons
dean thomas - best original hp edits
cho chang - best original writing

p r i z e s 

follow from me – if i’m not following you already
eternal love + friendship (you’re stuck with me forever sorry)
unlimited promos for the month of march + june
an ‘make me choose’ edit 
an ‘moodboard’ edit (based on your choice)

  hey YALL!!!! so i know i have been super fucking inactive here but i kind of got caught up w/ sims and some things happened throughout the past week ;; anYWAYS this bitch™ is back?? and to celebrate 1.5 k (???wtf????) i decided to do tumblr awards!!! because i haven’t done it in such a long time tbh ;D

  ( i’m not sorry for naming the awards after my favourite composers; look carefully and you’ll know who are my favs ;)

to enter ;

- please reblog this post! (likes don’t count)

- follow mE (???please do not unfollow afterwards #rude)

- deadline is 22′4 12:00am ( bst ); 21′4 7:00pm ( edt )

- *leave your creation / writing tags in the tags when you reblog

- **basically like when i was @herb and had a cohesive color scheme

categories ;

johann sebastian bach award - best url

igor stravinsky award - best mobile theme

georg philipp telemann award - best desktop theme

antonín dvořák award - best harry potter blog

joseph haydn award - best myth blog

john williams award - best multifandom blog

camille saint-saëns award - best aesthetic**

gustav holst award - best edits*

pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky award - best writing*

johannes brahms award - nicest blogger

ludwig van beethoven award - best overall

antonio vivaldi award - personal favorites

prizes ;

- a follow from me

- my fucking eternal love and friendship

for winners: 2 promos upon request and 2 edits of your choice

for runner ups: 1 promo upon request and an edit of your choice

Hello, witches, wizards, and muggles! We are pleased to inform you that the Harry Potter Network has reached 1k+ followers! Please find enclosed a list of all awards you can enter to win. We await your entry via owl by no later than May 30th, 2017. p.s thanks @vernondursley​ for the header !!

Yours sincerely,

The HarryPotterNetwork


 must be following the network

 must be following our headmaster

 please reblog this post, likes are only for bookmarking

check out our members (optional)

 members of the harrypotternetwork can reblog but will not be entered to win


Harry Potter Award - best harry potter blog*

Ron Weasley Award - best creations**

Neville Longbottom Award - best url

Luna Lovegood Award - nicest blogger

Ginny Weasley Award - rising star***

Draco Malfoy Award - best harry potter blog

Godric Gryffindor Award - best desktop theme

Rowena Ravenclaw Award - best mobile theme

Helga Hufflepuff Award - best icon

Salazar Slytherin Award - best aesthetic

Hermione Granger Award - @dailyprophet ‘s personal favorite

**please include your creations tag when you reblog if you would like to be entered for the Ron Weasley award.

***must submit a screenshot of a follower count less than 500 the week before entries close.

prizes undercut

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hi so this is somewhat exciting but we’ve decided to team up and host a joint 24 hour tumblr awards!!!


  • must be following me and victoria
  • reblog this post (likes won’t count)
  • put your creations/writing tag in the tags when you reblog
  • optional: maybe enter in vic’s april botm?
  • this will close/end at 6pm gmt on march 5th


  • best url 
  • best icon 
  • best theme
  • best mobile theme
  • best creations
  • best writing
  • best newcomer*
  • best underrated*
  • our personal favourites

* for best newcomer, you must have less than 300 followers and submit a screenshot here
* for best underrated, you must have less than 1k followers and submit a screenshot here 


  • a follow from both of us (if not already)
  • a spot on our halls of fame
  • for winners: 4 promos from each of us on request
    for runners-up: 2 promos from each of us on request


hello guys! we, delium (niu), q8a (jas) and juhhyeon (caro) have been wanting to do our own blog awards for a while! as each of us have reached some milestones recently, we wanted to give something back to our followers! so, we’ve collaborated and have created an aquatic-themed award event!


  1. reblog to enter, likes will be considered as a bookmark
  2. enter by: 9th of april 2017 (00:00 PST)
  3. must be following us, at least one or more (we will check)
  4. this post must reach a minimum of 50 notes
  5. list down (in the tags) what categories you would like to be qualified for, otherwise you will be excluded from the awards
  6. no nsfw blogs
  7. dont be an asshole to other participants (report to us if anything occurs)
  8. ‘plankton - best underappreciated’ competitors MUST submit a screenshot of current following to any admin.
  9. ‘aquarium - best creations’ competitors MUST mention their tag for their creations in the tags when reblogged.


  • sea - best overall
  • seashell - best url
  • coral - best follower interaction
  • seaweed - best mobile theme
  • water - best theme
  • mollusk - best original content
  • ocean - best archive
  • aquarium- best creations
  • koi - best aesthetics
  • octopus - best multifandom
  • plankton - best underappreciated
  • our personal favourite blog


  • promo; winners appreciation post (released after 9th of April 2017)
  • potential follow (from some or all of us, if not already)
  • optional: criticism for blog, advice for tumblr, help with design, vice versa.
  • for personal favourites: an original creation by one of us (delium: gfx, typography and dabbing lessons, q8a: gfx, juhhyeon: blog/page theme.)

hello lovely peeps, this is the first tumblr awards i’m hosting & since i reached 4k a little while ago i thought it’d be a nice idea to celebrate like this!

r u l e s

  • must be following this nerd
  • reblog this post
  • ends april 12th 
  • there will be 1 winner per category
  • runner ups depend on how many entries there are

c a t e g o r i e s

  • personal faves
  • best desktop theme
  • best mobile theme
  • best posts
  • best creations —  put your creations tag in the tags 
  • best overall
  • best fandom blog
  • best aesthetic blog

p r i z e s

  • winners:
    a follow from me (if not already)
    an icon pack of 10 icons on request
    5 promos on request
    a personal moodboard
    2 edits on request
    my eternal love & friendship
  • runner ups:
    a follow from me (if not already)
    an icon pack of 5 icons on request
    2 promos on request
    a personal moodboard
    1 edits on request
    my eternal love & friendship

good luck & for any questions feel free to shoot me a message xx

hey everyone!! so just a few days ago, i reached 1k and i’ve decided to make a tumblr awards to celebrate, and also to say thank you to all my mutuals and followers — ily all!! ♡ ♡


  • must be following this marauders trash
  • please reblog this post; likes do not count
  • optional: check out my creations and multifandom blog
  • this much reach 30 notes, or this never happened
  • ends on 25th june and winners will be announced at the end of june
  • there will be one winner and two runners-up for each category


  • hermione granger award: best url
  • sirius black award: best icon
  • neville longbottom award: best desktop theme
  • luna lovegood award: best mobile theme
  • ginny weasley award: best rising blogger*
  • lily evans award: best harry potter***
  • james potter award: best multifandom
  • nymphadora tonks award: best creations**
  • harry potter award: best overall

* submit a screenshot of your follow count — it must be below 500
** please put your creations tag in the tags below
*** your blog must be at least 80% harry potter



  • a follow back from me (if not already) 
  • a spot on my hall of fame
  • a spot on my updates tabs for a month (july)
  • 2 moodboard/edit requests for a month (july)
  • unlimited promos for a month (july)


  • a follow back from me (if not already)
  • a spot on my hall of fame
  • a spot on my updates tabs for a month (july)
  • 1 moodboard/edit request for a month (july)
  • 5 promos for a month (july)

and that’s it!! i hope you all have a lovely day, and once again, thank you so much for 1k!!  ♡ 

my last awards kinda ended in nothing bc I + life suck, so I thought I’d do a shorter one


  • mbf yours truly, Novak
  • reblog this (likes are bookmarks)
  • must get 40+ notes
  • ends on Monday 11:59 PM, winners will be announced later that week
  • winner + ½ runner ups, depending on notes


  • Best url
  • Best icon
  • Best theme
  • Best original content *
  • Best rising blogger **
  • Best misha/cas
  • Best jensen/dean
  • Best jared/sam
  • Best destiel
  • Best cockles
  • Best overall
  • Kindest blogger

* submit me a link to your original content (tag)
** submit me a screenshot of your follower count, max 500 followers


  • a follow from me if not already
  • a spot on my updates tab for the rest of April
  • a 2k+ fic of your choice
  • a gifset and/or icon set 
  • my love and friendship <3


  • a follow from me if not already
  • a spot on my updates tab for the rest of April
  • a 2k fic of your choice
  • a gifset or icon set
  • my love and friendship <3

so i pondered on what i could do to celebrate for a while and ultimately i decided to do an extended celebration leading up until my 19th birthday (april 5th) including a mini tumblr awards that will end on the 5th and be announced in the few days following. i’m also going to do a make-me-choose gifset thing so be on the lookout for that. <33 and also just a big THANKYOUUUUUUUU for 10k i appreciate you all sm for creating this beautiful environment for me to escape to, for inspiring me and helping me learn and evolve; always.

                                     T U M B L R   A W A R D S


  • mbf this femslash fanatic
  • reblog this post 
  • ends april 5th (my b’day!)
  • there will be 1 winner and 1 runner-up in each category

looking for:

  • active bloggers
  • aesthetic/fandom/multifandom blogs with organized tagging system
  • original content is highly appreciated


  • best url
  • best icon
  • best overall aesthetic
  • best creations*
  • personal fav


  • winners: follow from me if not already; 2 promos upon request; one gifset request or two edit requests; a spot on my blog as the winners; the satisfaction of winning idk
  • runners-up: follow from me if not already; 1 promo upon request; 1 edit request; a spot on my blog as the winners

* pls add creations tag in the tags

i’m honestly in disbelief that five-thousand people follow me. i am so, so grateful to all of you amazing humans, and to show my thanks i’ve decided to throw a tumblr awards! it’s been a while since i’ve done one on my own, and i really wanted to do something special for you babes!

how to enter:

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so i just hit 1k (thank you all so much ily !!) and a few days ago i made a poll with what should i do to celebrate this, and tumblr awards won so that’s what i’m gonna do (i also have always wanted to do them so i’m really glad they won)


  • mbf this tony stark trash
  • reblog this post (likes won’t count)
  • you can enter until 4th of april
  • maybe check out my creations?? (optional ofc)
  • 1 winner and 1-2 runner ups
  • this must get at least 50 notes or it never happened and i’m deleting my blog

categories and prizes are under the cut

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as a huge thank you for 2k *internal screech* here is my first tumblr awards! (so if it flops, we roll with it idc) 

R U L E S :- 

  • mbf this coffee hater (dat me *finger guns*)
  • reblogs count as entries! 
  • (!!!) put the “optional” categories you wish to enter in the tags of your reblog! 
  • (opt.) check out my sideblog @versaillcs and also @flintwoods!
  • ends 7 march (36 days! yup i just plucked a date out of thin air oop)

C A T E G O R I E S :- 

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hey!! so steph and i both hit milestones and wanted to do something and i forced her we decided to do tumblr awards!! we love yaLL

to enter ;

- please reblog this post! (likes don’t count)

- follow steph and elly

- deadline is 20′3 12:00am ( gmt ); 19′3 8:00pm ( est )

- leave your creation / writing tags in the tags when you reblog

categories ;

harry potter award - best url

hermione granger award - best desktop theme

ron weasley award - best harry potter blog

luna lovegood award - best myth blog

ginny weasley award - best multifandom blog

draco malfoy award - best edits*

pansy parkinson award - best writing*

remus lupin award - nicest blogger

regulus black award - best overall

sirius black award - steph’s personal favorites

james potter award - elly’s personal favorites

prizes ;

- a follow from both of us

- our eternal love and friendship

for winners: 3 promos upon request and 2 edits of your choice

for runner ups: 2 promos upon request and an edit of your choice


  • must be following helga, godric, rowena and salazar
  • reblog this post (likes are for bookmarks only)
  • there will be one winner and two runner-ups for each category, except our personal favorites.
  • entry ends on april 25th
  • winners will be announced between that date and may 20th 


  • transfiguration: best url
  • charms: best icon
  • defense against the dark arts: best desktop theme
  • herbology: best mobile theme
  • potions: best edits*
  • history of magic: best writing*
  • astronomy: best poetry/aesthetic blog
  • care of magical creatures: nicest blogger
  • OWLs: best up and coming**
  • NEWTs: best hp
  • hogwarts: best overall
  • godric gryffindor: theo’s favorite
  • helga hufflepuff: cami’s favorite
  • rowena ravenclaw: faith’s favorite
  • salazar slytherin: steph’s favorite

*please list your creations/writing tag when you reblog this!

**your follower count should be 400 or less. please submit a screenshot to any of us!

winners will get

  • one edit of their request from cami  and one from faith
  • a spot in everyone’s update tab for a month
  • a follow back (if not already)
  • our unconditional and undying love and friendship!!

runner-ups will get

  • one edit of their request from theo
  • a spot in everyone’s update tab for two weeks
  • a follow back (if not already)
  • our unconditional and undying love and friendship!!


We reached 500 and I cannot believe it oh my god!! Thank you all so much!! This is so crazy, wow. To celebrate this I figured we should do a tumblr awards since I’ve never hosted them before and well, it looks really fun. Also I know blogs usually do these at 1k but I’d probably be dead before I reach 1k so here we are!

r u l e s:

must be following this potato (it’s me)

reblog this post (likes don’t count)

maybe check @vacantnet and the @harrypotternetwork out?

i n f o r m a t i o n:

ends on 31st of march, results to be released around mid april

everyone is automatically entered to all categories except the ones with asteriks*

there will only be one winner for each category, excluding The Marauders award which will have four winners, and The Golden Trio award will have three winners.

C A T E G O R I E S:

g e n e r a l

Harry Potter award - best hp blog

Ron Weasley award - best icon

Hermione Granger award - best discovery

Regulus Black award - rising star**

Salazar Slytherin award - best url

Rowena Ravenclaw award - best desktop theme

Godric Gryffindor award - best mobile theme

Helga Hufflepuff award - nicest blogger***

The Marauders award - personal favorites

The Golden Trio Award - best overall

Dobby award -  mystery award

c o n t e n t   r e l a t e d

Lily Evans award - best original writing*

Draco Malfoy award - best aesthetic*

Ginny Weasley award - best original edits*

Luna Lovegood award - best overall creations*

Neville Longbottom award - best overall posts

*** - for nicest blogger, you must be nominated. Nominations must be submitted here. Please make sure to put the url of the blogger you nominate and why you’re nominating them.

** - for rising star, you must submit a screenshot of your follower count (which must be less than 500.)

* - please add in your post which of these optional categories you want to join and where I can find your creations (eg. moodboards, aesthetics, writing & more!)


- a follow from me - only if I’m not already following you

- one url graphic

- my undying love and friendship <3

- a lovely message from me (it’s a surprise) 

- a spot on my friends page

- 10 promos whenever you want during the months of april and may

*if you have any questions, please ask away!

also this must get 20-30 notes or it didn’t exist and I will cry.

thank you to everyone who entered in mine and arden’s tumblr awards! we were quite overwhelmed with the amount of people who entered — our aim was just five notes. we came across so many beautiful blogs that this was nearly impossible to narrow down!! if you’re not mentioned below, please don’t think we don’t love you!! tbh everyone deserves to win an award because all blogs were so different and gorgeous in their own way ♥

winners are bolded // runners ups are italicised

best url  → @cedricdiggory // @deamus @krum
best icon → @jamespottver // @huffelpuff @septimvsmalfoy
best theme → @pctter // @haidenchristensen @petuniaevans
best rising star → @rvenclaws // @fcyre @herniones
best harry potter → @confundo // @lilyevians @scamandersnewt
best aesthetic → @rosecallaway // @khazbrekker @collinslily
best multifandom  → @bensolcs // @barryallhan @harley-quinn
best writing → @illuminosity // @archistratego @fcntasticbeasts
best creations → @aeryastark // @jilys @malfoynarcissa
elena’s fave → @faeheys and @lindseymorgan
arden’s fave → @euphemiapottcr and @cruvcio

congrats everyone 💗💗 prizes are listed under the cut. 

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Hey lovelies, Lea (
@vihxe ) & I ( @survivhal ) have decided to run The Spring Awards!


✧ must be following @vihxe & @survivhal  (Don’t try be sneaky, we check)

✧ Must reblog at least once ( the more you reblog the more chances you have )

✧ Please do not delete text or self promote, unfortunelty you will be disqualified


✧ Peace: Best Theme

✧ Bright: Best posts

✧ Lovely: Lea’s Fave

✧ Outdoor: Best Icon

✧  Blooming: Best User

✧ Floral: Hayley’s Fave

✧ Crisp: Best Overall

Higher Chances:

✧ Reblog this post more than once

✧ talk to us (we don’t bite)

✧ Reblog from our pages so we notice you


✧ Banner made by Lea

✧ We will pick once we are happy with the notes

✧ Happy reblogging :)

hello everyone! please excuse the horrid banner since i recently hit 700 followers (now at 712 wow), i’ve decided to do my first ever tumblr awards!


  • mbf this professional procrastinator *finger guns*
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count sorry)
  • you’re automatically entered into every category unless you don’t fit the criteria!
  • each category will have a winner and two runners up
  • this post much reach at least 15 notes or we act like this never happened and i’ll probably cry lmao
  • you can enter until 11:59 GST (UTC + 4) of April 20th
  • feel free to send me an ask or message me if you have any questions!


  • hermione granger award - best URL
  • dean thomas award - best icon
  • lily evans award - best desktop theme
  • narcissa malfoy award - best mobile theme
  • fleur delacour award - best creations*
  • seamus finnigan award - best upcoming blogger**
  • remus lupin award - best harry potter blog
  • neville longbottom award - best multifandom blog
  • luna lovegood award - personal favourite(s)

*put your creations tag in the tags
** must be under 500 followers. submit screenshot of your follower count here


both winners and runners up get:

  • my eternal love and friendship (if you want it)
  • a follow from me (if not already)

winners get:

  • up to 5 promos upon request
  • up to 3 edits of your choice upon request

runners up get:

  • up to 3 promos upon request
  • an edit of your choice upon request

may the odds be ever in your favour 

Hello lovelies! I have decided to do my first ever Tumblr awards and why not do it when I’ve reached 6k followers and it’s my birthday month (march 12th) ^-^.


  • mbf this jughead lover
  • reblog this post (likes are only bookmarks)
  • entries end 31st March, winner announced April 2nd or 3rd
  • there will be 1 winner and 1-2 runner-ups (depending on entries)
  • post must reach at least 25 notes (or I’ll name this the worst bday month ever)


  • alec lightwood award: best url
  • jughead jones award: best icon
  • bellamy blake award: best theme
  • magnus bane award: best updates tag
  • veronica lodge award: best mobile theme
  • even bech næsheim award: best posts
  • noora sætre award: best original content *
  • isak valtersen award: rising star **
  • betty cooper award: nicest blogger
  • stiles stilinski award: best multifandom
  • bucky barnes award: personal favorite
  • simon lewis award: best overall

* include the link to your creations in the tags when you reblog
** submit me a screenshot of your follower count, must be below 500.


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so i hit 1.2k last night! and i love entering tumblr awards, so i thought why not run one of my own? as a thank you to my incredible followers:)

i don’t want this to go on for ages, so you must enter by Friday 10th March (closes at midnight GMT) and the winners will be announced on Sunday 12th March:)

details under the cut:

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