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yoooo guys omg look what just happened lol. i got blocked cause i politely asked them to take down some of my work, then they go on a five tweet rant and claim i should have my watermark on it (it is, just way too faint, this shit always happens when my watermarks aren’t good).

however, that’s not my issue. even if my watermark was clear as day on the work, i still would’ve asked them to take it down, cause i’m not stupid, i know how this shit works and it’s happened to me before to the degree that all time low themselves loved some artwork i made and never found it was me because of fucking alter the press fucking reposting without my permission. it’s not ‘sharing’ the work if you never asked me if you could share it, and then rant and block me when i politely ask you to take it down. at the very least all they needed to do was just take that specific tweet down, jfc.

i’m kind of at a loss as to what to do right now. the damn thing is still up there. it’s not that important, i’m just seriously pissed off that this person couldn’t just silently take it down. any ideas would be welcome.