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The last time I tried to upload this, tumblr ate half of it :(

Headcanon: Coran initially doesn’t get along with young prince Lance;  eventually they become super close; as time passes, they realise how similar they are. Coran tries to teach inquisitive Lance about Earth, but not all his information is accurate (Altean magical books are a little sketchy) 

As a sidenote: please check out this awesome Lance-centric zine, Starboy 

BatIM Chapter 3 doodle dump

So Chapter 3 was a thing huh guys

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Not sure if Tumblr ate this last time but, UT Papyrus, UF Papyrus, US Sans, and SF Sans find out their SO is the author of Fluffy Bunny?

Undertale Papyrus

Boy oh boy, Papaya’s eyes literally lights up and goes into total fangirl mode. He excitedly screams about how much he loves the book, how Sans still reads it to him every night, and if he could get your autograph. He now wants you to be the one to read him Fluffy Bunny every night. 

Underfell Papyrus

Stay cool, Fell, stay cool. On the outside, Fell just shrugs and pretends that he doesn’t care, but on this inside, he’s freaking out. He’s!! Dating!!! His!! Favorite!!! Author!!! For a while after that, he might be a bit more clumsy around you, stare at you even longer, and overall, act like a total dork. One day, you find his copy of Fluffy Bunny in mint condition under his bed and Fell jumps out the window. 

Underswap Sans

Literal star eyes. Blue screams and bounces around excitedly, asking you all kinds of questions like your thought process, what inspired you, will you make a sequel, can he help with the sequel???? Blue is so pumped that you’re the author, he goes telling everyone, beaming with pride every time he does. 

Swapfell Sans

Black literally freaks the fuck out, screaming at the top of his head. He finally gets to ask all the questions he wants to ask!! Why does Fluffy bunny do this?? Why are they this color??? What kind of ending is that?? He then pulls out all the fluffy bunny fanfics that he wrote as a teenager and asks you to take a look at them. He even has an Ao3 dedicated to Fluffy Bunny. 


I think Tumblr ate my last post, so that means this should post 6 times.

Saw Snatched last night. Great movie. I ❤️ Schumer.

I was notified I was selected for Commander in the Navy today (somehow). Feeling blessed

LP is still feeding the wild pack of neighborhood cats (messily)

Lucky to have a company vehicle and had and oil change. $110 😳 robbery

Nikko submitted: I think Tumblr ate this submission last time I tried but here’s something to thank you for the tutorial I’d post it if I had a Tumbkr nuuuu I don’t this is my first try at drawing the Skelebros too

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! look at my baby boys being cute patoots in their cute ass sweaters aaaaaAAAAA !!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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when you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send to the last ten people in your notification anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 💖

I’m going to scream. I’ve written out this twice now and Tumblr ate it both times so let’s try it for the last time.

Hello anon I hope you’re having a beautiful day <3. I recently did this so sorry if my answers are similar. 

1. kpop

2. ice cream

3. friends

4. once in a blue moon when i don’t wake up exhausted

5. sweet and caring mutuals like you <3 

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hey cutie, you get my last message last night? i did reply one last time about stars. just checkin' if tumblr ate it or not.

I didn’t get anything about stars :( god knows how many messages tumblr has eaten 

Reconstruction (Finn/Poe)

Reposting one last time because tumblr fucking ate all my italics the first time and I’m just going to pretend nobody read that one.

Finn woke up and the world was pain. His back and shoulder screamed and he bit his lip hard. He was a soldier of the First Order. The Order would stand by his strength and fall by his weakness. Tears were a weakness. Screaming was weakness.

There was no room for weakness. He was a soldier of the First Order. He was alive. He was –

“Rey,” he gasped, and moved to roll onto his side. A droid beeped furiously.

“Stars!” someone said, “Hey, hold still. Don’t move. You’re safe here.” There were hands pushing down on his shoulders. Finn didn’t like it. He had a sudden sense memory of the hands that had held him down before: he was a child in the medbay, and he had broken his leg; he was a young man in Reconditioning; he was a trainee in Advanced Interrogation Resistance and he was determined to pass the evaluation. He was an adult now, and he was not in the Order. The Resistance was supposed to be different.

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Could you do Romano kissing his s/o for the first time please?(I think tumblr ate my last question I sent you so sorry if it didn't and you've already been sent this question)

[Nope we didn’t get the last one!]

(I’m gonna post this a lil earlier since your other ask got eaten, sorry friend!)

South Italy/Lovino Vargas:Lovino’s first kiss would an act of passion that occurs in the middle of an argument. The two of you would actually be having a serious fight in regards to your relationship, and how it seems that was more willing to give other girls his attention, instead of you. He would tell you that you’re being an idiot, and that just because he liked to flirt every once in awhile didn’t mean he didn’t love you; you would still be annoyed with him, the shouting match growing even more intense as you insist that he prove that he’s serious about you. Getting flustered, his cheeks begin to turn red and in a last minute decision, he decides to crush his lips against yours, grabbing your shoulders to prevent you from pulling away from him. The kiss softens, his head tilting to the side as his grip loosens and the kiss grows more romantic. When he pulls away he realizes what he’s done, and begins to stutter out nervous apologies for being rough with you, and that he did have legitimate feelings for you that he hoped you understood now

superhero fancasts: rebooted

-based off this post: link i’m starting it back up again!

hi everyone!!! im now at 4.2k which is so cool and i appreciate all of you for following so im opening this up fancasts again!! the last time i did this tumblr ate a shit ton of asks which is why i thought i’d try this thing again!! the rules are the same as before so i’ll just copy and paste them here!

i’ll either say what hero/villain/anti-hero you remind me of and why

OR (im changing this to AND bc i like doing both)

make up a whole story on what i’d think you’d be. hero/villain/anti-hero/sidekick/whatever the fuck. like make up a whole name/powers/backstory and all that you feel?


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  • send me an ask on what ur face tag is
  • let me know what you want if you have any preferences (marvel only, dc only, hero only, villain only, or just let me go hog wild)
  • blacklist kyla fancasts if you dont wanna see these
  • click here for some examples on what you’ll be getting!

once again, give me some time to crank these out if i do actually manage to get a lot. and once again, just thanks for deciding to follow this blog and be my friend. you’re all incredible tbh~

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Hi! I've been trying to upload the new BD drama track with Fuku Ara Shinkai at the arcade for the past 4+ hours... but my connection keeps getting reset. Do you have it yet? Or should I still keep trying? And er maybe tumblr ate it last time but I don't think I heard back from you about the other previous BD tracks, do you have them yet or know what each track was about? I might be desperate enough to order a BD or 2 if they still aren't on the internet haha

Hi, I’m going to post this publicly so that other people can perhaps help out. ^^; 

Here is a list of the BD/DVDs that came with mini-drama tracks, and the info that I could find on them. I have none of the drama tracks for vol 3-10. I’ve heard clips for some, but not the full version. If anyone does have a full copy, that would be great. 

The mini-drama tracks came with first press only though, so it may be hard to obtain if you order the BD/DVDs now. 

BD/DVD Vol 3 - High Cadence Drama CD Vol.1
An incident befalls Sakamichi, Imaizumi, Naruko, and Makishima at the clubroom…?!

BD/DVD Vol 6 - High Cadence Drama CD Vol.2
Sohoku’s first-year trio on the last day of training camp…

BD/DVD Vol 7 - High Cadence Drama CD Vol.3
Sohoku’s third-years go to the beach to train. (this one is a companion track to the Animate only drama CD when Hakogaku’s third-years went to the beach to train)

BD/DVD Vol 8 - High Cadence Drama CD Vol.4
Sohoku first-years and Toudou celebrate Makichan’s birthday.

BD/DVD Vol 10 - High Cadence Drama CD Vol. 5
Toumaki at the hot springs.

BD/DVD Vol 11 - High Cadence Drama CD Vol. 6
School Festival Mismatch

BD/DVD Vol 12 - High Cadence Drama CD Vol. 7
Shinkai/Arakita/Fukutomi at the arcades.

BD/DVD Vol 13 - High Cadence Drama CD Vol. 8
To be announced.

hockey tumblr being like “the last time someone on the ottawa senators ate a pizza that was slightly burnt (but not so bad you couldn’t eat it) they went on to win 12 games in a row and last night Karlsson had pizza that was slightly burnt (but no so bad you couldn’t eat it) so look on the bright side, don’t give up yet :)”