IS YOUR FRIEND A WITCH? I’ve started doing monthly comics for witch way magazine! This is what will be coming in the june issue along with other quality pagan content it’s gonna be SICK pls spread the word



hey kids. wanted to bring this to some attention and was hoping this could get shared around. theres a targeted ad going around on Facebook for a website called Cool Shirt Designs. theyre a small company that goes around and takes art from around the internet and sells it on shirts for a “limited” time (there is a countdown on each shirt, but it restarts every time the counter runs out). they have currently taken two of mine, and one of @spencejsmith‘s designs, and put them up for sale without our permission, and if you are an artist on tumblr or have put up any art on any print-to-order sites (like redbubble), they could possibly have yours too.

their only guideline for taking down art is if you have an official copyright for your work, which takes months to acquire and costs money. so, im asking to PLEASE never ever order from this website, and if you ever see them pop up on your Facebook wall, to remind them how horrible they are.

instead, you can buy MY fall out boy and panic! t-shirts HERE. and @spencejsmith‘s design HERE. for cheaper too!