How to Become a Great Artist in 10 Steps
  1. get a pencil
  2. get piece of paper
  3. draw a line
  4. ah sHIT you fucked it up
  5. eraser where’s the fucking eraser
  6. okay calm yourself
  7. go on tumblr for ‘inspiration’
  8. spend three hours on tumblr
  9. realize that it’s 1:00 in the morning
  10. start to cry

Some Moaui for the evening …

What do you guys think about this design on a shirt?

Please do not alter the post or repost without permission! :)

Edit: thanks to @cartoonjessie for pointing out the tats, ahaha totally forgot to make them a bit lighter ^^


CONSUME the Republicans. A collection of all of the Republicans from my pop art series, CONSUME inspired by John Carpenter’s They Live.

Blue Lei

Pfew that was some work on these tattoos, i gotta tell ya! Based on @cartoonjessie ‘s fanfic “Our future together”. Also first hooked wayfinder drawing, yeaaaay!

Please do not use or repost without permission! :)