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everybody else: has fully-written and detailed backstories of their characters, knows everything about their likes and dislikes, has specific face claims for each one, and has fully thought-out personalities and flaws


tumblr mobile has decided to start grouping likes/reblog by post but they don’t like… show you what post it is. it’ll just say “59 people reblogged your post” and then you click on it and it’s just their names, linking directly to the main page of their blog. no way to go see the reblog or even just see the original to figure out what post 59 people reblogged

@staff this is the OPPOSITE of helpful

The Valkyrie


Real Life with Professor Branwen™: 6/25/17

Welcome to Real Life: where I can’t come up with anything clever with the National Day options, so I make comics from my own tweets from things that have actually happened in the Lounge.

To answer your questions: yes, there were swords in my bed. Yes, Qrow knew about them. (”I wanted to see how long it would take you to notice.”)

I have a new accidental ship. Andrew/Neil/Matt.

  • But where Andrew was attracted to Matt and ended up interested in him back when they took him to Columbia
  • And Matt is all oh Andrew is a monster and the worst
  • And Andrew is like bitch I helped you wtf, who needs you anyways??? Even if you are hot
  • But then Neil shows up and Andrew is like oh, new hot boy and he’s not afraid of me
  • And Andrew gets with Neil
  • But then Matt’s all besties with Neil and kinda interested in him
  • And Neil is all Matthew, listen up you are a fool and Andrew has his reasons and he is the best.

happy birthday chimchim