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gosh-dangit-im-pretty-gay  asked:

I love your bees! And fairies!! And pride stuff!!!! Pansexual bee looks so cute and you included ace so that's really cool!! Anyway sorry for the long ask and overuse of exclamation points lol keep making your lovely art 💖

its ok, there’s nothing wrong with a few… extra…. exclamation marks…..!!!!


June Foray Sept 1917-July 2017

This woman was phenomenal. Not only did she voice hundreds of memorable animated characters for Warner Bros., Disney, and Dreamworks, but she was instrumental in the founding of the Annie Awards for achievement in animation and the introduction of the Best Animated Film/Short categories of the Academy Awards (granting Shrek the first Oscar in this category). Animators owe much to this hardworking, talented actress who continued acting well into her later years.

Among her best known roles are the infamous ‘Talkie Tina’ doll from an episode of The Twilight Zone

Natasha Fatale from Rocky and Bullwinkle,

and Grandmother Fa from Disney’s Mulan.

Bytesized Doodles 319  - Such Sweet Honey - I was originally going to draw a bear dipping his paw in a honey pot, but my cats name is Honey, and things just went from there :P

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