tumblr and dragons

Bragi took a deep breath. His hair sparkled in the purple sunlight. 
Seeing it all like this made him peaceful - he remembered the hard work in making the Sphere. Now, he could finally rest for a while. His guardian was ready, and he was a good one. Bragi was lucky. Maybe this elemental group stood the chance of making Mother Earth and her civilization awake again. Maybe they had come as far as going back to the Galactic Society? 
He nodded, then took another deep breath. 
His song was one of silence, but the ethereal realms could hear every essence of it: love and gratefulness, and a passion for Earth and her great Life. 

Bragi’s moments:
Excerpts of the Spheric Stories. 

Kind of in a bad mood and hoping holding onto these dragons will help

This is the absolute silliest thing, but recently a bunch of MICA friends and I started playing Dungeons & Dragons! We just finished our starter quest, in which we learned the hard way that one cannot stop an impending alien invasion through the power of partying. 

Characters are, clockwise from top left: @connor-draws‘s human ranger Bobby Bryce, @mollystanard‘s thief bird-person Chuck, my human cleric Beorhtsige aka “Beebo,” @maxvelocity‘s half-elf bard Banjo Harmonica, and @sterlingsundries‘s gnome barbarian Elbo. Our DM is @sterlingsundries’s boyfriend, Colin. Attire is a modern AU, because I still don’t actually know what everyone’s go-to getup is, and I wanted to draw my character in an ironic t-shirt. Though he’s wearing it unironically.