tumblr = forever taking out quality

I hit my goal recently, so I’m here to make another follow forever. Honestly, who would’ve ever thought I’d reach 2,000 followers? It’s unreal.

Anyways, thank you all for making my Tumblr experience a wonderful one whether we are mutuals and talk often or if you guys follow me and just reblog my posts, either way, it really means a lot to me. 

Sorry if I miss anyone, but I am gonna try to make this short and simple unlike my past two follow forevers. Please take the time to check these blogs out and follow them and interact with the bloggers because they are all so nice and have A+ quality blogs!!!

Special mentions:

@jaywalkingmylifeaway @adoringjinyoung @huggableyoungjae, @officialwangtrash @yougotmeyugyeomie @lovemarkjin @allofk @noutsuretho @j-peaceful @lalitakayy @omojinyounghobi @yugyeommm @mynxosity @parkmyjinyoung @eatmark @foreverseokjin

Y’all mean a lot to me. My baes, my senpais and my friends. I’m really glad I met all of you through Tumblr and I hope one day we could hang out and see each other in person. That’s my dream :)

bolded: faves/senpais

@jenniferchiang @gentleyoungjae @slay-bum @neorangirls @gotchicken @jjjaebum @02211994 @magiccastles @limjaebeom @defsouljb @defwang @whyoungjae @jacksonwangism @jacksonsorganictea @alphajb @igotdefsoul @y0ngsin @tuanpumpkins @igotsiete @7cm @protectmarkjin @minyoonghi @jehbum @imjaebummaomao @imjaebumisbae @jayhoppe @markbutton @markificent @mjbm @jbsfroot @got7ish @holyfuckmark @igot-scenarios @igot7-love @jackseunie @youngejae @1moonstar @buypagetwoonitunes @got7-ijb-imjaebum @tae-n-daisies @wang-thighs @jaebumiie @jaebeom-s @jaebums @jaebuvm @ithadtobeyouforever @taehjin @leaderbum @belle-isa96 @younggjaebum @jengkook @no-more-diamond @ceohan @chic-jae @umma-jr @umma-mia @etherealay @justright7 @the8ght @tea-and-kookies @kunpimuak @golden-makdoongie @coco-jae @choijunhyuksgf @pepi-junior @got7europe @got7jacksonwang @twerkforjaebum @swoonfinite @banjjak-ssi @yugyeomism @jieunyoung @sevendless @jibeom @polarbeom @leader-jb @kittenyeong @ttakjoha

sorry  I got lazy to do this in a chronological order XD