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My first ever commish! This was so fun to do!! I love the wind haha, this is my commish for 606nebula

Advance haapy new year guys! 

Lets be happy and be excited for the new year to come! (/^▽^)/

I’m so very excited! I finally say good bye to this terrible year lol

It wasn’t all bad I guess, Mob happened (oh so thankful!) and… …it seems it’s all the good I see haha ah! yeah I learned how to make gifs and and I didn’t shift to a new course (not sure if it’s good or something but at least I didn’t give up haha) 

Yeah, not so bad xD I hope you guys had fun too! Lets be happy together weee!


★ the half life trilogy + PANTONE palette + pastel 

↳ gabriel // van // nathan // rose

Aries - you don’t remind me of the dead flowers on my kitchen table; you don’t remind me of a foggy highway, or a curtained window, or the slow cracking of the nostalgia-stained paint job in a now-abandoned room.

Taurus - it doesn’t matter if it hurts your eyes as long as it’s beautiful.

Gemini - i miss liking myself; i miss being someone i knew how to like.

Cancer - your eyelids were made to be kissed, and i hope that fact helps you rest; i hope you give yourself time to sleep, knowing that you are so worth kissing, even when you’re snoring.

Leo - you are made from worry and love and i will spend my entire life trying to understand how trust is the only thing you choose to rest your chin on.


Virgo - there are always going to be people who are carrying around dead pieces of you; stop trying to steal them back, there isn’t any reason to reclaim something that isn’t a part of you anymore.

Libra - sometimes quiet tastes like rust; sometimes the iron in your mouth isn’t from your own bitten tongue.

Scorpio - take your sadness and fashion it into a hotel; some people talk about letting sadness be your visitor, but i think it’s better to make sadness a place that you can visit whenever you choose, instead of letting your melancholy be the one to decide when the two of you will share a bed.

Sagittarius - i don’t know what to tell you except that i hope you make it through this.

Capricorn - lately, in trying to keep your head above water, you have been forgetting to breathe; don’t let the sky drown you either, don’t let a calm morning be what strangles you.

Aquarius - sometimes your vocal cords are like luna moths: sometimes your words only come out at night; sometimes they need to be cocooned by your chest before they’re strong enough to come out at all.

Pisces - melt through the venom of your childhood; through the flour sifter of your youth i promise you will find something worth sticking to.

—  next week’s horoscopes, maria s.