Non voglio averti

Per riempire i vuoti in me

Voglio essere piena già di mio

Voglio essere così completa

Da poter illuminare una città intera

E dopo

Voglio averti

Perché noi due messi insieme

Potremmo incendiarla

Milk and Honey

just a suggestion @ people who make posts about political issues and encourage people to take action such as writing/calling their reps:

please start putting dates on your posts

i see WAY too many posts that are like “urgent! X thing is going to happen soon, we don’t have a lot of time so call your reps today!” going across my dash where the thing in question has already happened and it’s too late to call or write anyone about it to stop it, but which no one reblogging it knows because there are no dates on the post and they didn’t think to google it before reblogging.

things like “x thing is being voted on soon” and “we only have a short time left to call our reps” are vague – when is soon? what is a short time? when you’re talking about a time sensitive issue, please be as specific as possible about the timelines & dates involved with whatever is going on—list the exact date the vote is happening, the exact deadline people have to contact their reps, etc.—so that people know that what your post is about is something that is still going on or if it’s something that already happened over a year ago or something.

passamos a semana esperando que ela chegue ao fim

e então quando ela chega, esperamos que passe o mais rápido possível

porque já não aguentamos nossa própria companhia

e vamos nos afundando nesse ciclo vicioso de esperar as coisas passarem

sem nunca sentir que passa

As many of you are getting closer to the finals, I thought it might be helpful to post about some apps that are really helpful for me - and more students. @masterpost @studyblrmasterposts

You’ll thank me later hehe

So, let’s start with my faves:


Can’t concentrate? Your phone only distracts you because… Oh, wait, a new snap from my best friend… 

Yeah, you know what I’m trying to say: If you are struggling with focusing on one thing and you get distracted fast - this app is gonna save your ass. 

It works pretty simply:

There’s a tree, k? A smol lil tree. And this tree can only grow with your help - that means that it grows if you don’t open any apps on your phone during a certain amount of time (which you decide). If you open an app (which isn’t on your Whitelist) - your tree dies. Yep. You’re a monster. You killed an innocent tree. 

“But… But I don’t want to be a killer..!” you say. Well, if you really stay focused, your lil tree will grow and become a big tree. And guess what - you’ll earn some coins. Which let you buy new trees - ähm - forms.

Can be installed on a laptop, too.

(Text me, if you want to create a so-called room - it’s a multi-player option for focusing together, which is only available for pro version, but it’s pretty cool!)

Flashcards (Review)

I’m still crying because of the smol, dead tree. But how can I explain my French friend that the tree is dead… oh, and his cat too? 

For revising vocab or learning brand new stuff it is possible to learn with Quizlet. This app makes it possible to create your own flashcards or search through flashcards from other users. If Philippe has a better french flashcard map than you, it’s pretty obvious that you should use his.

There are cool methods you can use (they may not all be able to use while on a smartphone), e.g. matching pairs, flashcards revision, and more great stuff!

Works on Laptop and on mobile devices.

Practice (Exchange)

Well, now that you have mastered the basic skills of writing some words and so on, you'll need to practice this with someone else than your poor dog. 

I mean, come on, he cannot not listen.

So, that means that you’ll need to write and maybe even talk to somebody who is able to correct you and won’t bark all the time or bite you. “Speaky” allows you to do both - nope, I'm not talking ‘bout barking and biting. With “Speaky” you can search speakers of your preferred language and lets you write them a message. If they accept your request (I mean, you’re not a creep, right?), you will be able to chat. If you make a mistake they can use the function which can correct your message in a very visible way - the red part is the false one and the green one is the corrected sentence. 

But writing is not everything - it’s called “Speaky”, right? Well, then let’s just try voice mail! :D It’s a great tool, even if you need to be in a quiet place - Nah, please not your bathroom, k?

This app is available on laptop, too. 

(Oh, and don’t forget - it’s a win-win situation if you offer your help there to someone who wants to learn your language.)

More apps coming soon!