tumblr made much into a much better person, it allowed me to see perspectives into sensitive topics I never knew anything about and apply them into my real life. Where if i hear a person same something negative about a certain topic i may feel offended or (most likely) tell them its wrong.

I’m really glad that the latest tumblr update was to bold the names of the people I follow when their posts are on my dash, instead of giving us a proper messaging system or a way to track more than five tags, because it was terribly confusing trying to figure out who was I following just based on their name, their icon, and the fact that their posts were on my dash.


Cute moment.

My girlfriend rubbed her eyes as we left Taylor’s house for the night, I was tired after a long night. It was a really fun party, but she was exhausted.

“Here, babe.” I laid her down in the back seat as I pulled off her shoes, laying them down. I put the middle seatbelt around her waist and she curled her legs up.

I got into the passenger’s seat and buckled myself up and I heard a yawn from the back seat. I plugged my phone into the AUX cord and played that playlist that she liked to listen to in the night when she was falling asleep. I looked over to Cam getting into the driver’s seat.

I turned in my seat as Cam looked over quickly before starting the car and backing out of the driveway. “What are you staring at?”

“My girlfriend.” I responded calmly, resting my face on the seat, looking at her. Her hair was an absolute mess, it was all tangly and the ponytail she had thrown up while getting in the car was already falling apart, in the back she had missed a whole bunch when she was tying it. Her eye makeup was smudged at the top of her cheeks and her eyes were watering a little, she had a light cold, making the black eyeliner run. Her shoes were on the ground. Her leggings looked like when they fade from too many washes and were turning a lighter shade of black. She had asked to wear one of my plaid button-ups, which was half off her shoulder on the right and the left sleeve was all bunched up by her elbow. The tee she was wearing inside was wrinkled and riding up a bit. Her bottom was resting up against the side of the seat. Her nose and cheeks were smushed against the seat, making her face all mushy and her lip gloss was everywhere but her lips, while she was holding a tissue to her nose. Her cheeks showed the tiny baby fat that remained all these years. She was tired and looked like a complete mess. Somehow, she still was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on. I wouldn’t leave this mess for all the money in the world.

Cam parked the car at our house as I smiled at him. I carried my girlfriend into the house as I nodded for Cam to leave. I laid her down in bed, looking at her before changing and turning off the lights.

You’re a mess, but you’re my mess. The most gorgeous mess I’ve ever seen in my life.