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How to Use Tumblr

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Change Your Icon 
Using Tags 
Post Shortcut 1 
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Keyboard Shortcut Tip Window 
Shortcuts to Format Your Posts 
“Read More” on Mobile 
Unpredictable Asks Solution 
What is “Saving” URLs? 
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To See Tags on Reblogs (Retags) 
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Intro Posts

Be Careful What You Share 
Don’t Believe Everything You Read 
Don’t Believe Everything You Read: Reblogs 
Don’t Burn Out (Take Care of Yourself) 
In Case of Anon Hate 
Keep Your Tumblr Private 
What Does “Hiding” Your Blog Really Do? 

Tumblr Etiquette 

Reblog-Not-Repost 1
Reblog-Not-Repost 2
Reblog-Not-Repost 3
Reblog-Not-Repost 4 (And Tagging)  
Tumblr Layout Repost Problem
How to Request Repost Removal
Real Source vs WeHeartIt
Post/Reblog Etiquette 1 
Reblog Etiquette 2 
Add Someone Else’s Tags to a Reblog 
Commenting vs Tags
Be Polite When Shipping
How to Use the #NSFW tag 

For Gif/Graphics Makers

Old vs New Dimensions 
Photo Post Dimensions 


How To Find Audio Posts 
How To Find Untagged Posts 
Shouldn’t Be On Tumblr? 

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Updated: 02/08/2016

One year ago today, I jumped up and down yelling to my mom (and dog) that Taylor Swift was my 133rd follower on tumblr. From February 9, 2015, to this day one year later…it has been the BEST year of my life so far!
And you, Taylor, have played a huge part in it. Thank you for your love and friendship, your kindness, genuine spirit, and caring nature. The 1989 World Tour shows were three of my best nights ever, and I will never forget them as long as I live ;)
The bond you share with us through this site and beyond is magical, pure, and 100% made of love. You and I, Miss @taylorswift, have been together since 2006–we were 16 and 9, respectively. And look at us now: 26 and 19…10 years older and stronger! 10 years’ worth of friendship and memories that will last a lifetime!
Happy Tumblrversary, lovey, and even more so Happy 10 years+ of being friends…and many more to come.

Love you always,
Linds xx

  • Someone white:I don't like how Beyonce used the word negro during the Half time performance.
  • Someone black:I don't like how minorities are getting killed innocently, incarcerated, and beat up by authorities while living in a double standard society where a non-white man can get sent into prison for life because a small pint of marijuana while bankers who were responsible of the 2008 recession gets away free. I'm sorry that you felt uncomfortable about it. Here, have a cup of "We have enough."
Idc what anyone says about the TCC

They are the most open and kind group of people I’ve met so far. In real life and online combined. They welcome everyone of all races sizes religions and backgrounds without judgement. I’m glad I’ve found some of these people. They may have a bad rep but it’s completely ridiculous. They are the most welcoming and understanding group of people I’ve met. We study psychology and human behavior and try to empathize with people with mental issues. It makes us compassionate in areas others are not. We are all unique and I can’t speak for everyone but I feel like I’m welcomed with open arms with my second family, the True Crime Community on Tumblr. Pretty sad I like most of you guys better than people I know irl…

Isn’t it weird how you can go from being everything to nothing in the blink of an ignored text message.
You can talk for months straight maybe even years about everything and nothing.
You can know more about each other than anyone has ever known before.
And then one day one of you decides it’s enough and you stop replying and you stop trying and it’s just over.
No words to break it off, no heart felt goodbyes.
Just a bunch of broken promises and stories that will never find there endings.
It’s just cut off and you go on with your lives.
Never bothered to look back.
—  E.K.H.