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I was just wondering if you knew of any good smut writings with Sebastian ? As I can't seem to find any! Sorry if this is weird but it seems like Chris Evans has all the smut lol! Surely there should be way more smut with sexy seabass 😜

Oh my god, you are so right doll! I think there are way too little smut with Sebby and I as well need way more.

I gathered here some blogs that write Vanilla Ice -smut, and I warmly recommend you to check these out!

x @just-call-me-mrs-captain! for example The Test, featuring Sebastian speaking Romanian -yeah, I know, hot af. Here is a list for mobile!

x @sebastiansin-221b has crazy amount of great smutty Seb fics as well, and here’s a list to all of them.

x @hotmenandotherdistractions

x @tumblories

Try to search with the tag #sebastian stan smut as well! I hope these helped you xx