I don’t like change
I don’t like chang
I don’t like chan
I don’t like cha
I don’t like ch
I don’t like c
I don’t like
I don’t like c
I don’t like ch
I don’t like cha
I don’t like chan
I don’t like chang
I don’t like change


ok, so let’s ignore the shitty gifs (i tried therefore no one should criticize me - it’s the thought that counts) and get down to the real business.

since it’s christmas time and everyone seems to be doing it i decided to a “follow christmas”-2012

so this is the list of all the people that “bright” up my dash. although i have never talked to some of you all of you make tumblr an amazing experience.

  • #-1d-dont-ever-change
  • a-alohomoramyworld, actualcanniballucyfabray
  • b-beautyandthemalik, bepretending, bex-chan, bilinsked
  • c-confringoepilogue, chadmichaelswon, come-what-klaine, craig-mcl-b, crestaodair
  • d-daley-baby, daleypotters, darrensclitoris, diannasalgron, dylanrodens
  • e-erichalvosaur, everythingis-quick
  • f-fabdaley, felton-and-watson, fmetobias
  • g-gleetroll
  • h-hellodraco, hisgoodbyenote, hismudblood
  • i-infinitelogan, 
  • j-jdrasich, jenna-oswald
  • k- katerinapetrova, kissingpeetais-suicide
  • l- littleruiners, lucynoah
  • m-mcflys, mentalmalfoy, micheless, monteithlovers, muggleverdeen
  • n-narcissamalfoys
  • o-ohhhskyler, ohtonks, onceuponadive
  • p- ppeetamellark, pondsbabes, psychadeliachild, puckquinn
  • q-quicktana, quinnpuckbeth4ever
  • r-reezythereindeer
  • s- sackfuloftomdaley, sherlockmafloy, stonesfield
  • t-thegirlincendio,thegryffindorseeker, theolekingcole, therealryanmurphy, thequibblerpaper, tumbloler
  • x-xdiannaagron
  • y-yes-especiallynow

in case i forgot someone here’s the blogroll