An anon asked me to post my crushes and explain them (idk why) so here we go!

Tumblr Crushes:

  • tumblingwithstyle - I know it looks like judge judy but it isn’t :(
  • hannahpractice - one of ma bes frans hannah <3
  • penishole - ya posts funny pics idk
  • imatramp - another one of ma bes frans beth <3
  • wwiao - do i even need to explain? look, she’s in the middle which represents everyone bowing down to her :-)))) all hail queen jess
  • thefuuuucomics - i love rage comics
  • jmonster66 - now i dont even know who the fuck this is
  • fuckyeahyoulaughed - ines, who i recently found again after she’s been disabled like 3 time lawl yay
  • fuckyeahqueenbeyonce - obviously a beyonce blog was gonna be on here